Pennsylvania Militia


Welcome to the Pennsylvania Militia site.  We are

new and just beginning to form our unit.  We actively

seek membership, and have decent, solid goals that need

to be addressed.  Please feel free to browse through our

site, and to inform yourself of what we are all about. 

We are not a racist or extremist group, but we are

your Neighbors concerned for the welfare of our

Families, our Children, our Liberties, our Freedoms,

our belief in God, and our steadfast belief in our

Constitution and our American Way of Life.



Host an Event

  1. Show Obsession or other important films, with a post-show discussion to help people think about the issues. For more information on hosting an Obsession screening, contact us at: For information on hosting an Obsession screening on your college campus, contact us at
    Other important films you can show include:
  2. Bringing speakers to your campus or community, to help educate, and engage others in a healthy debate.
  3. Organizing a peaceful rally or vigil on the issues of relevance to you.


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