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The Ten Anecdotes

I play a voyeur in an early Madonna video. The director "discovered" me at an Andy Warhol art opening.

Leo Castelli made Jasper Johns sign my baseball.

I spent the Reagan years working for the IRS as a staff artist at a training center in Beverly Hills. I had a 17th-floor corner office with a northeast view that included the Hollywood sign.

When assigned as a crew leader for the 1980 Census to enumerate the most dangerous neighborhood in Hollywood, I staffed the crew entirely with punk rock kids. The crew was lauded for outstanding productivity.

I was the first person to portray the painter Francis Bacon on film. I got the job because the casting director collects my art. 

My mother wrote and recorded for Industrial Records a song called "I Could Never Be Andy Warhol’s Mother." The British bootleg of it is a pricey collector’s item.

In 1979, I was included in a show of young emerging British artists at the Hayward Gallery. I have never been to England.

A famous Los Angeles punk rock band wrote a song about me called "Skot’s Anonymous." It is about what LA Weekly called my "high-profile obscurity."

Thanks to Scottish Tartans, my entire name can be spelled in plaid.

There is a plant species named after an art movement I started in the 1970s.


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