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Poisons suck. 

They cost a boatload of money, require time to apply, risk poisoning oneself without special training, and then usually do nothing because of a wonky fortitude saving throw system.

Nobody can clench and grit through a rattlesnake bite without experiencing symptoms of the venom.  So, one might say that someone who made their save slowed down, didn't agitate the swelling, etc.  But they still felt it.

So to increase the threat of poisons, we are adding base damage that only applies initially whether the saving throw is made or not.  Poisons that have unconsciousness as an effect deal nonlethal damage.

The damage will be based on the save DC of the poison:

DC 10-14, 1d6.

DC15-19, 2d6

DC: 20-24, 3d6

DC: 25-29, 4d6

DC: 30-34, 5d6

and so on...

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