Painted Whiskers Rabbitry

Friendly, Quality, Show Bunnies

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ARBA Registered Rabbitry

Painted Whiskers is now a registered ARBA Rabbitry #D1844.


We have a 30' x 24' barn full of bunnies!!!  We breed mostly all year, except for summer months, June, July and August.  It's way too hot here.

This is a mom and daughter venture.  Check out our bunnies in the photo gallery.

We have several rabbits for sale:  show, brood and pet bunnies. Look in the "For Sale" pages of the photo gallery for pictures and for more info.

   Hello and welcome to Painted Whiskers Rabbitry

in the absolutely unpredictable state of Oklahoma! In the northeastern part, to be exact. 

                 We have been showing rabbits for about 7 years now.

   We raise a variety of cute, friendly, lovable, show rabbits! 

Black, Blue,Tortoise, Steel and Gray  Dutch.

Black, Broken Black, Chocolate, Broken Chocolate, Blue, and Broken Blue Polish.  

Black, Blue, Castor, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Opal, Otter, Red,  Brokens and working on Tri Mini Rex.

       All Bunnies For Sale Have Pedigrees!

The Rabbit That Started It All!

Once upon a time...I went to the county fair....(you should know the rest) 

I brought home a black Polish buck and named him ( totally original) Blackee!



I'm Watching You! (counting...)