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He who gives to the poor will not lack ........Prov.28:27

About Ebenezer

Warmest Greetings from Myanmar.We the Ebenezer Orphanage Center is caring for the needy poor among our people.We do believe that caring for needy is an indispensable in our life.My wife and I prayed to care for the Motherless or fatherless since 1999. And then God has shown  His mercies to us and then we started this task in 2000.In the beginning our children are few in numbers, but now God increased in too more children.We have a very great burden  to the needs of theses people.Our heart are burning like fire when we think and see the poor.We are not caring for only Fatherless, our task is included any needy people  and hungry ones.

Rev.John Zahei


Core Belief

1.Every child is a child of God and, as such, is just as important as any other person.
2. No institution can replace a loving family, although they sometimes must try.
3. Every child needs food, shelter, education and secure loving relationships. If a child's family or community cannot or will not provide for those needs, it becomes the responsibility of good people everywhere to try and provide them.
4. Every child deserves to receive and give love and in fact must do so to develop normally

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Ebenezer Orphanage is to serve the needs of poor orphaned children and to equip them with the skills, knowledge, opportunity and self assertiveness required for them to live independently in society as opposed to poor children entering adulthood surviving on hand outs. The essential needs include nutrition, education, parental love, security, religious guidance, and opportunity for a brighter future.

The entire Ebenezer Orphanage ministry strives to provide real hopes, dreams and plans for the future of the poor children. Ebenezer Orphanage is intended to serve as a modest Home Care Center offering parental support that the children lost through unfortunate circumstances.

Ebenezer Orphanage currently supports just over 25 Children Together we are the doors of hope for the poor orphaned children and their communities. May God bless you and minister to your needs as you meet the needs of those in distress.


Our goal is to help children become self-reliant. Orphanages, by nature, are income-consuming and not income-producing. It is very difficult for an orphanage, especially one with many infants or handicapped children, to become self-sufficient. When an orphanage accepts an infant into its doors, it is accepting a responsibility that may last many years, but too often they do not have the security of knowing where the money for next month�s food will come from. Many charitable organizations are reluctant to help orphanages because these organizations operate on the wise philosophy of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish. It is hard to find a proper application of this principle for an orphanage that has a large number of small or handicapped children, so the needs of orphanages are often neglected. We will help the orphanages develop reliable, long-term sources of funding, providing stability and security so they can focus their energy on the needs of the children. We would like to eliminate the need for orphanages, but if orphanages exist they should get adequate funding.

Prayer Request

We the Ebenezer is Running in  by faith, but God used some friends and they help in since 2004.And now they can't not help regularly.Therefore we need regularly financial sponsor.This ministry is not for man's glory, but God's glory.By grace of God we hove building,but we don't have kitchen and dining hall.When the raining season is come we have very difficult for cook.

Please pray for The Orphan they grow in spiritual an physically.
Please pray for the need of orphan Education.
Please pray for Income project,currently we are farming Swine farm,Tri-wheel motor bicycle.This income is not enough for our children.

Contact Address

                                     John Zahei     
                           Ebenezer Orphanage Center
                  No.6/183 Anawrahta Street,Oakthar Myothit,Bago,Myanmar
                     E.mail: ebenezerhei@live.com ;johnzahei7@gmail.com
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