Welcome To Ebenezer Orphanage Center

He who gives to the poor will not lack ........Prov.28:27


Name :Brigit (Sung Tin Mawi)
Parents: U Ngun Sang And Daw Htan Kyi
Education: Collage Student
Date of Birth :12.2.1989
place of Birth:Luakaw(Kaya State)

Miss.Bawi Kil

My Name is Miss.Bawi Kil. Both of my parent are Chin.My father was path away in when I was in my mother womb.When I am two year old my mother was path away.My uncle sent to this children home.I am  Schooling in High School.My vision is To be come Nurse.


My Name is Miss.Rebecca. I was born on 5 December 1998.Both of my parent are path away. I am Burmese.I came from the Buddhist background.I am a student in Grade 4. My Embition is Nurse.My relative sent this Children Home.

Prayer Request : My first name is Miss.Hting Hting. When I know Jesus ,My name and my life is change.Please pray for Wisdom, My spiritual life and my Education need.  

Miss.Tum Hlei Sung

Name: Tum Hlei Sung
Parents Name: Pu Ceih Cung And Daw Sui Zi
Education:High School.
Date of Birth:20 June 1992
Place of Birth :Chin Hill
Race : Chin

Miss.Dawt Hniang

My name is Miss.Dawt Hniang.Both of my parent are path away in when I am two year old. Both of my parent are Burmese.I came from Buddhist background. I was born on 26 December 1999.I am a student in Grade 4. My embition is Handicraft.

Prayer Request :Please pray for Wisdom because I can not memories in many word.Please pray for My Educatio need and Good dress.  

Miss.Lian Ching Pui

Name : Lian Ching Pui
Sex: Female
Parents: Both Dies.
Birth of Place: Chin Hill
Date of Birth :30 January 1995
Education: High School
Race : Chin

San Min Thun

Name :San Min Thun
Parent: U Ngun Sang And Daw Myint htan
Education: High School
Date of Birth:16 July 1995
Birth of place : Bago
Vision :Pastor

Mr.Kyawng Htant

Name : Kyawng Htanh
Sex: male
Parents: U Kyaw Hla and Daw Khin Khin
Education :Primary
Race: Burmese
Date of Birth:18.42001
Birth of Place:Bago

Mr.Nun Hlei Cung

Name : Nun Hlei Cung
Parents Name:Pu Tial Hup and Pi Mang Cuai
Occupation : Student
Sex: Male
Vision : To Become Teacher
Race: Chin
Date of Birth:2.2.2003
Place of Birth:Chin Hill

Mr.Thang Lian Mang

Name : Thang Lian Mang
Sex :male
Date Of birth:3.6.1999
Parents Name: U khai lian And Daw Win Pah Pah
Race: Chin,Burmese
Birth of Place: Bago

Mr.Khain Khan Lian

My name is Khai khan lian I was born on 14.5.2001 ,My father was path away, My mother was remaraage
Now I am Studying in Grade 3. My father is Chine and My mother is Burmese.
My Embition is Football.

Mr.Zung Hlei Thang

Name :Zung Hlei Thang
Parents: Pu Tial Hup And Pi Mang Cuai
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Race : Chin
Vision: To be come A Doctor

Mr.Maung Nge

Name : Maung Nye
Parents Name.U Bah Maung And Daw Shwe
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Race: Burmese
Date of Birth:15.7.1985

Simeon Thang

My Name is Simeon Thang,I was born on October 13.2005
I want to become a Doctor.I am studying in Grade 1.Please Pray for My
Education  need.

Saw Ela Bat

Name :Saw Ela Bat
parents Name :U Ba Muang And Daw Bela
Date of Birth :6.8.1986
birth Of Place: Pathing
Race: Karen
Education:Middle School

Salai David

Name Salai David
Parent: U maung Kyaw And Daw Mang sin par
Date Of Birth: 15.11.2010
Birth of Place: Bago

Shwe Men Sung

Name : Shwe Men Sung
Sex :Female
Date of Birth :15.12.2005
Place of Birth:Bago
Parents: Mr.Aye Tun Lat and Mrs.Khin Mone

Miss. ZoThan Pui

Name : Zo Than Pui

Sex :     Female

Date of Birth : 9 Jun

Education : Middle school

Siblings :          4

Orphanage Arrival Date : 30 May 2012

Approximate Arrival Age : 12

Favorite class in School :

Favorite Bible story : The Life of Christ

Favorite activities : Teacher

Miss. Aye Mint

Name :    Aye Myint

Sex     :    Female

Date of birth :

Siblings  : 1

Orphanage Arrival Date : 11May 2012

Approximate Arrival Age : 4 years

Favorite Bible Story :  The Life of Christ

Education :  Pre-School

Favorite Activities :

Mr. Htoo Myint Kyaw


Name :  Htoo Myint Kyaw

Sex : Male

Date of Birth :

Education :  Pre- School

Orphanage Arrival Date : 15 May 2012

Approximate Arrival Age : 3

Sibling s : 1