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He who gives to the poor will not lack ........Prov.28:27


Hello Every one,

We Greeting from Ebenezer Orphanage home. By The Grace of God our Children are growup in number.We hope That in the future we want to care, Train,and love more children.Sothat we invited you to work with in this task. The Children need you and Your Prayer.

John Zahei


Phone : +95-943125505

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Tuan ti ding in Sawm Nak

Posted by pahei on February 21, 2012 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hmun kip um mi Hawi dawt hna,

Kan Bible ca chung ah Nuhmei hna le Ngak tah hna zoh khen ding in fial le cawn piak kan si.Mah rian hi pathian rian asi caah pum pak lawng in tuan khawh le tlam tlinh khawh asi lo caah Mah Ebenezer Orphanage Center ah nan rak i tel ve nak lai Bawi khrih min in kan sawm hna.

Mah Ngak tah cawm nak ding caah Nan ngeih chiah, Nan ruah nak, Nan tha zang chuah pi ding le rak kan bawm cio uh.A ruang cu Minung sun par nak caah si lo in pathian sunpar nak ding caah asi pin ah, Pathian nih tuah ding mi rian a kan fial mi asi caah mah ngak tah dum ah hin Pang par dawh an par khawh nak ding caah nan ngeih chiah in siseh, Nan thla cam nak in siseh,rak kan bawm hram uh tiah zang fah kan nawl hna.

John Zahei

Director of Ebenezer Orphanage center


Email : ebenezerhei@live.com

Phone : 0943125506

The work of Ebenezer Orphanage Center

Posted by pahei on February 15, 2010 at 10:28 PM Comments comments (2)

 We The Ebenezer Orphanage Center is Carring the parentless in  among our people.,Myanmar.      Now Our Economic was down and facing  financial problames.the children waiting your help we can not manage alone.The Children need School fees,Clothings,Drinking water, Food,We invite all of you,Come and visit our Humble Hostle.