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Why a newsletter about oysters?

The cartoon shown above is the brilliant work of Marc Sutherland. Marc can be reached by e-mail at: Marccolin@yahoo.com. It contains that rare combination of both humor and accuracy that we strive for and just can't get enough of. For a complete explanation of the information abbreviated in the cartoon, please go to our linked online course about edible oysters: oysteraficionado.webs.com


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Oyster Information Newsletter is published with the sole intent of education. The Crassostrea virginica oyster is enjoyed from Prince Edward Island to Galveston Texas in restaurants and sold in seafood markets all along the Atlantic Coast. It has a history that reflects the progress of civilization and also exposes the very recent decline in abundance of the natural world in general. Many of us who consume oysters do not know the fascinating story. We appreciate them as a culinary delicacy and tend to disregard the ill effects of the absence of their natural role as a sea creature that industriously cleans its immediate environment. How could a wild creature once so prolific on its own, dwindle so dramatically in numbers? What overarching lessons are there for us in preserving its presence? The OI journey to understand the answers to such questions has been both disheartening and encouraging. The "virginica" oyster is one of the last remaining international species of edible oyster still found in its original habitat.

The native New England Crassostrea virginica oyster (above).

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