Over A Copper Moon Betta

Not nearly enough tanks, Not nearly enough room!

My name is Lori and I have been breeding Betta (pronounced BET ta, not BA ta) since 2006 and have been showing since the end of 2008.

 I started out with a common VT male from Wal-mart that I named Rover White Fin.  He was a red butterfly. I got a girl for him from Petco.  I don't remember her name though.  I was able to get 10 spawns out of these two. I killed every fry. The longest lived fry was about 3 months old and VERY small. Rover died caring for his last spawn. What a good daddy he was.  I finally got some MicroWorms and found a beautiful metallic green VT female at Petco.  Then while at Wal-mart, I found 2 Plakat (PK...short finned fighter like the one in the Picture) males marked as female. I told the manager that they were males, but they didn't believe me. I ended up buying both of them. One was white bodied with red and blue fins, the other was metallic green like my new female. I named the two green ones Venus and Milo.  I got a spawn from them, and after 3 months, I had 4 living fry. They were small but alive. I fed them nothing but MW. I moved them from their Guppy Breeder container in the 55g to a 5g tank. Man they grew fast! Finally my first successful spawn! 1 male and 3 females (PK fins). Shortly after this, my husband found a beautiful Black Copper Halfmoon male at another local pet shop. I named him Sir William. I found a red super delta at Petco in Arlington and set up a spawn October 2007. I remember this spawn because I actually went on a camping trip with my friend Dusty and called my husband to pull William out of the spawn tank. I got home 3 days later to Juliet caring for her free swimming fry!!! Seems that they spawned and with William out of the picture, Juliet took over the roll as caregiver. I don't remember how many fry survive, but I think it was around 10. Mr. Attitude was the one I remember. He started out as a red fish, then a week later he was a red butterfly (bf), then he was a red/black lace, then he was a black fish, then he was a multi....but boy did he have attitude!!! He was only 1/2 an inch long and he was flaring at the BIG boys!! Mr. Attitude was my first show fish. He placed 3rd in NB STM in Houston in 2008. He also was my last show fish for a while. In 2009 I got a pair of royal PK. Their spawn was around 15 survivors. I placed 3rd with one of these fry. I never had a successful spawn from these fish (F1). I got some Multi from another breeder and did well with them. I ended up with a Green-ish Metallic  BF male that always placed 2nd and 3rd at every show he was sent to, but his "granny" (breeder I got his parents from) always beat him out. I lost him to a heater malfunction so I never got any fry from him. I went back to my blues but this time it was Halfmoon (HM). I had about 6 fry that actually had ventrals...3 males, 3 females. The girls didn't do so well but OH the boys did. Big Blue gave me my first blue ribbon. Little Man also gave me a blue ribbon.

I am now working on F2 (MY 2nd generation) in blues (8/2012). The parents are 1st place winners and 2nd spawn siblings to BB and LM

 In 2011 I lost the above mentioned Royal Blue HM's to an unknown disease...well almost unknown.  I sent the few survivors from the F1 and some of the F2s that were showing the same symptoms to a lab in Florida.  It came back with Mycos.  I didn't have the strain tested, mycos is deadly and highly contagious...that was enough for me. I destroyed all my betta in November/December when I found out.  I NUKED all of my equipment with a cleaner that kills mycos in 5 mins, and replaced what I couldn't clean with the chemical.  I started over in March 2012, I started all over with new stock. ((ok, I might have the years wrong, but the months are correct...lol...BLONDE MOMENT)).  I am still breeding HM, but I also am breeding Plakat.  I just got in a trio of tri-colored marble Plakat...better known as Koi Betta.

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