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Live Cultures

I do not have starter cultures of Walter Worms.  I DO have starter cultures of Micro Worms, Banana Worms, Vinegar Eels, Grindals and White Worms.

IF I get more starters of  Micro Worms/Walter Worms will be a small starter culture.  It does not take much to get these started.  These I will sell for $3 (shipping $6 )

For a Large (about 1 ounce) it will be $6.00 ($6 shipping)

If you are wanting to purchase Banana Worms, please use either the Micro or Walter tabs. A friend helped me set the store up, and I can't figure out how to change it. Please be patient with me as I am still learning to edit the website.

All prices are subject to change due to shipping costs.

            It is easy to start.  Get cheap plain instant oatmeal (cheap instant potatoes).  If you use instant oatmeal, follow directions on the box as far as cooking...serving 1...do not add salt...just water and oatmeal and cook.  While still pretty warm, dump into your container and "smooth" over the entire container (cheap disposable glad lock containers work well) and add a pinch of dry yeast to the top...NOTE:  If the medium is to hot it will kill the yeast...if to cold the yeast will not be activated.  If you use instant potatoes...heat up water and add the instant potatoes until they are firm (not runny) but not dry...don't add anything to it but water and potatoes.  Let cool to room temp then dump into a container with a lid.

NOTE:  I have switched back to oatmeal because it seems to last longer.  Open your new starter package and dump onto medium.  I use a little "treated" water to wash the bag out onto the medium to make sure I get the worms out (this is why you leave the potatoes firm and not runny).  Cover with lid...make sure there are holes in the lid for air.  Check on them every few days.  You should be able to harvest in about a week or 2.  After 2 weeks you need to start a new culture...repeat process...once your NEW culture is going and you can harvest...dump the old and start a new one.

Vinegar Eels will be about 1 ounce of culture.  These I will sell for $5 (shipping included).
          These are also easy to start.  Medium: 50/50 water and Apple Cider Vinegar.  Add a small piece of "meat" from an apple every once in a while.  As medium evaporates...just add more.  You will notice "yuck" developing in the container...don't worry..that is normal..leave it alone.  Start a new culture if/when the yuck is 1/4 of the culture.

Harvesting:  Get a narrow necked bottle (wine bottle) and add enough culture so that it comes into the neck of the bottle (a smaller bottle may work better).  Add a ball of filter floss (tie a piece of thread around the ball of filter floss so it can be removed once the culture has been exhausted) into the neck of the bottle until it just touches the vinegar/water medium.  Add fresh/treated water to the neck of the bottle.  The filter floss keeps the medium from mixing with the fresh water.  The VE will wiggle through the floss and into the fresh water.  Use a medicine dropper (looks like a mini-turkey baster) to gather the VE. I do not siphon ALL the fresh water out when I harvest.  I feel that I would pull the vinegar medium up into my fresh water. Feed the VE to your fry.  Add more water to the bottle a couple of hours before your next harvest. This is how I do it.  Other directions can be found on the internet.  Please don't take these directions as set in stone...do a search and find the ones that work best for you.  I have changed my method of harvesting.  This way seems WAY easier:  Use a white bbs net (found at most pet shops..mine has a blue handle).  Culture your VE in a 1g large mouth jar (gotta be big enough to get your net in).  "Scoop" out VE, let the net drip for a second or 2 (don't want vinegar dripping all over the place).  Dip the bottom of the net into a small amount of clean and treated water.  According to amount of fry you are feeding, use a dropper to harvest the now clean VE out of that water.

GRINDALS (mite free):
Grindals will come in a Styrofoam cup (cup size to be added soon) with coconut "dirt" as a medium.  These will sell for $6.00 (shipping not included).
           You will need to have more Coconut medium on hand when you get these.  I feed mine (gut load before harvesting) either Spirulina algae flakes, baby oatmeal or high quality fish food.  I feed them what I want my fish to eat.  To culture these, you will need a container with the coconut fiber or ground coconut fiber in it.  These can be found at most pet stores and are used for reptiles or hermit crabs.  The fiber needs to be moist.  Dump the water out any extra water and add the medium with the culture on it.  They need to be fed as soon as you get them.  I have made several changes here...I ended up getting some sort of bug and lots of mold.  I now dig a little hole into the medium and add flaked fish food.  I spritz the food until it is wet..not really soaked..just all the food looks wet..no dry spots.  Then I bury the food, patting the medium over it well.  So far I have not had mold and after boiling and starting over, the bugs are gone too.  The culture is maturing nicely and I am able to harvest again.  Lay a piece of plexi-glass over the food and cover the container (I use a plastic shoe box as my container).  Make sure there are holes in the lid for air.  Feed these guys about every 3 days or so as needed (meaning feed only when the prior food is gone).  If you over feed you will end up with mold/fungus, mites or fruit flies.  You harvest off the plexi-glass.  Once your culture is producing (you will see tiny white specks in the medium...these are worm eggs).  Start feeding on top of the plexi-glass.  This makes it easier to get a clean harvest.  Only start harvesting when you see lots of worms on the plexi-glass, and only harvest enough for you fish...don't over harvest or you will loose your culture.

Thanks for looking at my site

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