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My series

sonic vs chopper pt 1


    Sonic has just finished fighting eggman at the green sea zone.Sonic is taking a rest with his friends,tails,knuckles,amy and cream.In the horizon there was a pirate ship.sonic says"hey look its a its a flag with a skull wearing  a hat.A Reindeer hopped the ship to greet them.Knuckles gets up,"who are u!?""i am Chopper the Reindeer"he said proudly.sonic didnt trust him,and seemed cautious."wanna fight!?''Sonic yelled.without having chopper answer the question,Sonic quickly jabbed chopper in the throat. Sonic was beating the mess  out of chopper until Chopper tripped him.Sonic fell to ground...hard.Chopper looked serious.He dug in his giant backpack and took out a little golden ball.He launched it into the air as it fell down towards his mouth.sonic tried to run towards chopper,but it was too late...


                                       Brandon Turner,Partner in crime


sonic vs chopper pt 2


     With the rumble ball in his mouth, Chopper called out his usual cry. "Rumble Ball!" CRUNCH! It was about to be over for Sonic. "Brain Point! Scope!" Chopper called out. He's gotta have a weak point! Chopper thought. He spotted it. "Antler Point!" Sonic was still coming fast. Chopper ran toward Sonic. They collided. Sonic was thrown far back and unable to get up.


Chopper wins!!!

"Hey! Who said that?"




Just to let you know, this is a tournament!


Gan Hall vs Mr T pt.1

Mr T was relaxing in his retirement palace when suddenly, a mysterious knight appeared. "Hey fool! Who you?" Mr T yelled. "I am the sky knight." The knight answered. Mr T smiled. "I pity you, fool!!!" He said. Mr T chared toward the Sky knight at full force. The knight put his hand foward. "Impact..." He whispered. Mr T was flung back very quickly. Man this guy is something else. Mr T thought.


To be continued...


Gan Hall vs Mr T pt. 2

Concluding from the the beggining  of this fight,Gan hall was fighting Mr.T.After using his ''Impact" move , Mr.T was in trouble.Mr.T got up and rush towards Gan Hall.''Bring it fool!".Mr.T was almost hit by Gan Hall's bird.Luckily, Mr.T was wearing his brass knuckles today.(he claims he left his bazooka at home.)with a quick jab the bird fell flat on its beak.Gan Hall began to charge for Mr.T.Gan opened his hand as he ran towards his opponent.Mr.T caught his wrist flipped him over."i got my own special move FOOL!''Mr.T said as his mohawk became larger by the second.All Gan Hall could do was lie on the floor and witness the last technique he was ever going to see."RAMPAGE!!!!!" Mr.T shouted.Cameras were flashing.we know have no footage of what happened next but by the time the fight ended a pile of ash was left in Gan Hall's position.Mr.T claims "I pity you fool!next time i'll bring my bazooka and wont be as messy as this.But what he didnt know was somebody was there watching.who you ask?you will just have to find that out on the next segment....

Mr.T wins!

New Fight


Gedatsu vs Goku pt.1

So Goku was flying around when he saw a man in a purple vest floating, too. "Grrr..." The man said. Goku looked with a quizzical expression on his face. "Wow that's ugly!hahahahaha" he said.The strange man was hovering behind him,it seemed like he had no pupils for some reason.Goku looked a little freaked out. Gedatsu started to cross his arms. "You mock me!" Gedatsu said. "Swamp Cloud Burger!"a mysterious fog circled around got on his legs."It feels like a solid,but its fog....i cant escape i guess 'm gonna have get rid of him before this gets rid of me!''Goku said to himself."You cannot survive my swamp test!"Gedatsu said.Goku began firing blasts toward Gedatsu.Gedatsu began to fly in an attempt to dodge the blasts." meh...''Goku was charging.''Oh no!"Gedastu said in terror"HA!!!!!" large blast fired towards Gedatsu."JET PUNCH!!!"Gedatsu said in a last effort to negate the blast.....after the huge blast of light faded away...Gedatsu lied there on the floor."I'm still,trapped ....and...its...almost up my...face."Goku slowly said to himself.In the the distance someone with a large sword came speeding at him.......






this is how he looked  (drawn by bradon turner,partner in crime)

Gedatsu vs Goku pt.2

Goku closed his eyes.before he knew it he was free."who are you,im Goku"he said as he smiled."that shouldn't concern you right now my friend,i gotta put a stop to this madness!"the swordsman said as he began to run foward."wait take me with you."goku pleaded."sorry but i roam alone."he said as he launched into the air...... Gedatsu was dead...

Cell vs Uub Part 1

Uub was one day happily eating his sandwich, when an extremely handsome... I mean ugly! YES HE WAS!!! Hehehe... anyway... the figure was Cell. "Hello... nice to meet you Uub... you are so hot... wait! Who wrote these lines? Idiots these days... better hope I don't get extremely mad! Well anyway, Uub, destiny has called me here to fight you!" Cell finished. Uub pulled out a small object out of his ear. "I'm sorry... did you say something?" Uub asked."sorry baby cakes i-"wait thats it i'm not reading this script anymore!"Cell shouted.Cell struck a fighting pose and flew towards Uub."STOP!"Uub shouted.cell stopped."I'm not done eating!sheesh monsters these days...."

Cell vs Uub Part 2

Cell began to wait.After a few minutes Uub finished the sandwich."now we can-wait let me drink my water"Uub interuppted as he sipped his water."HURRY UP!"Cell shouted.Uub took a pudding cup from his pocket."Thats it!!!!"Cell yelled as he kicked cup out of Uub's grasp.Uub quickly jabbed Cell in his face.Cell flew away."all i ask is for some nice and quiet and a freakin' chocolate pudding cup,i mean seriously what the heck!?"Uub said as he mumbled furiously.Cell began to get up from the massive blow he took.suddenly, a sword came crashing towards Cell.It caught him in his leg.The swordsman came crashing down with it.Cell managed to dodge him.Who the heck are you?Cell asked.My name is too extreme for your primitive mind,you cannot comprehend such a name as mine,but u  can call me TIME FOR YOUR DEMISE!!!!!"the swordsman said.Cell shrieked in terror.Moments later Ubb came across Cell's decapitated corpse."If only he just left me alone to eat my dang lunch,this would've never happened."Uub said as he walked by eating his pudding........

Sakura vs Gohan

Sakura was running. Towards Gohan! Why Gohan? Gohan stole her lunch! "Cha!!!" Sakura yelled. She punched Gohan's face in. Gohan was sent flying. "Ow... angry whore attacked me..." Gohan cried. Goku came. Two officers were there. No interference with the fight. Gohan got up and wiped the blood off his face. "Kame-...-Hame-......-Ha!!!" Gohan yelled. Sakura was blown to BITS. Goodbye Sakura...

Gohan WINS!!!

Ino vs bon clay(mr.2)

"Now that Sakura is out of the way(especially the way i wanted it to happen,blown to bits) i can win and maybe even find Sasuke!"Ino said to herself."Hello there missy prepare for my Crazy Kickin'!"Mr.2 said he ran towards Ino.Ino threw her roses at him.she hit him with them and he was poisoned.He didn't slow down though."ballerina kick!"Mr.2 said on impact.Mr.2 continuously kicked."THATS IT!!!!!!!!!"Ino shouted as she quickly lost her temper.She ferociously attacked Mr.2."Behold my 16hit combo!!!"She said as she continued to attack Mr.2.He was pushed away by all the blows."Mind Control Jutsu!"Ino said as she formed the hand signs.Mr.2 stood there in shock.she caught him.Inside of his body she ran towards the nearest and highest cliff.she jumped off."release!"she said as she returned to her body.Ino won.(because Mr.2 unfortunately and hilariously broke his neck.)

Sanji vs Naruto

"who the heck are you supposed to be?"Naruto asked."im Sanji,the last person ur gonna see today."Sanji replied."ill finish this quick