Operation Jedburgh Re-enactment Group

Special Forces in France 1944 - 1945

Operation Jedburgh

Re - enactment Group

Special Forces in France 1944 - 45

Hello, we are a group of like minded people who re-create physcially what it was like for members of the Special Forces units that were sent behind the enemy lines, into France and other European countries during their Nazi occupation, during the Second World War. The main aim of us doing this is to provide a learning experience to others on the subject, and for our own enjoyment of the subject and many others.

We are UK based group and have members in Liverpool, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Worcester and Wiltshire and would like to recruit more members UK wide.

We are availible for shows and talks most of the year round so if your interested please look at the following pages and please contact us on the address below.

As featured in International Military Machines July 2007

Contact us on one of the addresses below:

reesmilitary@yahoo.com Danny Rees

philip2ndsas@btinternet.com - Philip Smith-Keary

de_lisle45@hotmail.com - Paul Brennan

Members of the 20th Century Revisited Living History Group


Operation Jedburgh Members

Danny Rees : Group C/O

Capt. Daniel Rees, Royal Welch Fusiliers / 2ème RCP

Paul Brennan : Weapons / Equipment C/O

Lieut. Paul Brennan, Reconnaisance Corps (Yorkshire). 

Philip Smith - Keary : Historical C/O

Lieut. Philippe Soulan, Nom De Guerre Haveloque, BCRA / RCP

Jen Howell

Cpl. Jen Howell, Auxiliary Territorial Service / French Resistance

Alex Health

2nd Lt. Alex Health, US 505 PIR

Andrew Bill
Capt. Andre Toussaint Noms De Guerre Fredricks BCRA

Peter Howell

Tech Sgt. 5th Grade. Peter Howell, US Airborne Engineers

Matt Wagg

Flt Lt, Matthew Wagg, RAF Liaison 2ème RCP


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