I am an artist, travel photographer and some time writer.. and this is my webpage, blog, social media or whatever is the latest IT fad of the day since I started sharing my travels online eons ago.  It’s not even fashionable to say I backpack anymore cos literally it isn’t - luggage puller? - doesn’t sound right and definitely unromantic ;p 
    Be that as it may be, I think I can say I’ve seen a great deal of the world, more than most people do anyway.. although as you can see below, there is a huge continent out there that I have yet to explore - another of my dreams., sigh.  
     And for the record, home is humble Singapore, a little red dot that you have to squint real hard and imagine looking through a super powerful microscope to see on the map below ;p  
     Enjoy browsing through the stories and be inspired to head for the “wilderness” - for nothing beats the real adventure, good or bad, of wandering out there to experience the strange lands beyond to one’s heart’s content..http://irreverenttimes.wordpress.comshapeimage_2_link_0

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tale of 3 scottish isles

travelogue 1999

spain ~ camino de santiago

video/fotoart 2010-11

gaudi ~ barcelona’s famous son

travelogue 1998

charming geneva

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scotland ~ to the shetlands

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france & scandinavia

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exhilarating highlands

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beautiful orkney

travelogue 1999

elegant edinburgh

travelogue 1998/1999

canadian rockies

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mont tremblant’s splendour

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montreal & quebec city

foto memoirs 2000

niagara falls

foto memoirs 2000

american tale part 1:

amtrak-ing in the west

travelogue 1995

american tale part 2: tribute to the east

travelogue 2000

alaskan sojourn

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beyond the pyramids

travelogue 1997

the beautiful cape

travelogue 2002

kruger safari

travelogue 2002

behold the drakensberg!

travelogue 2002

victoria falls

foto memoirs 2002

bhutan, land of the thunder dragon

travelogue 2003

the druk path saga

travelogue 2003

sojourn to punakha

& wangdue

travelogue 2003

a dose of nepalese warmth

travelogue 1996

mornington peninsula

art trip blog 2008

cairns & its surroundings

foto memoirs 2001

nostalgia taiwan

fotoart 2008/2009

balinese dreams

fotoart 2008/2009

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miss me irish coffee

fotoart 2012

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