omaha zine archive

Welcome to the zine Archive!

Here's where you'll find the eventual home of the Omaha Zine Archive. It's gone through a few transformations, but it will settle in here for the long haul. Right now I'm focusing on getting the review space up and running a gain, so this might not have tons of zines listed for a bit. But rest assured, we have hundreds (if not thousands) of zines that need to be added.


Here's the "rules" as it were:

1. Any zine submitted to the zine review space will end up here, unless otherwise stated.

2. I will nto add any zine to the archive that I purchase unless given permission from the author(s).

3. The zine archive will be abailable for people to look through only with an appointment.

4. I'll post about any updates to the zine archive over at my livejournal page (