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My work

Previously I lived in the vibrant city of London but recentley moved just outside the M25 to lovely Oxted. It partly takes me back to my rural roots of Herefordshire and proves a wonderfully relaxing place to live.

I work with acrylic paint, usually onto canvas and sometimes onto the carpet (sorry Clare!) I try to use colour, particularly in regards to the city scapes, to create an almost surreal world that has a cinematic feel to it.The colour also helps gives the animal images a quirky character and injects a sense of fun. The paint is applied heavily on these in order to build up the texture to resemble fur. 

All my limited prints are currently with Jackie at The Corner Gallery in Carshalton Beeches ( so if your round and about Carshalton why not have a look as its a vibrant, eclectic place! )

Hope you enjoy the paintings and don't hestitate with any questions!




Mob: 07790974395  - south London cat sitter who features my work.

Herefordshire Hills (20 x30in canvas )