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My semi-organized link to my Sports memorabilia collection  

A quick run-down. I am a Football fan first and foremost while the Denver Broncos are my team for life. As for my favorite player, it would just happen to be the greatest Safety that ever played the game....Steve Atwater. Of the roughly 440-some different cards of him, I have 320+. I also have a small cache of his memorabilia. I'm always on the hunt to add to this collecting avenue.

I also collect Bronco's material 1960's-80's. Oddball cards, regional sets, old-school memorabilia of any type from that era.

Vintage football material.  I.E.  Any and all material  related to Athletic Associations & Athletic Clubs from 1880's - 1920's. Semi-pro football (Ohio valley, Penn. region) from 1900-1930's.  Football equipment, games, etc. If it's odd, I'm interested in it.

A new avenue I've been collecting is early pedestrianism. Race walking, Go-as-you-please , cross-country running. IE  the early start of endurance/ultra running.  I'm always on the lookout for anything related to this quirky part of history.

Over the years of collecting, I have acquired material that I have outgrown in interest. Obviously you get more bang for your memorabilia in a trade. I hope you can find something of interest out of my lists. Just cuz' you have an item that is not specifically on my wantlist, doesn't mean I'm not interested. As long as it is related to the it by me. $$$ is based off of Beckett listed items, ebay research, etc. as of Spring of 2020. Buy, sell, trade. Doesn't matter to me. I'm just looking to liven-up my collection. Talk to you then.....   



I've scanned most of the interesting images of the collection. If you need a pic though on a specific item just let me know and I'll do my best....    

Updated list prices are stated on master inventory. Pics are as of  May 2020....thanks for all the transactions & trades !!!!! 


Sidenote: I have been an Ebay member (along with a Paypal account) since 1999.    My ID is

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