Application for VBA Premium Registered Kennel Status


The Purpose for VBA Registered Kennels


One of the functions will be to assist in organizing shows, the obedience program, educating newcomers about the breed. VBA Registered Kennels will help in the selection of impartial Judges. To help maximize the quality of animals produced and to eliminate the breeding of inferior animals, to help in breeding to the VBA's guidelines of producing quality and not quantity. VBA registered kennels will help to establish a rescue service for abused, abandoned, or unwanted bulldog breeds. To help promote the screening of all prospective buyers and would be registered kennels. Registered personnel will help to promote the "VBA's Code of Ethics" for all VBA Registered Breeders, and for those who purchase VBA Certified animals. VBA Registered Kennels will help to police and put an end to "Puppy Mills", and other inhumane abuse of animals. To help inspect any animal facility as a VBA Inspector, when called upon, prior to an individual obtaining a VBA Certified Registered Kennel Membership.





Name: ________________Address: __________________________


Phone: ____________ E-Mail: _________________________


Fax: _____________ Website: ________________________


I ____________________ am applying to become a VBA Registered Kennel:


I have been breeding the above animals for ___________ months/years.


I am of lawful age: I have ________ years' experience in bulldogges or other dogs.




I own/lease a Ranch/Farm/Kennel; describe: __________________________________________________


The name of my Kennel is: _______________________ I have____Males & ____Females of_________Breed.


Would you be agreeable to have a VBA Representative check your facility over? Yes_____ No______



Applicant to supply:


1. Reference from certified Veterinarian and or VBA officer.


2. Photos of ranch or kennel must accompany this application.


3. VBA Registered Kennel Fee donation of $125.00 for the year.




VBA Registered Kennels Rules & Regulations




The VBA will sanction Registered Kennels established by serious and dedicated bulldogge owners.




Benefits: Premium Registered Kennels may post their link on the VBA message board and will be listed with their link on the VBA Web site. Premium registered kennel personnel will also be eligible to post any VBA registered dogges or puppies for sale on the VBA For Sale Forum. Registered Kennels may put the title of “VBA REGISTERED KENNEL” in their literature, advertising and web site as long as they are an actively Registered VBA Kennel. Any inactive or unregistered Kennel using this title will be subject to legal actions by the VBA. Registered kennel personnel will be eligible for a discount on registration with the VBA and may obtain a 10% discount on VBA merchandise.


****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________****


C. Rules, Regulations, Requirements and Qualifications Concerning VBA REGISTERED KENNELS


a. The name of a Registered Kennel must be approved by the VBA.


b. All bulldogges held at a Registered Kennel must be VBA certified [registered, temperament, health, standard].


c. Registered kennels will need to submit a list of their bulldogges and these dogs' VBA numbers to the VBA President or Vice-President.


d. Each Registered Kennel is an independent organization that will operate under the lawful regulations of the state and jurisdiction they are in.


e. No Registered Kennel or Registered Kennel member shall represent in any way that they are officials of, or part of the VBA governing board, or official representatives, or are acting on the behalf of the VBA without permission of the VBA President.


g. This Registered Kennel will hold harmless the VBA, its officers and representatives from any action arising out of the Registered Kennels operation, events, functions and financial activities.


h. Any sanctioned Registered Kennel knowingly permitting, sanctioning, selling, leasing, vending, donating any dog for the purpose of or being involved in any way directly or indirectly with the fighting of any dogs as an event, pastime, hobby vocation or the use of any animal in the training of a dog for fighting will immediately lose its sanctioned status and be subject to any additional penalties, fines and actions that the VBA sees fit to assess.


****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________****


In addition all members of the Registered Kennel participating in such actions will be expelled from the VBA and their dog's registration and all litter registrations will be permanently canceled and no fees will be returned. Such members will also be subject to any additional penalties, fines and actions that the VBA sees fit to assess.


****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________****

i. A VBA Registered Kennel must be kept in accordance with all local and federal laws and regulations pertaining to Kennels.


j. All dogs at a VBA Registered Kennel must be in good health and current on all vaccinations. All dogs will be kept in a clean and well-maintained area.


k. A VBA Registered Kennel and all dogs therein are subject to inspection or review by an agent of the VBA with no advanced notice.


l. Any complaints filed against a VBA Registered Kennel to the VBA will be kept on file and an investigation may ensue to see if there is an infraction.


m. Any Kennel not adhering to the rules outlined herein will be revoked with no refund of Registration Fees.


n. In the event that the VBA finds it necessary to amend its rules, regulations or requirements for Registered Kennel sanctioning the VBA will adopt such changes with or without notice to its members and registered kennel personnel.


o. A Kennel must be accepted by the VBA and will pay an annual fee. The annual fee will cover operating and co-operative advertising expenses of the VBA. The fee is due once the Kennel is given notice of acceptance into the program and should be paid in the form of a certified bank check or money order. However, the Kennel will not become an OFFICIAL VBA REGISTERED KENNEL and hence enjoying the benefits outlined earlier until the fee has been paid. The date the fee is received and cleared the necessary financial institutions will start the annual membership to the VBA REGISTERED KENNEL PROGRAM. Renewal of the annual fee is due on or before the renewal date to avoid the loss of REGISTERED KENNEL status. All VBA Registered Kennels shall renew in October of each year. Any kennel registering before April 1st of the fiscal year will still pay the full yearly expense of the registered kennel program. Kennels registering after April 1st of the fiscal year will pay no less than half of the registered kennel fees and will also be liable for paying the full yearly dues in October which starts the new fiscal year.


****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________****


p. There will be an annual review of each Kennel at the time of the Kennel's Annual Renewal. The VBA reserves the right not to initially accept or renew a Kennel as a VBA REGISTERED KENNEL.


****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________****


q. VBA Reg. Kennels will support the VBA, VBA Board, members, products, & show events held by the VBA. A VBA registered kennel will agree not to have ANY VBA dogges that are registered as an OVB registered with any other organization or registry. All VBA registered kennels will agree to sell all dogges with a purchase agreement that shall be approved by the VBA Governing Board.

****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________**** will not knowingly sell any VBA registered OVB's to anyone that will register them as any other type of bulldoge or with any other organization and registry. I understand that this action could lead to revocation of all VBA privileges and registrations.


r. Any conduct or comments that may be detrimental to the VBA or to the VBA Gov. Board may lead to the revocation of all VBA privileges and registrations.


I __________________________as a VBA Registered Kennel agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by the VBA regarding the Registered Kennel status, rules, fees & penalties.


****Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________****


Please allow 30 days to approve your application. In the event that your application is rejected, all of your documents and Membership gift will be returned to you.

Once approved, all documents will remain on file in the Member's name.

* Please enclose a U.S. Postal Money Order, reflecting your membership donation.

Approved by: ________________________ Rejected by: ________________________


Date of Approval: ___________ Date of Rejection: ___________


Reason for rejection: ______________________________________________________________________________________