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OgreMagic is a dynamic 2D graphical Library for the most powerful 3D Ogre Engine.

The major purpose of  OgreMagic Library  is that ,  making many stunning effects ’just like flash movie’ that you can apply to  your own presentation of  your game or any other subject.


This Library opens a new magical world for the 2D effects creation , So your imagination is the only limits for fantastic and stunning effects creation.

So , yo u can play a movies ,  playing a GIF animation , drawing Bitmap fonts or Freetype fonts , playing Animated 2D sprites ,scrolling text , drawing interactive rainbow , zooming your sprites , scaling rotating and coloring your sprites , fading in and out and cycle fading of your animation , controlling your sequence of animation by using the timeline ,using keyframs to control animations, creating a 2D rectangle and circular and ellipsoid zones on the screen , use high level shader language with your 2D ,using cairo grapgic library to create your sprites , using SVG to load SVG file to sprite , using Box2D physics , loading resources from  Zip files , playing sound , rendering to sprite, drawing 2D sprites in 3D world,   and many many other features..................... .

NEW  : Download Version 1.00 from downloading page.

          : Download PureBasic version 1.00 from downloading page.

          : Download Blitz3D version 1.00 from downloading page.

            Fixed the _stdCall bug in DLL of Blitz3D. so redownload it.




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