Oakwood Rabbitry

Burlington, WI

Gene, Tina, Danielle & Devin Zabler





Quality Holland Lops 

 1999 to 2014



I just want to thank all my rabbit family and friends for the fun, laughs and great memories. You are a group like no other. I will not forget you. Selling out was painful, but something I had to do. Time will tell if I come back. I may just surprise you and show up somewhere ... :)



 MR. SASS WINS BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 SEPT. 16, 2012




Welcome to Oakwood Rabbitry!!!!!We are located in Burlington, WI about 45 minutes southwest of Milwaukee. Our rabbitry is a family project that started (like many others) as a 1 rabbit 4-H project for Danielle in 1999,  and has since grown  into a barn of 40. We are members of  The Burlington Back 40 4-H Club, ARBA, HLRSC, WSRBA, SLRC and MWHLC. We can be found at shows in Wisconsin  and Illinois, and where ever our truck may take us.  Our  family is also actively involved with the Lyons Lions Club. We hope you enjoy your visit and please sign our guestbook!                                    Remember..... Hollands Rule!!!!!!!!!!

2012 ARBA Convention Wichita, KS

Sir Charles 1st BJB!!! Palmer 4th BJB!!!

Mr. Sass 2nd BSB!!   Mala 11th BJD!!!

2007 Holland Lop Nationals in Prescott, AX

Missy places 4th!!  Susie places 5th!!!!

2006 ARBA Convention in Forth Worth, TX

Scooby places 7th!!!!!

2006 Holland Lop Nationals in Perry, GA

Missy Wins Best of Variety



Contact us at:  tinangene@tds.net

Thanks for visiting & good luck on the show tables!!!!!!!!!!!


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