Circle Track Racing Association Of New Zealand Inc.

Circle Track Racing Association Of New Zealand Incorporated

NI Championship Results



NI Super Saloons

11/12 1st Warwick Taylor (wr), 2nd Ray Jordan (k), 3rd Anthony Smith

12/13 1st Keith Wilson (k), 2nd Shirley Andresen (k), 3rd Max Andresen (k)

14/15  winners to be advised

15/16  1st Darren Emm (k), 2nd Keith Wilson (k), 3rd Ants Smith (mb)

NI Limited Saloons

08/09 1st Tony Heuvel (k), 2nd Keith Wilson (k), 3rd Nigel Herlow

09/10 1st Keith Wilson (k), 2nd Anita Sloot (wr), 3rd Nick Caldwell (k)

10/11 1st Roy Walker (t), 2nd Anita Sloot (wr), 3rd Keith Wilson (k)

11/12 1st Roy Walker (t), 2nd John Hussey (k), 3rd Terry Grigg (t)

12/13 1st Roy Walker (t), 2nd Ray Dare (t), 3rd Terry Grigg (t)

13/14 1st Roy Walker (t), 2nd Phil Mainland (k), 3 Aaron Johnston (d)

14/15 1st Roy Walker (t), 2nd Brendon Stuckey (wr), 3rd Anita Sloot (wr)

15/16 1st Roy Walker (t), 2nd Aaron Johnston (d), 3rd Tom Roberts

NI B Saloons

08/09 1st Gavin Connelly

09/10 1st Dave Clements (t), 2nd Rob Weal (t), 3rd Pip Jecentho (t)

10/11 1st Aaron Johnson (d), 2nd George Russell, 3rd Glen Paton

11/12 1st Craig Nash (d), 2nd Roger Frear (t), 3rd Aaron Johnston (d)

12/13 1st Brent Hansen (rv), 2nd Alan Wong (rv), 3rd Clint Lyford (rv)

14/15 1st Arron Johnston (d), 2nd Roger Frear (t), 3rd Fraser Blacklock (wr)

NI Std Stockcars

11/12 1st Rob Anderson (t), 2nd Marty Lorenz (t), 3rd Merie Perry (t)

12/13  Ryan Carey (t), 2nd Rob Anderson (t), 3rd Tux Albert (t)

13/14  1st Aidan Eustace (d), 2nd Ken Tyson (d), 3rd Craig Millar (d)

NI Std Production Saloons

97/98 W 1st Richie Munro

98/99 1st Garl Adlam

99/00 1st Brian Cowfield

00/01 1st Ricky Paul

02/03 1st Garl Adlam

03/04 1st Champ McDonald

04/05 1st Mark Coxhead

05/06 1st Peter Cradock

06/0 1st Damian Hiestand

07/08 1st Bob Scondlyn

08/09 1st Craig Knowles

09/10 1st Rex Roycroft (k), 2nd Bruce Mallindine (k), 3rd Grant Kidd (t)

10/11 1st Anthony Dale (k), 2nd Grant Kidd (t), 3rd Rex Roycroft (k)

11/12 1st Myles Greenwood (k), 2nd Darren Emm (k), 3rd Alex Harvey (d)

12/13 1st Rex Roycroft (k), 2nd Melissa Timoti (k), 3rd Peter Cortesi (k)

13/14 1st Dave Pilkington (rv), 2nd Peter Craddock (rv), 3rd Alex Harvey (d)

14/15 1st Marcus Bullen (rv), 2nd Mel Horn (rv), 3rd Dion Heron (rv)

15/16 1st Marcus Bullen (rv), 2nd Ross Campbell (wr), 3rd Fraser Blacklock (wr)

NI C Saloons

07/08 1st Jaedan Cross

08/09 1st Craig DeWaal (t), 2nd Hayden Schulze (t), 3rd Fraser Blacklock (wr)

09/10 1st Daniel DeWaal (k), 2nd Craig DeWaal (k), 3rd Wendy Scott (k)

10/11 1st Steve Hannon (k), 2nd Tony Over (t), 3rd Matt Peers (k)

11/12 1st Mike Standring (rv), 2nd Mel Horn (rv), 3rd Lynette Horn (rv)

12/13 1st Daniel DeWaal (t), 2nd Craig Jones (d), 3rd Dale Spick (d)

14/15 1st Anthony Scott (wr), 2nd Rob Weal (t), 3rd James Scott (wr)

15/16  1st Anthony Scott (wr), 2 James Scott (wr), 3rd Joe Robinson (d)

NI Sprintcars

11/12 1st Jeremy Halpin, 2nd Daniel Lee, 3rd Harry Thompson

NI Minisprints

07/08 1st Sean Rice (f), 2nd Carol Golding (p), 3rd Neil Cowley (f)

08/09 1st Sean Rice

09/10 1st Jamie Larsen, 2nd Sean Rice, 3rd Stephen Buys

10/11 1st Dean Fitness, 2nd Stephen Buys, 3rd Neil Cowley

11/12 1st Gavin McClinchie, 2nd Rose Sparrow

12/13 st Neil Wahrlich, 2nd Gavin McClinchie, 3rd Reece Salmon

NI Midgets

98/99 1st Mike Kendall

02/03 1st Mike Kendall? Bryce Robins


11/12 1st Steve Smith, 2nd Jared Taylor, 3rd Lawrence Baker

13/14 1. Ryan Barry, 2nd Lawrence Baker, 3rd Thomas McLean

NI Quarter Midgets

14/15  1st David Pellow, 2nd Benjamin Le Cren, 3rd Jacob Le Cren

15/16  1st Jacob LeCren, 2nd Davis Pellow, 3rd Cole Roberts


NI Jalopies

00/01 Ferndene 1st Clayton Chadwick

02/03 1st Clayton Chadwick

03/04 Ferndene 1st Daniel Dombroski

04/05 Rangeview 1st Phillip Sconton

05/06 Ferndene 1st Adam Reed

06/07 Ferndene 1st Steve Reed

07/08 Rangeview 1st Robin McKee

08/09 Kaikohe 1st Craig Millar (rv), 2nd Chris White (t), 3rd Craig DeWaal (t)

09/10 Rangeview 1st Craig Millar

10/11 Taipa 1st Daniel DeWaal (t), 2nd Daniel Field (t), 3rd Craig DeWaal (t)

11/12 Rangeview 1st Randolph Bennett (rv), 2nd Maurice Hodgkinson (rv), 3rd Frank Millar (d)

12/13 1st Frank Millar (d), 2nd Nigel Bree (d), 3rd Kevin Brookes (d)


11/12 Whangarei 1st Darren Emm, 2nd Paul Smith, 3rd Dave Brocket

12/13 1st Ben Smith, 2nd Steven Emm, 3rd Paul Smith

15/16 1st Troy Hawkins, 2nd Gavin Millen, 3rd Logan Pole

17/18 1. Troy Hawkins, 2. Steven Johns, 3. Anthony 'Wally' Scott

NI Adult Ministocks

03/04 Ferndene 1st Hayden Barker

07/08 Rangeview 1st Micheal Wells (rv)

08/09 Kaikohe 1st Dave Decke, 2nd Micheal Wells (rv), 3rd Steve Ore (rv)

09/10 Rangeview 1st Dave Decke

10/11 Kaikohe 1st Dave Decke, 2nd Peter McClinchie, 3rd Alan Wong (rv)

11/12 Rangeview 1st Mark Hemingway (m), 2nd Micheal Wells (m), 3rd Brett Aikin (h)

12/13 1st Greg Brown, 2nd Warren McKee, 3rd Shannon Bratton

13/14  1st Mark Hemmingway (rv), 2nd Michael Wells (rv), 3rd Colin Henstock (rv)

15/16  1st Alan Wong (rv), 2nd Brett Henderson (rv), 3rd Jono McClymont (rv) 

NI Youth Ministocks

07/08 Rangeview 1st Alister Clarke

08/09 Kaikohe 1st Alister Clarke, 2nd Ryan Decke, 3rd Aidon Decke

09/10 Ferndene 1st Toby Scott (f), 2nd r Walker (s), 3rd Keegan Orr (rv)

10/11 Rangeview 1st Marc Dunn, 2nd Mitchell Vickery, 3rd Gavin McClinchie

11/12 Whangarei 1st Luke Brown, 2nd Bryce Dibley, 3rd Jason Rowe

12/13 1st Troy Mace, 2nd Luke Brown, 3rd Tyson Wright

13/14  1st Kenneth Roberts (wr), 2nd Ben Petersen (wr), 3rd Dion Heron (rv)

15/16     Kaikohe         1st Ryan Nelson, 2nd  Bradley McKee, 3rd Jarred Harris-Green