Modeling the New Haven Railroad and Then Some!

Modeling the New Haven Railroad and Then Some!



The Seldom Modeled Railroad

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New Blog Site!

Please check out the blog site, I do not know how long this site will remain up.

I have decides to start up a new blog site:

It is much easier to update and maintain.  I will be keeping this site going and adding more phots going forward as well, but mostly equipment, not the layout.

Modeling New England Railroads

Update January 3, 2017:  The good news is the site is back up and running.  I also plan on updating more of the pages and hopefully making it more as motivator to make progress on my projects.  So much new stuff is out since I last posted that I have a lot of stuff to review.  It also makes one think about what modeling projects to tackle an what to leave on the back burner to see if somebody releases a model of it.

Update 5/2/2014:  I have posted photos of my completed DL-109, as well as some more FAs and PAs.  I also fixed some speeling issues and added more info in some of the captions, particularity on the coach page.  I hope to update a bit more often in the coming months.

Update 8/24/2013:  I have added an overview of kitbashing an FL-9 from Atlas components on the EMD page and I have added some text to the DL-109 construction photos on the Alco Road Unit page.  I have also added some material to the coach page and milk train page. I have also added some links to the home page for other New Haven Railroad sites.

My web page started as a refection of my modeling the late great New Haven Railroad. Things have evolved over time and while I still model the NH, I have decide to build a layout that can easy be placed in southern or northern New England, depicting the Boston and Maine / Canadian Pacific line from White River Jct. Vermont to Johnsbury Vermont, or The NH line from Norwich, CT to Worcester, MA.  I also dabble in a few other things so do not be surprised to find photos of more New Haven equipment, D&H passenger trains or even Penn Central equipment. I really like building passenger cars, and I have models for all the lines I mentioned, plus Pullman, PRR, Canadian National and the Maine Central. I am trying to build up my freight car fleet as well, but other then milk cars, they do not hold my interest as well as passenger trains.

Over the next few months I will be slowly revamping my web site to reflect all of my modeling interests and hope you will check back to see my progress. I am also going to try to get back to at least a bi weekly blog. I enjoy talking about the hobby and how I perceive it these days. Please feel free to comment on it or my models or ask questions.



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