Nuremberg-Weston Volunteer Fire Co.


1-03-12     1142     Dispatched to 599 Ringtown Road for an Unknown Type Fire. Engine 583 arrived to find a large control burn. Units O/S: E582, E583, T585

1-06-12     1649     Dispatched to 639 Market Street in Weston for a Medical assit for Lifting. Unit O/S: Manpower

1-11-12     1352     Dispatched to West County Road for a 2 vehicle MVA with Injuries. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS

1-11-12     2243     Dispatched to 623 Red Ridge Road in North Union Twp for a Possible House Fire. L581 arrived to find the homowner having a problem with a pellet stove. Fire had traveled back the auger and was burning in the hopper. Hopper was emptied, smoke removed via natural ventilation. Units operated for about 30 mins. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587. Ringtown E30-10 & T30-35 were cx enroute.

1-18-12    1257     Dispatched as part of the first alarm for 2 Tankers to 283 Deep Hole Road in Butler Twp for a Working House Fire. Crews arrived to find a chimney fire with extension. Crews operated for about 90 mins. Units Responded: T585, T587. Valley Regional, Hazle Twp, Sugarloaf, Freeland, Harwood Tanker and Foster Twp Tanker

1-26-12    0532    Dispatched to the area of 919 Rock Glen Road in Black Creek Twp for an mva with Entrapment. E582 arrived to find the driver self extricated. Pt was placed in care of Apts medic 11. Vehicle had left the roadway and went up an embankment, then went airborne into a tree about 8 feet up then struck a pole. Units O/S: E582, E583, Medic 11, PSP

1-27-12     0441     Dispatched to 534 Cedarhead Road for a Transformer Fire. Units O/S: E582, PPL

1-27-12     2258     Dispatched to 56 Ferndale Road for an MVA with Unknown Injuries. E583 arrived to find one vehicle that had taken out a pole, wires down on the vehicle, fire in a nearby tree and no one around. Roadway shut down until the arrival of ppl. Units O/S: E582, E583, Nuremberg EMS, PSP, PPL

1-30-12     0912    Dispatched as part of the First Alarm in Hazle twp to 89 Turnberry Lane for a House Fire. Fire Reported in the kitchen. Hazle Twp captain arrived and advised the fire was out, security arrived and knocked it down with a dry chem prior to the Fire Departments arrival. Units assited with ventilation. Units O/S: E582, T587, Sheppton E9-10, Hazle twp. E102, E103, T106, Tower 107, Harwood Engine & Tanker, Nuremberg EMS.

1-30-12     1434     Dispatched to 639 Market Street in Weston for Lifting assistance, Assit Nuremberg EMS. Units O/S: Manpower


2-04-12     Dispatched to 264 Hanna Street in the Black Creek Estates for an Animal Rescue. Upon arrival crews found Mr. Kitty about 35 feet up in a tree after being chased by a dog. The cat was removed without incident unlike the attempted bird rescue last year. Units O/S: L581

2-05-12     2226     No sooner had the superbowl come to an end, the county dropped the tones for a MVA with injuries some where on the Tomhicken Road. E582 found one suv rolled over at the interesection of Mountain Road and the Bypass. Driver was self extricated and refusing treatment. While units were operating, at approx 2245 E583 was sent to the area of 387 Hazle Street for the pedestrain struck. E583 arrived along with PSP to find the incident to be a domestic and no one was injured. After about 45 mins of clearing the mva, we were sent out to 623 Red Ridge Road for a smoke condition in the Residence with a smoke Detector Activation. L581 arrived to find nothing showing. The incident was traced back to a Fan in the Bathroom. E582, E583 handled the MVA, E583 handled the reported Pedestrain Struck and L581 & E582 handled the Red Ridge Road Incident

2-06-12     0937     Dispatched for the Engine to assit Sugarloaf Twp with an MVA involving Haz-Mat on Rt. 93. Units had a propane Truck that had a struck a tree and then rolled over. Tanker was Actively leaking. Tanker 585 was then added on to the incident by command. Units Operated for approx 5 hours on the scene. Units O/S: E582, T585, Sugarloaf Twp, Hazle Twp, Nescopeck Twp, Valley Regional, and multiple other Luzerne County Tankers

 Pic Courtesy of SSPTV

2-11-12     1630     Dispatched at the request of district 9 to shut down the Sheppton Mountain. District 9 was operating on an mva with poor road conditions. Roadway was closed at Nuremberg Mountain Road and Millers Road. Units O/S: E583

2-19-12     0933     Dispatched to 1031 Valley of the Lakes in the Hazle Twp section of Eagle Rock for an AFA. All units were cx upon going enroute. Units: E582, L581, Hazle twp and Sheppton

2-22-12     0716     Dispatched to 111 North Park Drive in the Humboldt Industrial Park for a Commercial Fire, as a special call from the 2nd alarm. Hazle Twp Units had a fire in a mixing tank that process's dog food. The tank involved was approx. 3 stories high. Mixing tank #3 found to be involved in fire at the motor section in the basement of the mixing tank farm. Hazle Units had smoke showing from Rt. 924. E582 was held in staging until released by Hazle Twp. Fire Command after no extension was found in any of the other tanks or duct work. Units O/S: E582, Hazle Twp. E102, E103, Tower 105, Tower 107, Rescue 101, Sheppton Engine 9-10, Mcadoo Engine and Quint, West Hazleton Ladder and Rescue. The balance of the 2nd alarm was held in there stations

2-25-12     0303     Dispatched to 400 Stony Creek Road in the Humboldt Industrail Park for a Working Commercial Fire. Engine 582 and Ladder 581 were special requested. Both units responded and were placed in staging. Once it was determined that the fire was out and no additional extension was found all units in staging were released. The fire had activated 4 sprinkler heads and knocked down the fire. Some extension was found in the duct work. Units O/S: L581, E582, Hazle Twp, Sheppton, West Hazleton and Mcadoo.

2-25-12     2024     Dispatched to 50 Buck Mountain Road in North Union Twp for a Brush Fire. C582 arrived and found a large pile of tree limbs and grass burning. Resident stated he tried burning it yesterday but couldn't get it to burn. He stated with the wind tonight it took off and is worried it will spread. Incident held to 1 Engine. E583 arrived and deployed 1 hand line and ext. the fire. Units O/S: E583

2-28-12     1537     Medical assit at 380 Millers road for a Cardiac Arrest. Units O/S: Manpower



3-05-12     0015     Dispatched to the area of the Rock Glen Road & Tomhicken Road for an MVA with Injuries. E583 arrived to find the accident on the tomhicken road between Rock Glen and Fern Glen, one vehicle rolled over. Driver was self extricated and taken into custody by PSP. Units O/S: E583, Nuremberg Ems

3-07-12    1824      Dispatched to assit Sugarloaf Twp with a House Fire at 43 Turnback Lane. Engine, Ladder and Tanker requested as part of the 2nd alarm. Upon going responding all Nuremberg Units were held in quarters, turns out it there was a 20 min delay in having us dispatched! at which time fire was already knocked down. Units remained on standby until released with staffing of 12. Units: Ladder 581, Engine 582, Tanker 585

3-10-12     1215     Dispatched to 64 Winters Road for a Brush Fire. E583 arrived to find about an acre of field/brush involved. Fire was quickly contained. This was the first Brush fire of the Season. Units O/S: E583, B584, T585

3-13-12     0133     Medical Assit for Lifting at 592 Hazle Street. Manpower assisted

3-23-12     1422     Dispatched to 954 Weston Road for an MVA with reported Fire and one Unresponsive. C582 arrived first reporting no fire, one elderly female semi responsive and placed air medical airbourne. E582 arrived and assisted with packaging the patient. E582 was then cut lose to handle the LZ. Ladder 581 then responded to the scene. Units O/S: L581, E582, Nuremberg EMS, Medic 64, PSP

3-26-12      The department handled 3 AFA'S today. First being 14:25 at 139 Boulevard Road in Black Creek Twp. E582 arrived to find a trouble alarm as a result of the power being out in the area. 2nd was at 16:56 at 1 Country Club Drive in Eagle Rock assisting Hazle Twp. Units arrived to find the alarm reset by security already, and it was unknown which detector tripped. 20:25 back to 1 Country Club Drive for the AFA. All units were held in quarters by Hazle C105. E582 responded to all 3 alarms

3-27-12     0654      Ladder 581 was dispatched as part of the 3rd alarm to 119 E Coal Street in Shenandoah for a Working House Fire with Entrapment. Ladder 581 responded with a crew of 7 and was staged on White Street with it's crew sent to the front of the building. We were assisgned multiple tasks while on scene from stretching additional lines to overhaul work. Ladder 581 operated for 3 hours on the scene. First arriving crews did an excellent job holding it to 4 homes. Upon there arrival 2 were fully involved already with extension into the other 2. Sadly 1 Adult and 3 Children lost there lives. The department offers its condolences to everyone involved in this tragedy. One child was saved when his mother pushed him out a window before she perished. Units O/S: Shenandoah Fire Department, Mahanoy City West End Rescue & Engine, 1 Engine each from Shenandoah Heights, Ringtown Valley and Englewood, Ladder 581, Frackville Ladder, Ashland Ladder, Pottsville City Rit, Multiple EMS.

3-31-12     1907     Dispatched to 8 Conyngham Drive in Black Creek Twp, Eagle Rock for the Smoke Detector Activation. E582 arrived to find the owner burnt popcorn. All units Placed Available. Units O/S: E582. Engine 9-10 and 103 were cancelled enroute



4-05-12     2310     Dispatched to 442 West Lake Valley Drive in Eagle Rock for a CO Alarm. L581 arrived and found no CO levels in the home. Incident was found to be a bad detector. Units O/S: L581, Nuremberg EMS

4-06-12     0647     Dispatched to 692 Cedar Head Road for a Brush Fire. E3 arrived to find a very small fire and cancelled the Brush and Tanker. Units O/S: E583, B584, T585

4-07-12     1713     Dispatched to the Humboldt Industrial Park for a large brush fire, assiting Hazle Twp. After going enroute all Nuremberg units were held in quarters and then released by fire command 30 mins later. Units: E583, B584

4-17-12     1345     Dispatched to assit Sugarloaf Twp for a large brush fire as a result of an mva that involved 2 tractor trailers and fire. Requested for the Urban, Brush and 2 tankers. all 4 pieces responded and gained access from Red Rock Road. Brush fire was quickly contained and crews moped up. Units operated for about 90 mins on the brush fire. Units O/S: E583, B584, T585, T587, Hazle Twp Brush, DCNR, Sugarloaf Chief. Units at the MVA: Sugarloaf, Hazle Twp, Valley Regional, West Hazleton, Foster Twp, Nescopeck Twp, Mifflinville, Harwood.

4-19-12     1624     Dispatched to 1398 Tomhicken Road for a Brush Fire. E583 arrived to find a medium size fire on the side of the Mountain. Access was gained via the rail road bed and multiple lines stretched. Crews Operated for about an hour. Units O/S: E583, B584, Nuremberg EMS

4-23-12     1359     Dispatched to 93 Pebble Beach Drive in the Hazle Township Section of Eagle Rock for an AFA, Upon going in service all units were cx. Units: E582, Hazle Twp, Sheppton E9-10

4-23-12     1443     Dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm for a Working House Fire at 34 Twin Lane in Sugarloaf Twp. A Sugarloaf portable had come across the incident and reported smoke showing from a large residence. Sugarloaf Chief arrived and upgraded it to a Working Fire. Initial crews had a quick knock down of the fire however the residence suffered severe heat and smoke damage to all floors. Our units arrived and were placed in staging and assisted with overhaul. Crews operated for about 2 hours. Units O/S: E582, T587, Sugarloaf Twp Engine 2, Engine 3, Tanker 1, EMS, Valley Regional Engine 1, Tanker 1, Nescopeck Twp Engine 1, Tanker 1, Hazle Twp Tower 7, Tanker 1, Foster Twp Tanker, Harwood Tanker, West Hazleton Rit, Medic 26.

4-29-12     1438     Dispatched to 891 West County Road for an MVA involving a Motorcycle. Arrived on location to find Sugarloaf Twp Units on the scene, being Luzerne dispatched it has Sugarloaf Twp at first. Assisted on scene with traffic. Units O/S: E582, E583, Sugarloaf Twp Rescue.

MAY 12

5-05-12     0105     Dispatched for a Medical Assit at 297 W Lake Valley Drive in Eagle Rock. The Engine was cancelled prior to arrival. Units: E583

5-05-12     22:50     Dispatched to 15 Pine Street in North Union Twp for an investigation. County reported a dog stuck inside a wall. Chief 582 arrived on location and requested one engine for the rescue assignment. Chief 582 found a dog that had his head stuck in a block wall up to his shoulders. A Hammer and chisel was used to extricate the the dog while crews assembled the air chisel in case it was needed. Crews operated for about 20 mins. Units O/S: E582, Chief 581, Chief 582

5-09-12     1528     Dispatched to 236 Mahanoy Street to assit ems with a reported Cardiac Arrest. Units O/S: C581, C582, Manpower

5-12-12     0005     Assisted ems with a reported traumatic injury at 1938 Tomhicken Road. Incident actually was an mva which rolled over after going threw the guiderails. C582 arrived and reported no FD services were going to be needed being the vehicle was off the road and PSP was already on location.

June 12

6-02-12     0832     Dispatched to the area of 318 Hazle Street in Nuremberg for an MVA with unknown injuries. Caller reported a vehicle in his yard. Chief 582 arrived along with a EMS portable who reported a class 5 that's heavily entrapped. One Vehicle rolled over down an embankment was found. E582 arrived and the spreaders were placed in service to remove the door. Driver was confirmed to be a class 5. No other victims were found in the vehicle. After PSP was finished with the reconstruction and the coroner arrived. The vehicle was uprighted by towing for an easier extrication. O-cutters and spreaders were both used for extrication. Once the driver was extricated he was placed in a stokes, and ropes were used to remove him from down the embankment. Units Operated for approx 3 hours on the scene. Units O/S: E582, E583, Nuremberg EMS, Shenandoah ALS, PSP x 4.

6-04-12     1823     Dispatched to 259 Owego Drive in Eagle Rock for an AFA. CX Enroute. Units: E582, E9-10, E103

6-05-12     0611     Dispatched along with District 9, District 30, Nuremberg EMS and Medic 64 for a reported HOUSE FIRE at 10 Cherry Lane in North Union Township. 2nd call reported the fire may be out now. District 9 and 30 were then held in quarters. E582 arrived with nothing showing and a slight smoke condition in the residence. A couch was found to have been on fire as a result of an electrical issue. Owner had dumped 2 buckets of water on the couch prior to the engines arrival. Ladder 581 arrived and crews assisted in removing the couch and opening up the wall checking for extension. Units operated for about 25 mins. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587. all others were cancelled

6-05-12     1557     Dispatched to 34 Golfwood Drive in Eagle Rock (East Union Twp.) for an afa. Units O/S: E582, E9-10, E102

6-18-12     1842     Dispatched to 10 Mavrick Way in the East Union Twp section of Eagle Rock for an Odor Investigation. Reported smell of smoke in the building. Units arrived with nothing showing. Cause of the odor/smoke was found to be a dishwasher. Units O/S: E582, E9-10, Hazle Eng 102. Ladder 581 was crewed in quarters.

6-20-12     1609     Dispatched to 68 Turnberry Lane in the Hazle Twp. Section of Eagle Rock for an AFA. Address correction was then given of 668 Turnberry Lane in Black Creek Twp. Units arrived to find an alarm Malfunction. Units O/S: E582, E9-10, E102

6-24-12     1914     Dispatched to assit EMS with Lifting at 578 Hazle Street. O/S: Manpower

6-27-12     1510     Dispatched to the Rock Glen road for Wires Down. Engine arrived to also find a small brush fire in the area. Fire was kept in check until power was secured then it was extinguished. Units O/S: E582

6-28-12     1226     Dispatched to assit District 9 with an MVA no injuries but fluids down in the area of 489 Main Blvd. Crews arrived to find one vehicle rolled over. Units O/S: Sheppton Squad 9-70, E582

July 12

7-01-12     0322     Dispatched to 1608 Tomhicken Road for an Mva with Unknown Injuries. Engine Company arrived to find no injuries and one vehicle rolled over. Units O/S: E582, PSP

 7-01-12    1627     Dispatched to 120 Yatesville Road in Mahanoy Twp for a Dump Fire. Requested to assit the Shenandoah Fire Department. Upon arrival crews had a dump fire that involved Tires, Shingles and other junk burning at the bottom of a pit that was offroad in a secluded area. E583 was requested for its off Road Capabilities. First arriving crews had most of the fire knocked down. E583 pulled up to the pit and placed the front turret inservice using Class A Foam to knock down the remaining fire and covering all hot spots. Units O/S: E583 with a crew of 5, Shenandoah Engine 742, Tanker 759, Brush 750, Delano Brush, Shenandoah Heights Brush, William Penn Brush.

 Pic Courtesy of Swanny


7-03-12     2143     Dispatched to the area of Red Rock Road in Black Creek Twp for a Possible Structure Fire. Luzerne advised they received a call from a passerby on Interstate 80 reporting a large fire in the area of Mile Maker 251 and it appears to be a Building. Sugarloaf Portable arrived on the scene stating a control burn. All units recalled. Units: L581, E582, T587, Sugarloaf Fire

7-06-12     0123     Ladder 581 was dispatched as part of the First Alarm along with the Shenandoah Fire Department, Mahanoy City West End Rescue and Frackville Ladder 43-20 to 220 West Penn Street in Shenandoah for a House Fire. On scene reports reported a working Fire in a Single home. First in crews had a quick knock down on the fire. Ladder 581 was then requested to Standby at Rescue Hook and Ladder. Ladder 581 was on standby for about an hour until released by Shenandoah Fire Command: Units O/S: L581 with a crew of 6, Shenandoah Engines 742, 751, 747, Tanker 759, L745, Mahanoy City Rescue 993, Frackville L43-20 Multiple EMS.

7-07-12     1726     Our part of the county got hammered by a Severe thunderstorm that moved threw with damaging winds, lightening and Heavy Rains. No sooner did the storms stop and the pagers started.

1726     221 Turnberry Lane for an AFA in Eagle Rock (Hazle Twp): E582, Hazle Twp, Sheppton (all units cx)

1728     129 Millers Road for trees, live wires down and burning: E583

1728     441 Millers Road for Pole, trees and wires down: E582

1759     109 Dakota Drive in Eagle Rock for Pole Fire: E582

1819     Rock Glen Road for Trees on Wires: E582

1852     Golf Course Road for Trees Down (unfounded): E582

1951     Tank Road for Trees Down: E582

2145     Windfield Village Road for Trees on Wires (2nd call the district): E583

Multiple other incidents involving trees that were handled by both Township Road Crews

7-07-12     Ladder 581 was dispatched as part of the first alarm to 220 West Columbus Street in Shenandoah for a Working House Fire with Possible Entrapment. Also Dispatched on the first was the Shenandoah Fire Department, Frackville Ladder and Mahanoy City Rescue. First arriving units reported a working fire in a double home and extension to an exposure. Multiple large lines were placed in service. Incident was then upgraded to a 2nd Alarm. Ladder 581 was requested to stage at the Turkey Hill on Main Street and wait for there Assignment. No sooner did the Ladder arrive in staging they witnessed a Motor Vehicle accident a half block in front them. The vehicle then bursted into flames. C581 advised Schuylkill that they have an MVA with Fire and that L581 will be going to work. Crews deployed one 1.75 to knock down the fire in the engine compartment and wheel wells. The driver then fled the scene. Once the scene was secure by PD the Ladder Picked up and advised they were now available. During the Crash Command had requested the 3rd Alarm. Ladder 581 was then brought in near the scene and crews were assigned to assit with Overhaul. A resident was found during the search and removed from the Buidling sadly he passed away prior to ems leaving for the heli pad. Units O/S: Ladder 581 with 6, Shenandoah Engines 742, 747, 751, Tanker 759, Ladder 745, Mahanoy City West End Rescue 993 and Engine 465, Frackville Ladder 43-20, Shenandoah Heights Engine 881, Englewood Engine 369, Ringtown Valley Engine, Girardville Engine, Pottsville City Rit North Stations 30 & 40, Multiple EMS Units. William Penn Engine 888 Had the LZ

 Pic Courtesy of Jeff Miller

7-08-12     0836     120 Dakota Drive in Eagle Rock on a Pole Fire. Units O/S: E582

7-08-12     0905     Windfield Village Road for trees down Units O/S: E582

7-08-12     0949     Meadow Lane + Rock Glen Road for Trees Down. Units: E582

7-09-12     1827     Rock Glen Road + Alexander Drive for Trees on Wires again! Units: C581

7-11-12     1729     Dispatched to 221 Davo's Circle in Cove Village for a Reported House Fire. Reported to be a fire in the stove, E9-10 arrived and reported nothing showing. Fire had burned itself out. Home was ventilated and the stove was removed from the residence. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585 (cx), E9-10, T9-30, Medic 6401, Nuremberg BLS.

7-12-12     0713     Ladder 581 was dispatched as part of the First Alarm to 300 West New York Street in Shenandoah for a possible House Fire. PD arrived and reported smoke from the eve's. Crews found smoke in the 2nd floor which was traced back to an exhaust fan in the bathroom with extension to under the roof. Crews made quick work of the incident. L581 staged on coal street until released by fire Command. Units O/S: L581, Shenandoah Fire Department, Frackville Ladder, Mahanoy City Rescue, Shenandoah EMS.

7-19-12     2041     Dispatched to the area of 210 Mahanoy Street for a MVA with unknown injuries. C582 arrived and reported 5 vehicles involved, 4 were parked with some having severe damage and fluids down. The driver of the vehicle was taken into custody by PSP. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, PSP.

7-20-12     1939     1 Country Club Drive in the Hazle Twp Section of Eagle Rock for an AFA. E582, E9-10, Hazle Twp

7-26-12     Once again severe storms were forcasted for our area and no sooner did the stroms start and so did the pagers. Crews handled 7 incidents once again with E582 and E583. The storm also forced the closure of Crolls Road due to the amount of trees and wires down.

1737--Main Blvd for Trees Down (CX By District 9 Command). E582

1750--Croll Road + Red Ridge Road for Trees into Wires (power out in the area) C582

1800--700 Red Ridge Road for Trees Down: E582

1810--509 Tower Road for Trees and Wires Down: E582

1837--Croll Road Multiple Trees and Wires Down (roadway closed):E583

1929--West County Road for Trees and Wires Down:E582

1940--Rock Glen Road for Trees Down:E582

7-27-12     1415     548 Cedar Head Road for Trees and Wires Burning. Units O/S: E582

7-28-12     1613     Rock Glen Road + Tomhicken Road for trees on wires. Units O/S: E582

7-29-12     2258     7 Masters Lane in the East Union Twp Section of Eagle Rock for a CO Alarm. cx enroute. Units: L581, E9-10

7-30-12     1540     E582 was dispatched as part of the First Alarm to 1 Country Club Drive in Eagle Rock for an AFA. Security arrived and reported smoke in the building coming from an emergency light. They also reported the building may have been hit by lightening. Crews arrived to find a smoke condition but no fire. It also turned out that 2 other buildings were also hit in the development by lightening and were investiagted by Fire Crews. Units O/S: E582, E9-10, Hazle Twp. Fire. medic 11, Nuremberg EMS


8-04-12    0347     Dispatched to the area of 919 Weston Road for an MVA with unknown injuries. E582 arrived to find 1 vehicle rolled over into a tree, but no one around the vehicle. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS

8-05-12     0912     Ringtown Road near the Township line for Trees down. Units O/S: E582, Ringtown Valley B30-45

8-06-12     2213     489 Main Blvd, East Union Twp for a working Vehicle Fire. E582 went enroute with 7 and was cancelled by Sheppton Command.

8-08-12     0618     Tanker 585 was requested as part of the 2nd alarm to Interstate 80 MM249 in Nescopeck Twp for a Working Tractor Trailor Fire. First arriving crews found the tractor portion fully involved and kept the fire was extending intot he trailer. T585 staged at I80 and Rt. 93 until released by fire command. Units O/S: T585, Sugarloaf E3, T1, R1, Nescopeck Twp engine and Tanker, Foster Twp. Tanker, Medic 26

8-10-12     0545     Ladder 581 was dispatched as part of the 3rd alarm to 121 N Main Street in Shenandoah for a Working Commercial Fire. Shenandoah crews had been dispatched for a smoke investigation around 0505 and found a working fire in the basement of a block long 1 story commercial building. Ladder 581 responded with a crew of 6 and upon arriving on location was advised to set up for roof ops in the parking lot of the laundry mat of the B Side. Crews went to the roof and also threw ground ladders. A 2 1/2 was also advanced to the roof and operated on the fire building. Pottsville City E41 Grabbed a plug and layed into City Engine 32 which then supplied L581. Fire had extended into an exposure but was contained by crews operating in that building. The exposure building was also contacted to the building which L581 was operating off of, which was also a block long 3 story. With the fire progressing, L581 was then advised to put the pipe into operation. While the pipe was flowing a water main broke causing L581 to lose water and other units had a drop in pressure. Command then requested the first and 2nd alarm Tanker Task Force which then brought T585 and T587 on the first alarm. A 4th alarm was also struck along with special calls for additional manpower for relief and Additional RIT teams. After several hours of 4 ladder pipes and multiple ground guns the fire was declared contained and extinguished with extensive overhaul being needed. Ladder 581 was released from the scene around 1030 and was requested to cover the borough until some of the SFD apparatus could be freed up. L581 remained on standby in town until almost 1300 hours. This bussiness was severly damaged in a Fire that occured in Novemer 2007 which also went 5 Alarms and destroyed the old Furniture store. Units O/S: L581, T585, T587, Shenandoah Fire E742, E747, E751, T759, Squirt 745, L745, Shen. Heights E881, Ringtown Valley E30-10, 30-11, T30-35, Mahanoy City West End Rescue 993, E465, Citizens E454, Girardville E45-10, Ashland E38-10, Frackville L43-20, Englewood E369, Pottsville City E32, E41 (Rit North), Schuylkill Haven Wagon 736, St Clair E702, Tamaqua RIT, Minersville E528, Sheppton Tanker 9-30, Aristis Tanker, Ft Springs Tanker, Ryan Twp Tanker, Branch Twp Tanker, Brandonville Tanker, Multiple Ems Units.

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8-11-12     3 Dispatches to 221 Turnberry Lane in the Hazle Twp Section of Eagle Rock for an AFA. Alarm came in at 1413, 1658 and then again at 0010. all 3 were cancelations

8-19-12     1302     Dispatched to 595 Lake Valley Drive for a cardiac arrest. E582 went enoute in under a minute and was advised by the county that it was reported to be a 4 yr old and may be a result of a possible drowning. E582 arrived prior to ems at the pool and was advised the patient left the scene in a pov however they were trying to stop them. The vehicle was stopped about a mile from the scene where the pt was located in the grass in care of bystanders. The pt was breathing again. EMS requested a stat flight. Once the pt was loaded into the bls unit E582 went and secured the LZ for medevac 7.

8-23-12     1054     Dispatched to 139 Boulevard Road for an AFA. Engine 582 was cx right after going responding.

8-24-12     1333     Dispatched to 226 Country Club Drive for an AFA. Units O/S: E582, E9-10, Hazle Twp Engine

8-25-12     0349     Dispatched to the area of 2109 Tomhicken Road for an MVA Truck Vs. Building. Units arrived to find no injuries and minor damage to the Structure. Units O/S: E582, E583


9-09-12     0759     Dispatched to 1858 Tomhicken Road for an MVA with a minor injury. Crews arrived to find a vehicle that had struck a pole. Units O/S: E582

9-09-12     1600     Dispatched to 810 West County Road for an MVA involving a motorcycle. Crews arrived to find no injuries. The motorcycle had struck a rope which was ran across the road that was being used to help take down a large tree. Units O/S: E582, E583

9-15-12     0953     Dispatched on a medical assit to 449 Millers Road

9-17-12     1910     E583 took in a medical assit for a male that fell off a roof some time during the evening hours and was just found.

9-18-12     1200     Dispatched to Catawissa Creek Road and Labenberg Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E582

9-18-12     2244     Dispatched to Gross Road & Cedar Head Road for Trees Down blocking the roadway. Units O/S: E582

9-22-12     1756     Dispatched to 315 Delicious Drive for an AFA. Units O/S: E582


10-12-12     2043     Dispatched to 475 Tower Road in Black Creek Township for the reported House Fire. L581 with Chief 582 arrived after traveling out a 1/2 mile driveway threw the woods to find a 1.5 story residence with no showing. Owner stated they had fire coming out of the chimney. Inspection of the chimney showed most of the fire out and the chimney was just about blocked soild. Chimney was opened up and the residence checked for extension. Units operated for about an hour on scene. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587, Sugarloaf Engine and Tanker held in staging, Nuremberg EMS, Medic 26.

10-15-12     1321     Dispatched as part of the first alarm to 269 Cranberry Lane in Eagle Rock, Hazle Twp for an AFA. Units O/S: E582, Sheppton E9-10, Hazle Twp Fire

10-24-12     0834      Dispatched for a full department response into Beaver Township Columbia County for a reported Working House Fire with possible Entrapment at 188 Scotch Valley Drive. E582 arrived on location and its crew assisted with fire attack. Search of the residence was negative. L581 staged and assisted with ventilation. Crews Operated for a little over an hour on scene until released by fire command. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587, Beaver Twp E141 (fill site), Tanker 142, Main Twp Rescue/Engine 217 (fire attack), E211, T212, Bloomsburg Fire Dept. Air 33, Bloomsburg EMS

10-29-12     1525     1 Red Ridge Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E582

10-30-12     0611     First Street and South Street in Oneida, East Union twp for a Tree Down. Cx enroute Units O/S: C581

10-30-12     0712     Millers Road and Mountain Road for Trees down with Wires. Units O/S: E582

10-30-12     0723     714 Ringtown Road for Wires Down. Units O/S: E583

10-30-12     0808     413 Weston Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E583

10-30-12     0916     569 Tank Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E583

10-30-12     2159     Dispatched to 1182 Cedar Head Road in Black Creek Twp for a reported House Fire. C582 went in service and was advised by county that the caller stated her house was on fire. Within 2 mins the county began receiving multiple calls, a 2nd alarm was then issued. Engine and Laddder 581 both went responding within in 4 mins followed by both tankers and Engine 583. County advised C582 that there was reported explosions and 3 buildings reported to be involved at this time. L581 reported heavy fire showing from about a mile out as the home was located on top of a hill. L581 arrived and laid out 600 feet of 5" up the steep driveway with Engine 582 picking up the supply line. L581 found the garage and home well involved. Crews led off with a 3" line that was attached to a blitz fire. Once the 5" was charged crews also placed in service a 2.5" and the ladder pipe. a 1.75 was advanced to the garage that was under the residence. Crews later on placed 3 additional 1.75 lines in service for mop up and overhaul. The department was on scene until 0430 hours doing overhaul and making sure there was no hot spots. The Home and Garage were a total loss with a 3 building receiving heat damage. Unit O/S: L581, E582, E583, T585, T587, Sugarloaf Engine 2 (Fill Site), Tanker 1, Rescue 1, Valley Regional Engine 2, Tanker 1, Medic 26, Hazle Twp Rescue and Tanker, Harwood Tanker, West Hazleton Engine and Ladder (RIT), Sheppton Engine. The picture below shows conditions on arrrival

10-31-12     2114     242 Hill Top Road for Wires Down. Units O/S: C582, E583 (cx)





11-04-12     1344     Dispatched to 562 Hazle Street in Black Creek Twp. For a Pump Detail. Crews Arrived to find a broken water pipe which flooded the down stairs of the residence. Units O/S: C581, C583 + Manpower

11-06-12     1641     Dispatched to 22 Nuremberg Mountain Road for a Brush Fire. Units O/S: E583

11-11-12     2154     Dispatched to 285 Mahanoy Street to Est. a Landing Zone for Medevac 7. Ems flying out a Medical. Units O/S: E582

11-24-12     1719     Dispatched to 125 Winfield Village Road in Black Creek Twp. for a reported House Fire. Caller reported flames from the Chimney. 2nd call was received asking all units to cancel that there was no problem. E582 continued in to investigate. E582 confirmed no problem. Units O/S: E582, L581 and T587 were cancelled enroute along with Sugarloaf Twp Engine and Tanker, Nuremberg EMS.


12-01-12     0016     Nuremberg Mt Road + Cove Mt Drive, East Union Twp. for an MVA. Cx enroute by Sheppton Command. Units CX: E582

12-01-12     1346     421 Walden Drive in Eagle Rock, Hazle Twp for an AFA. All units cx enroute by Hazle Twp. Engine 3. Units Cx. E582, Sheppton Engine, Hazle Twp, Nuremberg Ems

12-05-12     0927     421 Walden Drive in Eagle Rock, Hazle Twp for an AFA. All units cx within minutes of the first dispatch.

12-20-12     1701     243 Hilltop Drive on a Medical Assit for a Cardiac Arrest. Units O/S: C581+ Manpower

12-21-12     0218     906 Cedar Head Road for the Unknown Type Fire in the yard. Crews arrived to find a live power line down. Units O/S: E582, E583(cx)

12-21-12     0703     81 Gross Road for a Tree Down. Unit O/S: E582

12-30-12     1521     Dispatched to 107 Iroquois circle in Eagle Rock, Black Creek Twp. For a reported House Fire. Caller reported smoke showing from the rear of the residence. Security arrived and stated no fire in the residence just a generator problem due to a power outage in the area. Balance of the First Alarm was cancelled. E582 arrived and investigated. Units O/S: E582, L581 (cx), T585 (cx), Sheppton Engine 9-10 (cx), Hazle Twp Engine, Tanker, Rescue all cancelled.

12-31-12     1545     The year ended with a MVA with no injuries and fluids down at Nuremberg Mt Road + Tomhicken Road.. Units O/S: E582, E583 held in quarters