Nuremberg-Weston Volunteer Fire Co.


1-08-10     0746     Dispatched to 891 West County Road for an MVA with no injuries but confinement. E582 arrived to find no one around the vehicle. Units O/S: E582, PSP

1-08-10     1233     Dispatched mutual aid to District 9 for an MVA with unknown injuries in the area of 1070 Center Street. E582 was cancelled enroute by Squad 9-70. Units OS: E582 (cx), 9-70, Medic 6404

1-11-10     2317     Dispatched to 59 Buck MT. Road for the Smoke in a Structure. L581 arrived to find a moderate smoke condition in the residence due to a Chimney Fire, also the Chimney was blocked. Roof was laddered and chimney was inspected and reopened. Units were in service for approx. 45 mins for ventilation. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587. E30-10 and T30-35 were cancelled enroute

1-12-10     2217     Dispatched to standby in station for a possible LZ Assit.

1-12-10     2221     Dispatched to the Nuremberg Park to est an LZ for Life Flight 5. Units O/S: E582

1-14-10     1650     Dispatched to the Nuremberg Park to est an LZ for Life Flight 5. Units O/S: E582

1-15-10     0117     Dispatched to 11 Top Street for the vehicle fire. E582 arrived to find the fire out. PSP was notifed being someone stuffed a rag into the gas fill and lit it. Units O/S: E582, T587

1-16-10     1848     Dispatched for the investigation for the report of an explosion that shocked homes in the area of 252 Killington Lane. Units O/S: C581, C582

1-16-10     2235     Dispatched to the Eagle Rock Pool to est an LZ for Medevac 7. Units O/S: E582

1-17-10     0459     Dispatched to the area of 600 Mountain Road for the MVA with unknown Injuries. Units arrived to find a vehicle rolled over in the middle of the roadway. After an extensive search of the area no one was found. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, PSP

1-22-10     2142     Dispatched to 599 Hazle Street for the Burning Complaint. Units O/S: C581, C582

1-25-10     0619     Units Handled 6 weather releated incidents in 2 hours starting at 0619. Calls were for wires down, trees down, & Investigations

1-26-10     1044     Dispatched to 222 Pine Valley Lane to assit. Hazle Twp with an AFA. Units arrived to find a false alarm. Units O/S: E582, E9-10, Hazle Twp.





02-01-10    2113     Dispatched to 574 Hazle Street for a Burning Complaint. Units O/S: C581, C582

02-09-10    1340     Dispatched to 815 Cedar Head Road for Shed Fire. Ems Chief 980 arrived on location and reported a working fire. Also reporting a fully involved garage endangering  a residence. E582 arrived with C581 to find a storage shed and smaller building fully involved with noticeable damage to the residence. one 1.75 was placed in service and the fire was quickly ext. Quick thinking by the homeowner prevented further damage to there residence with the help of a garden hose. Units operated for approx 90 mins on scene. Units O/S: E582, L581, T585, Sugarloaf Engine 2, & Tanker 1

02-15-10     1300    Dispatched for a Medical Assit at 441 Millers Road

02-18-10     0902     Dispatched for the Engine to assit Sugarloaf Townsip Fire with an MVA on the Tomhicken Road. E582 arrived and was assigned traffic control duties and fluid containment. Sugarloaf Rescue diverted to the LZ at the Penn State Campus. Units O/S: E582, Sugarloaf EMS, Apts medic 11

02-19-10     1421     Dispatched for a Medical Assit at 441 Millers Road

02-19-10     1557    Dispatched to the area of 600 Nuremberg Mt Road for an MVA reported as a rollover. E582 arrived to find one vehicle that struck a large rock then rolled over. one minor injury on the scene. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, PSP

02-23-10     1414    Dispatched as part of the First alarm along with Districts 30, 9, Mahanoy City Rescue and Aristis Tanker to 102 Lumpy Lane in Union Township for smoke in the structure. E30-10 arrived to find a working fire in a large 2 story residence. Fire was found in the basement and first floor. L581 was unable to make the steep driveway due to it being all mud so they were staged at the bottom of the driveway with there manpower used for suppression and overhaul. Nuremberg units operated for about and hour. Units O/S: L581, T585, T587, E30-10, T30-35, E9-10, T9-30, Rescue 993, T352, Ringown EMS, Medic 64


03-02-10   1414    Dispatched for a medical Assit in East Union Twp for Lifting. Cx Enroute

03-08-10    0453    Dispatched for 1 Tanker to assit Hazle Twp Fire with a Working Commercial Structure Fire at 447 Hillside Drive. T585 responded with 2 and made multiple shuttles. T585 was in service for approx 5 hours. Units from over 2 dozen companies in 4 counties assisted.

Pic Courtesy of William Barr

03-10-10     0532     Dispatched by the county to the area of 900 Rock Glen Road for the reported House Fire. They reported one call. Luzerne Captain 177 arrived on location and reported a working fire. E582 with C581 arrived first due to find a bi-level fully involved and laid out 200' 5". With L581 arriving next and the next due engine with an extended response time they assumed the 2nd due Engine Position and pumped the supply line to E582. E582 along with the crew from L581 placed the deck gun and 2 blitz fires in service until the bulk of the fire was knocked down. Then 3 1.75" handlines were used for mop up and overhaul. Sugarloaf Engine 177-2 had the fill site. All additional units were placed in service. Units were on scene for approx 3 hours. Unit O/S: E582, L581, T585, T587, Sugarloaf Engine 2, Tanker 1, & Rescue, Valley Regional Tanker, Hazle Township Rescue and Tanker, West Hazleton Engine 2, Harwood Tanker, Sheppton-Oneida Engine 9-10 and Squad 9-70, Nuremberg EMS, Apts Medic 11. 

03-13-10     1112     Dispatched to 550 Nuremberg Mt Road for Trees and Power Lines Down. Units O/S: E582

03-13-10     1207     Dispatched 2nd call the District to 73 Buck Mt Road for Trees and Power Lines Down. Units O/S: L581

03-17-10     0949     Dispatched to standby in station with 1 Engine for a possible assit with Hazle Twp on a Haz-Mat. Units Requested: E582

3-31-10     1935    Just as the Training held by Pierce on the New 583 ended the tones dropped for the reported House Fire at 7 Wood Road in North Union Township. L581, E582, E583, T585, T587 with Chiefs 1, 2, & 3 responded with 20 personnel. Just as L581 and C2 left the station a 2nd alarm was put in for a working fire with heavy smoke and fire visible. L581 arrived to find a working fire in large residence with all occupants accounted for. Fire was showing from the 2nd floor on side C with smoke pushing from the attic. Crews had to stretch 450' of 1.75 to make the attic. A 2nd 1.75 line fed by a 200' 3" leader supplied an additional line for the 2nd floor The driveway for the residence ended approx 250' from the home and with the recent snow storm the ground was very soft making it impossible for the Ladder to get any closer. E582 backed down the driveway and laid out 500' of 5" and est a water supply. E583 arrived and was placed in front of the residence where 2 additional 1.75 lines were placed in service. Interior crews put an excellent hit on the fire limiting any additional fire spread and had it knocked down in about 25 mins with extensive mop up and overhaul needed. Sheppton E9-10 was assigned to roof operations, Ringtown Engine 30-11 had the fill site at the Weston Dam. Rescue 993 was given the assignment of overhaul on the 2nd floor. The crew from tanker 759 was assigned to overhaul in the atttic. Ladder 244 performed salvage and RIT duties. units operated for about 3 Hours. Units O/S: L581, E582, E583, T585, T587, Sheppton Engine and Tanker, Ringown Engines 30-10, 30-11, Tanker 30-35, Harwood Tanker, West Hazleton Ladder 244, Mahanoy City Rescue 993, Shenandoah Tanker 759, Beaver Township Engine 141, Nuremberg EMS x 2, & medic 64. On a side the note the home involved was 170 years old.

See Photo Gallery for Pics


04-02-10     1859     Dispatched for 1 tanker to assit Hazle Twp with a Brush/Rubbish Fire at 1223 Harwood road. Units O/S: T585, Hazle Twp, Harwood, Sheppton Tanker

04-03-10     0050     Dispatched for the Brush Truck to assit Hazle Twp fire with a Dump Fire near the Humboldt Industrial Park.Units O/S: B584, Hazle Twp and Harwood

04-05-10     0934     Dispatched to 63 Shenago Drive in Eaglr Rock for an AFA. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, Hazle Twp. Engine (cx)

04-07-10     1535     Dispatched to the Rock Glen Road in MT. Grove for  Residential Rescue. Units O/S: L581

4-08-10      1939     While severe storms were moving through the area and the county was dispatching multiple weather related incidents, the tones dropped for 491 Tower Road in Black Creek Township for a reported Structure Fire. E582 arrived to find most of the fire extinguished by the homeowner. The fire was contained to an outdoor storage buidling with no extension to the residence. Fire was completely extinguished and overhauled. Units in service for about 45 mins. Units O/S: L581, E582, E583, T587, Sugarloaf Engine 2, tanker 1 were cancelled

4-10-10     0256     Dispatched for Ladder 581 to assit Valley Regional at 1 park Circle in Conyngham for a working House Fire. Just as the truck went responding with 6, a water main break on the scene brought the request for  multiple tankers adding T585 to the card. L581 arrived and was placed in staging with the manpower being sent to the rear of the buidling. Crews were split with one crew working the attic and the 2nd assiting on the first floor with overhaul and mop up. IC then requested the truck to the scene to assit with cascade filling. Units were in service for about 2 hours. Units O/S: L581, T585, Valley regional E2, E3, R1, M26, Hazle Twp. E2, Tower 7, T6, sugarloaf E2, Tanker, Rescue, and BLS, West hazleton L244, Freeland Engine 2 and Ladder. Nescopeck Engine and Tanker. and the following sent tankers also. Harwood, Dorrance, Wright Twp, Hobbie, Rice twp and Pond Hill.
Pic Courtesy J. Steranko and NEPA Forum

04-10-10     1404     Dispatched for 1 Engine to Sugarloaf Station while units were operating on another Structure Fire in Valley Regional coverage area. Units O/S: E582

4-14-10     1634     Dispatched along with District 9, 30 and Hazle Twp Fire to 230 Phinneyville Road for a Brush Fire. 9-09 arrived on location and reported at least 3 acres of field off moving rapidly, T587 was then also requested E583 and B584 arrived and were immediately put to work on the perimeter along with E9-10. T585 set up a fill station. E583 placed the turret and ground sweeps in service while driving the fireline. Crews had the fire knocked down in about 20 mins with complete mop up done in about 45 mins. Units O/S: E583, B584, T585, T587, E9-10, U9-60, T9-30, B30-45, Hazle twp Brush and Tanker.

4-24-10     1024     Dispatched to the Dump Road in Black Creek Twp for a Brush/Rubbish Fire. Units arrived to find a small fire approx 1/2 acre in size. Units O/S: E582, T587

4-25-10     2026     Once again as severe storms were moving threw the area we were dispatched to 846 West County Road for the reported House Fire. 2nd call reported possible entrapment. Sugarloaf portable arrived on scene and confirmed a working fire with smoke showing. L581 & Chief 582 arrived confirming the same. Crews advanced one line and had a quick knock down with extensive overhaul and ventilation needed. All residents were accounted for. Turns out lightening struck the power pole in the front yard causing it to travel back into the residents. Chief 581 had command. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587, Sugarloaf Engine 2, Tanker & Rescue

4-29-10     0149     Dispatched to the area of 1177 Tomhicken Road in Black Creek Twp for an MVA with unknown injuries. Upon arrival one vehicle was found over an embankment and into a tree. Driver self extricated and uninjured. Driver was taken into custody by PSP. Units remained on scene until the vehicle was removed. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS


05-06-10     2033     Dispatched to 11 Top Street in Black Creek Twp for an investigation. Units O/S: C581, C583

05-06-10     2135     Dispatched to 11 Top Street in Black Creek Twp again for a burning complaint. Units O/S: C581, C582

05-08-10     1223     Dispatched to 211 Tuscarora Drive in Eagle Rock for Wires down and Burning. E583 arrived on location to find the same. E3 remained on scene for almost 2.5 Hours until PPL arrived and secured the Power. Units O/S: E583

5-12-10     0241     Once again as it was storming the tones woke everyone up for 14 School Street in North Union Twp for smoke in apartment building. First arriving units arrived to find a heavy smoke condition in the building. Upon investigation it was found to be the result of a fire and resulting malfunction of an oil burner. Fire was out upon arrival. Units spent approx 1 hour ventilating the buidling. Units O/S: L581, E582. Units Cx: E9-10 (sheppton), T585

05-16-10     1624      Dispatched to MT. Laural Trail in Black Creek Township for an MVA with reported Entrapment. E582 with C1 arrived to find one vehicle on it's side with the driver confined in the vehicle. Bls on scene requesting airmedical also. The vehicle was cribbed and the O-Cutters were placed in service, the roof was flapped and the driver was extricated.  E583 with C2 secured the LZ on Church Road for life Flight 5. Units were in service for about an hour. Units O/S: E582, E583(LZ), Sugarloaf Rescue, Nuremberg Bls, Medic 26

5-26-10     0805     Dispatched for manpower to assit ems with lifting at 441 Millers Road in North Union Twp. Units O/S: C1, C2, Manpower

5-26-10     1303     Dispatched to the intersection of West County Road and Red Fox Lane for an MVA with no injuries but fluids down. Units arrived to find very minimal fluids down and 2 vehicles in the intersection. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS

5-30-10     1320     Dispatched to the area of 1273 Catawissia Creek Road in North Union Twp for an MVA. Reported Motorcycle vs Car and reported to be serious. E582 arrived to find the same with the driver of the bike down in the roadway. The Engine split crews with one assiting with pt care and the other controling traffic. EMS arrived on location and then airmedical was requested. E583 was dispatched to secure an LZ. E583 responded and set up the LZ on Faux Hill Road for Life Flight 1. Units operated for about an Hour. Units O/S: E582, E583 (LZ), Nuremberg BLS, Medic 64

5-31-10     1036     Dispatched to 617 Tank Road for a tree down blocking the road. Units O/S: E582

5-31-10     1050     Dispatched 2nd call the district to the Weston Cemetery on the Weston Road for an unknown problem person down possible cardiac arrest. Units O/S: L581


6-01-10     1930     Dispatched to Bunker Hill Road for trees and wires down. Incident was unfounded at first however C2 did locate the incident on the Catawissia Creek Road. Units O/S: E582

6-06-10     1425     Dispatched to assit Valley Regional with a Working House Fire at 885 St. Johns Road. Request for both tankers. Both tankers responded with in minutes with 4 and was placed in the tanker shuttle. Both units were released then by fire command after about 25 mins. Units Responded: T585, T587. additional story and units at

6-07-10     1559     Dispatched to 2400 Scotch Valley Road for trees down blocking the Road. Units O/S: E583

6-15-10     1222     Dispatched to 139 Boulevard  Road for an AFA. Units Cx upon going in service. Units CX: L581, E582, T585

6-19-10     1238     Dispatched to 600 Tank Road for Trees Down again!. Units CX Enroute. Units CX: E582

6-19-10     1930     Direct call for investigation of fluids on the roadway at the intersection of Red Ridge Road + Cherry Lane. Units O/S: C1, C2

6-23-10     1330     Dispatched to 190 Mahanoy Street to assit ems with Lifting. Units O/S:C581 + Manpower

6-25-10     1545     Dispatched to the area of 1050 Rock Glen Road for an MVA with injury. Upon arrival units found 1 vehicle that struck a pole and rolled over. EMS was requesting a flight, E582 was released from the scene to est an LZ for Life Flight 5 at the Sugarloaf Golf Course. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, Valley Regional Medic 26


7-09-10     1521     Dispatched to 133 Gross Road for a Brush Fire. Units arrived to find a field fire involving approx. 1-2 acres. E583 knocked down must of the Fire by the time Mutual aid Companies arrived with the front gun and ground sweeps. Once again E582 has proved to be an Excellent asset to our Department. Units O/S: E583, Sugarloaf Twp Fire, Hazle Twp Fire.

7-10-10     1130     Multiple cell phone calls started coming in for a reported Structure Fire in the area of MM 251 on Interstate 80 which would put it near the village of Tank. Callers reported a camper or cabin on Fire. While units were responding a column could be seen much father out. Units investigated the area and found a control burn on Red Rock Road. All units were placed in service. Units O/S: E582, T585, Sugarloaf Engine 2, Tanker 1

7-11-10     1341     Dispatched to the area of 505 Cedar Head Road for a Brush Fire. E583 arrived to find a field fire at the same location as the fire on 7/09. E583 knocked down all visible fire and Brush 584 soaked the area with an additional 800 gallons of water. Units O/S: E583, B584, T587

7-20-10     2141     Dispatched to 100 Hemlock Drive in East Union Twp. for a Brush Fire. All units were cx enroute by 9-09 stating no brush fire found. Units Cx: E583, B584, Ringtown Valley Brush 30-45

7-22-10     1919     Direct call for a Tree Down in the area of 550 Mountain Road. Units O/S: C582

7-24-10     1618     Dispatched to 202 Mahanoy Street for an MVA with fluids down. E582 arrived to find a vehicle that struck a parked car. Both vehicles required towing from the scene. Units O/S: E582

7-24-10     1828     Dispatched to the area of the Rock Glen Road and Scotch Valley Road for a Fuel Spill.  Upon arrival crews found a pickup truck that lost it's fuel tank.  Leak was contained and tank was removed from under the vehicle. Units O/S: E583

7-25-10     1421     Dispatched to 550 Mountain Road for Trees Down. E583 arrived to find 4 trees down blocking the roadway. Crews operated for about an hour cutting and clearing the trees. Units O/S: E583, E582

7-25-10     1433     Dispatched to the area of 650 Mountain Road for Trees Down, 2nd call our district. E582 handled the incident then aided E583 with there incident.

7-26-10     1953     Both tankers were requested to respond as part of a tanker task into Hazle Twp for a Large Tire Fire to the rear of Hazle Auto Parts. Both tankers responded within 2 mins with a staffing of 4. Once on scene they entered the tanker shuttle and operated for approx 3 1/2 hours. T585 made 5 shuttles and Tanker 587 made 6. Approx 15 other tankers also operated on the scene in addition to multiple Engine Companies. Hazle Twp. C101 had the command. Units O/S: T585, T587. Additional Departments on scene or assisted with fill sites were Hazle Twp, West Hazleton, Mcadoo, Harwood, Sugarloaf, Valley Regional, Sheppton-Oneida, Foster Twp, Hometown, Quakake, Ryan Twp, Mahanoy City, Walker Twp, West Penn Twp, Hazleton City, Tresckow

 Pic. Courtesy of Frank Barr

click for additional pics

7-27-10     1222     Dispatched to 1520 Tomhicken Road for Wires Down. Units O/S: E583

7-28-10     0445     Dispatched as part of the First Alarm to 144 PineValley Lane in the Hazle Twp section of Eagle Rock for a reported House Fire.  Upon arrival E9-10 reported nothing showing investigating. E582 was assigned to standby at the plug in front of the town homes to lay in if needed. L581 was assigned to the front of the building along with Tower 105. Upon investigating crews found a strong odor of electrical burning in the gargae. After an extensive search  it was found to be coming from a garage door opener as a result of an electrical problem in the residence. Power was secured and PPL advised. Units operated for approx 1 hour on the scene. Hazle Twp. C101 had command. Units O/S: L581, E582, E583, T585, T587, Sheppton E9-10, Hazle Twp. E102, E103, T106, Tower 105, Harwood Tanker 192, Nuremberg EMS, Apts Medic 11.   

7-29-10     0251     Dispatched to est. an LZ for Medevac at the Eagle Rock Pool. EMS was flying out a Medical Patient. E583 responded and secured the LZ for Medevac 7. Units O/S: E583


08-02-10     1649     Dispatched to Trout Lane for an MVA with No Injuries but fluids down. E582 arrived to find one vehicle rolled over with no injuries and fluids down. Fluids Contained + Traffic control provided. Units O/S: E582

8-04-10      2045     Units were dispatched to 45 Millers Road at the Red Ridge Campground for a reported possible Hot Air Ballon Crash. Caller stated he seen it go down in the words and can hear people screaming. E583 with C581 arrived on location and was met by the caller who then stated it was kids experimenting with a chinese air ballon that there's no problem. All units were then placed in service. Only in Northern Schuylkill County does this happen!!..Units O/S: L581, E582, E583, Nuremberg ems with a standby

08-05-10     1320     Dispatched to Ringtown Road just above the Fish & Game for Trees Down on Wires. Units O/S: E583

08-07-10     1820     Dispatched to 611 Tank Road on the reported Brush Fire. Units arrived to find a smoking Bar B Que grill and party in progress. Units O/S: E583, B584

08-08-10     1439     Dispatched along with District 9 and Hazle Twp Fire to 11 Adobe Way in Eagle Rock for a Brush Fire. E9-10 arrived to find the fire out already by the homeowner. All Units CX. Units O/S: E9-10, E583, E103, B584, T587

08-11-10     1732     Dispatched to Tank Road for a Tree Down. Units O/S: E583

08-16-10     2021     Dispatched to 272 Ferndale Road for a Public assit. Request for assistance was made in trying to retrive an exotic bird out of a tree. The bird was a pet that had escaped from her residents. Upon arrival the bird was found approx 75 feet up in a tree. A rescue was attempted however the bird wanted no parts of it and hasn't been seen since. Units O/S: L581

08-22-10     1749     Dispatched to 18 Golf Course Road for a Landing Zone Assignment as the result of a Golf Cart Accident. E583 arrived on location and was cancelled by EMS stating they are taking the patient by Ground to Geisinger. Units O/S: E583, Nuremberg EMS, Medic 26

08-26-10     0803     Dispatched to the Eagle Rock Pool for a Landing Zone Assignment. E583 arrived and secured the LZ for Medevac 7. They then aborted due to weather, EMS transporting by ground. Units O/S: E583



09-05-10     0113     Dispatched to the rear entrance of Eagle rock on Mountain Road for a Rollover with Ejection. Upon arrival E582 found one vehicle which had struck 2 brick walls with severe damage. EMS on scene requesting a stat flight. E583 responded and secured the LZ at the Eagle Rock Pool for Life Flight 5. Units O/S: E583, E583 (LZ), Nuremberg EMS, Shenandoah ALS

9-05-10     0250     After just returning from the MVA the Department was dispatched to Lantern Lane in Conyngham for the reported Commercial Structure Fire with Confirmed Entrapment. L581, T585 & T587 responded as part of the 2nd alarm with 9. While enroute a mayday was transmitted for a lost firefighter on the #2 floor which brought about an immediate RIT activation on scene. The missing Firefighter was found by Hazle Twp Captain 104. Just as the firefighter was removed a backdraft explosion occured on scene which brought about an immediate evacuation of the building followed by defensive operations, Multiple flashovers also occured on scene. L581 arrived on location as the 2nd due Truck Company and was placed on side B. Extreme smoke conditions with fire threw the roof was found upon arrival. While a 3rd water supply was being set up a flashover occured on the B side. The blitz fire was placed in service with tank water along with tanker water from Foster Twp. E48. L581 was assigned multiple duties. Once a water supply was est the water way was placed in service along with Hazle Twp. Tower 107 which was on side A. and Freeland Ladder 57 which was near the A + B Corner. Once all heavy fire was knocked down. A line was advanced from L581 threw a window on Side B to start working all remainding fire and to start what would be extensive overhauling. Crews did encounter heavy fire at times. Firefighter Kyle Mummey and Firefighterr Douglas Demshock located 2 cats that were hiding in one of the apartments and removed them from the building. Operations then went back defensive with the 3 Aerials. L581 was then hooked up to Hydrant water and operated until almost 9am. All residents were accounted for with rescue's being made by bystanders and Tower 107. Some of the Departments that assisted: Valley Regional, Sugarloaf Twp, Foster Twp, Freeland, Hazle Twp., West Hazleton, Harwood, Nescopeck Twp, Mahanoy City, Mountain Top. another 8 supplied tankers and multiple als and bls were on the scene.

9-08-10     0507     Dispatched to 95 Top Street to assit ems with Lifting. Units O/S: C581 & Manpower

9-08-10     1808     Dispatched to 413 Weston Road for an AFA. Units were cx shortly after going enroute. Units O/S: E582, L581

9-10-10     1011     Dispatched to the area of 1500 Catawissia Creek Road for Trees and Wires Down. Units O/S: E582

9-17-10     1059     Dispatched to assit EMS with a Medical at 592 Hazle Street. Units O/S: C581 & Manpower

9-22-10     1229     Dispatched to 555 Lake Valley Drive in Eagle Rock for the Working Dumpster Fire. Units O/S: E582, T585

9-22-10     2049     Dispatched for Trees and Wires Down at 444 Cedar Head Road. Units O/S: E583

9-30-10     1436     The department handled 5 calls for Trees or wires down through out the afternoon into the early evening. Units Used: E582, E583



10-05-10     0623     Dispatched to shut down the Tomhicken Road for an incident in Sugarloaf Township. Units O/S: E582

10-06-10     0835     Dispatched to 55 Derringer Street in the village of Weston for a reported Garage Fire. District 9 and Hazle Twp fire were also dispatched as part of the first alarm. C581 signed on with a large column visible. A 2nd alarm was then struck. E582 arrived less then 5 mins from dispatch to find a Fully involved garage fire with vehicles inside. The Blitz fire and (2) 1.75 were placed in service. Ladder 581 arrived and staged behind E582 assiting with extinguishment and overhaul. The 2nd alarm companies that weren't on scene yet were cancelled enroute and those on scene were placed available within 15 mins. A delay in notification by the home owner trying to extinguish the fire on her own led to the garage being fully involved upon arrival. The PSP fire marshal ruled the fire electrical in nature. Units O/S: L581, E582, E583, T585, T587 (with 13), E9-10 (fill site), Hazle twp. Tanker, Rescue, Engine 2, Sugarloaf Engine 2, Ringtown Valley E30-11, Harwood Tanker, West Hazleton Ladder (cx), Shenandoah Medic 6403, Nuremberg BLS.

10-08-10     0618     Dispatched to the Nuremberg Mountain for an MVA with unknown injuries. E582 arrived to find a van into the woods and no one around the vehicle. Units O/S: E582

10-08-10     1435     Dispatched at first to the area of 1600 Rock Glen Road for a Smoke Investigation then upgraded to an Unknown Type Fire. While enroute crews were advised that it may be smoke from an incident going on in Columbia County. E582 arrived first due in Beaver Twp.  Columbia County to find a Working Fire in a Cement Truck on Beaver Valley Road near Mountain Road. One 1.75 was placed in service and the fire was quickly knocked and then Extinguished. Units Operated for about an hour. Units O/S: E582, E583, T585, & Main Twp Engine

10-09-10     2356     Dispatched to 1218 Rock Glen Road for a MVA with injuries. E582 arrived to find one vehicle with severe damage rolled over. A pole, wires and transformer were also down. Driver self extricated and refused treatment. Units O/S: E582, E583

10-11-10     Dispatched to the Nuremberg Park to est. a Landing zone for Medevac 7. EMS flying out a trauma patient. E582 with Chief 1 plus 3 arrived and secured the LZ. Prior to Medevac landing a 2nd call our district was tapped out for 714 Ringtown Road for the MVA with unknown injuries and wires down. E583 with Chief 2 responded with 4 to find the same. Driver self extricated with minor injuries. Units operated at the MVA for about 90 mins. LZ approx 45 mins. Units O/S: LZ E582. MVA: E583

10-16-10     0340     Dispatched to 65 Green Mountain Road in the Industrail Park to est. an LZ. Requested to assit district 9. The Engine was cancelled enroute. LZ handled by Hazle Township Engine 102. Units CX: E582

10-16-10     1820     Dispatched to the area of 700 Rock Glen Road for a MVA with Entrapment. E582 arrived to find one vehicle into a tree with no entrapment. EMS requesting a flight so E583 was diverted to the LZ. EMS then decided to transport by ground. E583 was cancelled. Units O/S: E582, E583 (LZ)

10-20-10     0932     Dispatched to 1364 Rock Glen Road in Black Creek Twp. for a reported Chimney fire. Caller stating house is full of smoke. 2nd alarm was requested at this time. E582 with Chief 1 arrived to find a fire in the wall and ceiling behind the wood burner. L581 arrived with Chief 2 and was instructed to back in the driveway and Ladder the Roof. Fire was quickly knocked down and overhaul performed. All 2nd alarm units were Cancelled at this time. Fire was contained to the wall and ceiling. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587, Sugarloaf Engine 2 and Tanker 1, & Nuremberg EMS

10-22-10     2006     Dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm into Sugarloaf Twp for a Working House Fire. Request for the Engine, Ladder and one Tanker. All requested apparatus went responding within 4 mins of dispatch with 11. While enroute all units were cancelled by Sugarloaf Command stating fire was knocked down with negative extension. Units CX: L581, E582, T585, & Multiple Luzerne Units

10-24-10     1442     Dispatched to 124 Green House Lane In Beaver Twp for a Structure Fire. Reported as a Shed Fire endangering another building. A Full Department Response was requested. E582 arrived to find most of the Fire Knocked. Crews assisted with extinguishment and overahul. Units Operated for about an hour. One building was destroyed with minimal damage to a second. Units O/S: E582, E583, L581, T585, T587, Nuremberg EMS, Beaver Twp Engine + Tanker, Main Twp. Engine + Tanker.



11-06-10     2333     E583 was special requested into Columbia County Beaver Twp for a Cabin Fire reported to be off road. Incident was located on Long Hollow Road. Main Twp Chief arrived and found the cabin already on the ground. E583 was held in staging until released by Fire Command. Units were able to handle with Brush Trucks from Beaver Twp and Main Twp. Units O/S: E583 (with 5), Main Twp. Engine and Brush, Beaver Twp. Engine and Brush

11-14-10     1022     Dispatched to 1031 Valley of the Lakes for an AFA as part of the First Alarm assignment into Hazle Twp. Units were cx prior to responding. Units: E582, Hazle Twp. and Sheppton

11-16-10     1935     Dispatched to 1866 Tomhicken Road for a Pole Fire. Upon arrival crews found an active fire with the pole. Traffic control provided until the arrival of PPL. Fire was ext by the power company. All units were released after repairs were made and wires rehung. Units O/S: E582

11-17-10     0226     Dispatched to 6 Bentwood Road for a Working Structure Fire. T585 and T587 responded within 5 mins with 4. While enroute units reported only a shed fire, All mutual aid tankers were then cx. Units: T585, T587

11-27-10     1650     Dispatched to 1177 Tomhicken Road for a Brush Fire. Incident was unfounded. Units: E583

11-27-10     1815     Dispatched to 501B Country Club Drive for an AFA. Assiting Hazle Twp. Units Arrived to find a Faulty Detector. All units were placed in service. Units O/S: E582, Sheppton E9-10, Hazle Twp Fire


12-01-10     1424     114 Raricks Road for the flooded Basement. Units O/S: C583 + Manpower

12-01-10     1936     Dispatched to the area of 1000 Tomhicken Road for the MVA with unknown injuries. Crews arrived to find the roadway flooded and one vehicle into a tree. Pt in care of bls, Crews found the storm drain and opened it up after clearing it of debris. The lake disappeared and all units went available. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS 

12-03-10     2328     Dispatched to 178 Mahanoy Street for the MVA with unknown Injuries. Crews found 1 vehicle into two parked vehicles. Driver Transported by PSP. Units O/S: E582

12-05-10     0326     Dispatched for 1 Tanker to assit Valley Regional with a possible House Fire in the Brookhill Development. While enroute all untis were cx. T587 stoodby in quarters along with a crew for L581. Units: T585 (cx), T587, L581 (standby)

12-06-10     1320     A first alarm response was dispatched to the area of 1236 Mountain Road in Black Creek Twp for a reported House Fire. C581 signed on the air and the county advised that a neighbor sees flames coming from the upstairs windows of a home and the homeowner appears to be trying to put it out. A 2nd alarm was requested at this time. E582 with C1 arrived on location to find a 2 1/2 story home with heavy fire throughout the 2nd floor and breaking threw the roof. C1 established Mountain Road Command. E582 led off with a 2.5 preconnect and blitz fire fed by a 3". The deck gun was also placed in service once a water supply was established with a porta pond at E582. L581 arrived and was backed down the driveway to prepare for Aerial operations. E582 also supplied L581 with a supply Line which then placed the waterway in service. Once all heavy fire was knocked down crews were sent in for mop up with (3) 1.75" handlines. Firefighters were able to find 1 of 3 missing dogs still alive. Sheppton Engine 9-10 had the fill site. All mutual aid apparatus was staged and there manpower assited with overhaul and final extinguishment. Units operated for about 3 1/2 hours. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587 (with 13), Sugarloaf Engine 2, Tanker & Rescue, Hazle Twp. Tanker, Rescue, Tower, West Hazleton Engine, Ladder (RIT), Harwood Tanker, Valley Regional Tanker, Sheppton Engine & Tanker, Nuremberg EMS x2, Shenadoah ALS, Medic 26

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12-11-10     0252     Dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm Tanker Task Force to 145 Buck Ridge Lane in Beech Mountain for the House Fire. After about 10 mins of being enroute all 2nd alarm tankers were cancelled being the hydrant system came online. Units: T585, T587

12-15-10     2306     Dispatched to the area of 461 Mountain Road for an MVA with unknown injuries. C582 signed on and county advised they got a call from a neighbor who stated he heard a loud bang outside and was going to investigate further. 2nd call from the bystander stated 1 vehicle over an embankment with Fire. E582 arrived to find 1 vehicle well involved with a large tree on top of the vehicle that had the roof down to the seat. one 1.75 was placed in service and knocked down the fire quickly. Primary search of the vehicle was negative. Driver had fled the scene prior to the department's arrival. The chainsaw then had to be placed in service to move the trees from the car. Units operated for almost 2 hours on the scene. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg BLS, PSP.

12-18-10     1718     Dispatched to 370 Hazle Street for the MVA with unknown injuries. Upon arrival crews found a vehicle that drove off the Bypass across a frozen pool and then rolled over in the yard of FF Motil. Driver self extricated with a head injury upon arrival. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS

12-22-10     1552     441 Millers Road for the Medical assit for Lifting. Units O/S: C581 + Manpower

12-24-10     0201     1200 Tomhicken road for an MVA car vs tree. No one found around the vehicle which had severe Damage. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS

12-29-10     1157     Dispatched to the area of the Pole Line on Larock's Road near Larock's Cabin for an ATV accident with injury. Crews arrived to find the patient already extricated from the area by bystanders. Crews asssited ems with packaging and when it was decieded that no air medical would be needed all untis went available. Units O/S: E582, E583, APTS Medic 11

12-29-10     2122     Dispatched to the area of the Nuremberg Mountain Road and the Nuremberg Bypass for an MVA with unknown injuries. Upon arrival E582 found a large SUV rolled over and down an embankment with 3 people still in the vehicle. Crews stablized the vehicle and then placed the spreaders in service to gain access. The O-Cutters were then needed to remove part of the steering wheel to free the driver. All 3 patients were extricated within 15 mins. Units O/S: E582, E583, Nuremberg ems x 2, Valley Regional Medic 26.

12-31-10     1706     Dispatched to the area of 730 West County Road for an Unknown Type Fire. Crews arrived to find a large control Burn. Units O/S: E582, T585. Additional apparatus stoodby in quarters