Nuremberg-Weston Volunteer Fire Co.

January 09

1-03-09     0808     Dispatched to the Lodge in Eagle Rock for the AFA, assiting Hazle Twp. ALl units were CX enroute. Units O/S: E582, 9-10, Hazle Twp.

1-09-09     2056     Dispatched to the area of 572 Mountain Road for an MVA with reported Entrapment. C582 arrived on scene to find one vehicle into the woods with severe damage. The driver was found the be entrapped and unresponsive with snorring respirations. Airmedical was requested. E582 arrived on location, cribbed the vehicle and placed the spreaders in service to pop the driver's side door. The driver was rapidly extricated and placed in care of Medic 6401. L581 secured the LZ for Medevac 7. Units were inservice for about 45 Mins. Units O/S: E582, L581, Medic 6401, West Hazleton Rescue 245

1-10-09     2203     Dispatched to the area of Cedar Head Road and Hollow Road for a HOUSE FIRE. County first advised that the incident was in Black Creek Twp. Incident was then found to be in Sugarloaf Twp. First arriving Units found a Fully involved large farm house which was already on the ground. Due to the long and icy covered driveway the only vehicles able to access it were Brush Trucks. The was ext. using 2 brush trucks. Units were inservice for about 3 Hours. Units O/S: E582, T585, B584, Sugarloaf E2, T1, R1, EMS x 2, Valley Regional E2, T1, B1, Nescopeck Twp Brush. all other 2nd alarm units were Cancelled Enroute.

1-18-09     2357     Dispatched to the Admin. Building in Eagle Rock for the AFA assiting Hazle Twp.. Units O/S: L581, E9-10, Hazle Twp. E102, Harwood E192.

1-19-09     1510     Dispatched to 204 Mahanoy Street in the Berg for the CO activation. Upon arrival units found high CO Levels as the result of a coal stove malfunction. Heat source was shut down and residents Ventilated. Units O/S: L581

1-23-09     1010     Dispatched to the area of 1378 Tomhicken Road for the reported HOUSE FIRE. Caller stated heavy smoke coming for a chimney with smoke alarms going off in the residence. L581 arrived to find the same, smoke also noted to be coming from the eves. Entry was gained to find a heavy smoke condition on all floors of the residence. An overloaded and faulty wood burner was located in the basement. The wood burner was shut down, emptied and the residence was ventilated. No extension found using the TIC however an elevated heat level was found in the wall on the first floor where a 2nd burner was being installed. Had the neighbor not called 911 when he a did, a fire would have started in the first floor wall and this would have been a totally different outcome. Units were in service for about an hour. Units O/S: L581, T585, T587. Sugarloaf E2 & T1 were Cancelled.

1-25-09     1830     Dispatched as part of the first alarm to 25 W Market Street in Sheppton for the reported HOUSE FIRE. Also dispatched was District 9 Sta. 1 & 2, District 30, and Hazle Twp Fire. C9-08 arrived on scene and confirmed a Working fire and est. Market Street Command. E9-10 arrived first and advanced a line threw the D side and knocked down the bulk of the Fire. Squirt 9-20 est. water supply in front of the building. L581 arrived next and nosed in to E9-10. The crew was split with one crew advancing a 2nd line threw the front of the residence and a 2nd crew going to the roof. Squirt 745 arrived and vented the front of the roof. After all fire was ext. extensive overhaul was performed. L581 also established a fill site for air cylinders. E9-10 also removed a dog from the residence that was found during the primary search however  the dog perished after attempts were made to save him. Nuremberg Units were inservice for about 2 hours. Units O/S: L581, T585, T587, E9-10, Squirt 9-20, T9-30, E9-14 (fill site), T9-34, E30-10, T30-35, T106, R101, Squirt 745. Nuremberg EMS, Shenandoah EMS

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1-28-09     2121     Dispatched to 269 Millers Road to assit ems with extrication from a residence. Due to the ice covered driveway no one was able to make it up the driveway. Request was for manpower and the stokes basket.

February 09

2-04-09     0307     Dispatched to 1328 Rock Glen Road for the HOUSE FIRE. Fire was reported to be in the chimney with possible extension. L581 & E582 arrived to find nothing showing. The howeowner had ext. the fire prior to our arrival. No extension was found with the fire being contained to the back of the wood burner. Units operated for about 30 minutes. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587, Sugarloaf E2, T1  

2-12-09     1425     Standby in Station for a Possible response with Valley Regional for a Structure Fire. Units Requested: L581

2-15-09     0848     Dispatched to Sugarloaf Drive in Eagle Rock at the Town Homes for an AFA. Units O/S: L581

2-26-09     0322     Dispatched to the Humboldt Industrial Park for an LZ assit to District 9. Cx Enroute. Units: E582

2-28-09     0455     Dispatched to 44 Red Fox Lane for a Structure Fire. First caller stated a shed fire with a 2nd caller stating a Garage Fire. E582 arrived on location to find a fully involved Shed Fire with severe exposure problems to a Garage that already lost its siding. one 1.75 was placed in service to protect the garage and ext. the shed. L581 arrived and checked the garage for extension and overhauled the shed. All other units were held in staging. Inservice time was about 90 mins. Units O/S: E582, L581, T585, Sugarloaf E2, T1

2-28-09     1459     Dispatched to 99 Labenberg Road for the House Fire, also dispatched was District 30 for the Engine & Tanker. L581 arrived right behind T30-35 with light smoke showing from the residence. Upon investigating the truck crew found a small amount of fire in the ceiling. Fire was knocked down with a can, area was overhauled and the thermal imaging camera used to check for extension. Units were inservice for about 45 mins.. Units O/S: L581, T585, T587, E30-10, T30-35, Nuremberg EMS

March 09

3-08-09     0411     Dispatched for an MVA in the area of Wood Street + Mountain Road. Units were cancelled by EMS Chief 980

3-10-09     1053     Dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm to 19 Pecora Road in Sugarloaf Township for the House Fire. Engine and 1 tanker requested. Sugarloaf command arrived on location and added L581 to the box also. First arriving units arrived and found a working on the 2nd floor. An aggressive interior attack took place holding the fire to the room of origin with minor extension into the attic. Nuremberg Units were held in staging until released about 1 hour later. Units O/S: L581, T585, Sugarloaf E2, E3, T1, R1, Valley Regional E2, T1, Hazle Twp. T106, TW105, Nescopeck Twp. Engine and Tanker, Sugarloaf EMS.

3-10-09     1207     Dispatched for an ems assit to 51 Top Street. Units O/S: L581, T585

3-11-09     1716     Dispatched to 773 Main Street in Nuremberg for the Brush Fire. E582 arrived to find a field fire moving rapidly due to the wind. Fire was quickly Ext. before it damaged any nearby structures. Approx 1/2 acre was involved. Units O/S: E582, B584

3-15-09     1214     Dispatched to 889 Catawissia Creek Road for the Large Field Fire. Units arrived to find the same fire was ext. with all units released in about an hour. Units O/S: E582, B584, B586, T585, Ringtown Valley Brush 30-45, Sheppton Brush 9-40

3-16-09     1405     Dispatched to 232 Hanna Street for a Brush Fire. Units O/S: E582, B584, Sugarloaf E1, T1

3-17-09     1502     Dispacthed to the area of Risenweaver Lane and Weston Road for a Brush fire. E582 arrived on location to find the fire out already by the homeowner. Units O/S: E582, B584

3-25-09     2348     Dispatched along with District 9 & 30 for a brush fire at the intersection of Girard Manor Rd+Phinneyville Road. Our units were CX enroute. Units O/S: E9-10, B9-40, B30-45, B584, B586

3-26-09     0150     Dispatched to est. a landing zone at the Nuremberg Park for Life Flight 5 at the request of C582. Units O/S: E582

3-27-09     1616     Dispatched to 572 Cedarhead Road for a Brush Fire. Units O/S: E582, B584

3-28-09     1235     Dispatched to 1318 Park Street in Rock Glen for a House Fire. Units arrived on location to find a stove fire that was already ext. and removed by the Home Owner. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587. Sugarloaf Engine and Tanker were cx enroute.

April 09

4-13-09     1256     Dispatched to 1157 Tomhicken Road for an MVA. E582 arrrived to find no injuries in a 1 car mva, car vs guardrails. Units O/S: E582

4-20-09     1403     Dispatched to 569 Tank Road for a Tree Down. Units O/S: E582

4-21-09     1329     Dispatched to 1419 Rock Glen Road for a Field Fire. Units arrived to find approx 3 acres involved. Units O/S: E582, B584

4-23-09     0235     Dispatched to assit District 9 by est. a Landing Zone for multiple Aircraft at 65 Green Mountain Road. District 9 was operating on a MVA with multiple injuries and double entrapment. Units O/S: E582

4-24-09     1302     Dispatched to the Towers Bar at 1446 Tomhicken Road for a Brush Fire. Units O/S: E582, B584

4-26-09     1357     Dispatched at the request of Columbia County to Assit. Sta 140 with a large Brush Fire. Units were cx enroute. Units CX: B584, B586, T585

4-27-09     1355     Dispatched to Humboldt North to Assit Hazle Twp with a Large Brush Fire. Just has B584 arrived on location they were released to respond to the House Fire. Over 2 dozen departments operated on the Hazle Twp Incident along with forestry.

4-27-09     1433    Dispatched 2nd call the District to 586 Larocks Road for the Reported House Fire with Entrapment. B584 was operating on a multiple alarm brush fire in Hazle Twp at the Time. Sugarloaf Engine 2 arrived on scene and stated fire was out with a smoke condition in the residence. Turns out the home owner was doing rentivations to his residence and cut threw a propane line that then ignited. One of our members who lived nearby arrived first and shut off the gas preventing further damage. Fire was limited to a basement wall. Engine 582 arrived a few minutes behind Sugarloaf and assisted with overhaul and ventilation. L581 was held in staging. T585 and T587 were cancelled enroute along with the 2nd alarm units. B584 was released from the brush and crewed both tankers. Units O/S: E582, L581, Sugarloaf E2, Tanker 1. Units Cx. E242, L244, E9-10, T9-30, T585, T587, Nuremberg EMS

4-27-09     1918     Dispatched to Line Street in Weston, at the rear of the basketball court for a Brush Fire. Units O/S: E582, B584, B586, T585

4-29-09     0121     Dispatched to 1556 Tomhicken Road for the Odor Investigation. Units O/S: L581

4-30-09     1315     Dispatched to 1530 Tomhicken Road for a Brush Fire. Units O/S: E582, B584, T585


May 09

5-03-09     0308     Dispatched to 700 Cove Lane for a wilderness Rescue. Ems requested District 9 along with us for multiple patients that needed extrication (ems was unaware of what township they were in). PSP had raided an under age booze party and found multiple patients unresponsive in the woods that needed ems. 3 patients were removed via a four wheel drive pov. Units O/S: Pov's with stokes baskets, E9-10, B9-40, Nuremberg Ems, Medic 64 and Medic 26

5-03-09     0529     Redispatched to 700 Cove Lane at the request of psp for a search. Units O/S: Manpower

5-14-09     0126     Dispatched to 26 Turnberry Lane in Eagle Rock for a Mulch Fire. Incident was actually found in Hazle Twp in the Valley View Section by B586 after E582 couldn't find anything. Turned out the homeowner had mulch delivered earlier in the day and it was placed on top of his ground lights, Fire was quickly ext with one line from the brush truck. units O/S: E582, B586 

5-20-09     2150     Dispatched to 413 Weston Road for an AFA. units O/S: L581, T585, T587

5-23-09     2121     Dispatched to 581 Hazle Street in Weston for the burning Complaint. Units O/S: C581, C582


June 09

6-02-09     0424     Standby in station for a possible response into Sugarloaf Township for a Haz-Mat. Units On Standby:E582, T585

6-16-09     2045     Dispatched to 636 Market Street for the Vehicle Fire. Units O/S: E582, T585

July 09

7-09-09     1035     Dispatched to 99 Top Street in Weston for a Medical Assit. Units O/S: C581,C582, Personnel

7-14-09     1804     Dispatched along with district 9 to 417 Spring Mt Drive for the reported HOUSE FIRE. E9-10 arrived first and reported a room off on the 2nd floor. They deployed one 1.75 and had a quick knock down just as L581 was arriving. Residence was ventilated and overhauled with no extension found. Units operated on scene for about 90 mins. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, T587, E9-10, T9-30, Nuremberg EMS. C581 had command

7-16-09     1836     Dispatched to 1104 Walden Drive for an AFA. Units O/S: L581, E9-10

7-20-09     1011     Dispatched to 643 Market Street in Weston for a Medical Assit. Units O/S: C581, Personnel

7-22-09     2011     Dispatched to the Eagle Rock Fields to est. and LZ for incoming Medical. Medevac aborted due to weather, pt went by ground to GWV. Units O/S: L581

7-23-09     0117     Dispatched to the area of 1100 Tomhicken Road for an MVA with Fire. While enroute the county advised the vehicle is now at 1478 Tomhicken Road. L581 arrived first to find no fire + no fluids down. PSP already on the scene and all units were placed available. Units O/S: L581, E582

7-25-09     0141     Dispatched to the area of Red Fox Lane and Rock Glen Road for an MVA with injuries. Upon arrival E582 found 1 vehicle into a pole with severe damage, Driver self Extricated. L581 arrived on location and was then released to est an LZ for Life Flight at the Golf Course. LZ secured however life flight developed a mechincal problem and had to abort. Medevac declined due to weather so ems took the pt by ground to GMC. Units O/S: L581, E582, Nurember EMS

7-26-09     1758     Dispatched to 776 Weston Road for the possible HOUSE FIRE. C581 arrived to find a light smoke condition in the residence as a result of an electrical malfuction with the dishwasher. Power source already secured, Area checked with the TIC. No extension found. All units Placed available after about 20 mins. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585. District 9 and Hazle Twp were CX.

7-29-09     2141     Dispatched to RT 339 for trees and wires down. Area secured until PPL'S arival. Units O/S: E582

7-31-09     2217     Dispatched to 800 Weston Road for a Tree Down. Units O/S: E582

August 09

8-01-09     0525     Dispatched to 1566 Tomhicken Road for Trees on Wires. Units O/S: E582

8-09-09     2328     Dispatched to 569 Tank Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E582

8-13-09     2102     Dispatched to 108 Hilltop Road for a Flooded Basement. Units O/S: C582

8-15-09     1807     Dispatched along with District 9, 30, Hazle Township Fire and West Hazleton Rit to the area of 100 4th Street in Oneida for the reported House Fire. E9-10 arrived and reported a working fire in a one story ranch type residence. Fire was found in the kitchen and quickly knocked down. Extension was found in the ceiling + crawl space above the kitchen and was also ext. Extensive overhauled was performed. E582 had arrived as the first out town company and was placed in staging with manpower assiting with overhaul. Chief 9-08 had command. Units O/S: E9-10, Squirt 9-20, T9-30, E582, T585, T587, Hazle Twp TW 107, T106, West Hazleton RIT, E30-10, T30-35, E9-10, T9-34, Nuremberg EMS.

8-17-09     2016     Dispatched to 574 Hazle Street for the Smoke Investigation. Units found an unattended control burn which was ext. with the booster. Units O/S: E582

8-30-09     1231     Dispatched to the area of 700 Rock Glen Road for an MVA with injuries. County advised one cell phone call on it. After coming into the 900'S PSP was passed so as fate would have it the accident wasn't in the area of the 700's. 2nd call now reported it to be in the 1500 block of the Rock Glen Road. E582 arrived to find a 2 car mva car vs truck. Assisted in extrication of the driver and traffic control. Units in service for about 75 mins. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, PSP, Medic 26

September 09

9-02-09     2024     Dispatched to 947 Green Mountain Road for the MVA with no injuries but fluids down. Arrived to find 1 Vehicle on it's side, driver and passanger were self extricated. Fluids contained and traffic control was provided. Units O/S: E582

9-06-09     2300     Dispatched to Rt 339 and Labenberg Road for traffic control at the request of District 9 Station 1. Units CX by C582

9-08-09     0914     Dispatched to the Sheppton cemetery on Pine Street to Est. an LZ for district 9 who was operating on a motorcycle accident. Units O/S: E582, E9-10

9-12-09     1017     Dispatched to 801 Main Street for the Medical Assit. Units O/S: C581, Personnel

9-15-09     2022     Dispatched to 558 Hazle Street for the Burning Complaint. Units O/S: C581, C582

9-23-09     0642     Dispatched to RT 339 + Faux Hill Road for a Tree Down. Units O/S: E582

9-25-09     0951     Dispatched to 548 Hazle Street for the Medical Assist. Units O/S: C581, Personnel

9-25-09     1847     Dispatched to 190 Mahanoy Street for the Medical Assit. Units O/S: C581, Personnel

October 09

10-02-09     0953     Dispatched to 190 Mahanoy Street for the Medical Assit. Units O/S: C581, Manpower

10-09-09     1808     Dispatched to 1245 Tomhicken Road for the MVA with Injuries. E582 arrived to find one vehicle into a tree and the driver self extricated with minor injuries. Units O/S: E582, PSP, Nuremberg BLS

10-10-09     2056     Dispatched to 212 Mahanoy Street for the Alarm Investigation. Units O/S: C582

10-16-09     0935     Dispatched to the Weston Road for a Tree Down. Units O/S: E582

10-24-09     0651     Dispatched once again for a medical assit at 127 Center Street. Units O/S: C581, C582, Manpower

10-27-09     1717     Dispatched to 100 Green Mountain Road in Hazle Township for the AFA. Units were cancelled shortly after going in service. Units O/S: L581, District 9, Hazle Twp Fire.

November 09

11-03-09     0316     Dispatched to 433 Mountain Road for Traffic Control as a result of a disabled Tractor Trailer. Units O/S: C581, Fire Police

11-10-09     1750     Dispatched to 11 Valley Drive in Eagle Rock for a Brush Fire. Cancelled Enroute by Sheppton Fire Command. Units O/S: B584, District 9, District 30

11-11-09     0604     Dispatched to the area of 140 Faux Hill Road for a Fall Victim out of a tree Stand. EMS on scene requesting manpower and stokes for the extrication and a Landing Zone for Life Flight 5. E582 arrived and split crews with 3 handling the LZ and 4 performing the extrication. Pt fell approx 20-25' and was suffering from multiple injuries. Pt was loaded into the stokes and carried out to a pov. Pt was then brought out to the LZ and care was turned over to the flight crew. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, Shenandoah ALS.

11-23-09     0259     Dispatched to the area of 1800 Tomhicken Road for the MVA. E582 arrived to find a one vehicle mva, no entrapment but fluids down and a  Utility Pole sheared off. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS

11-26-09     0721     Dispatched to 622 Red Ridge Road for an EMS Assit for a male fall victim down a flight of stairs. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, Shenandoah ALS

11-28-09     1520     NWVFC along with Luzerne Sta. 177 were dispatched to 1420 Tomhicken Road in Black Creek Township for the Chimney Fire. L581 arrived first due and found a working fire in the chimney. The residence was laddered and crews made access to the roof and ext. the fire and unblocked the chimney. No extension was found in the walls. Units operated for about 45 mins. Units O/S: L581, E582, T585, Sugarloaf E2, Tanker 1 and Nuremberg BLS

11-29-09     1548     Dispatched to the area of 381 Hazle Street for a Pedestrain Struck and entrapped under a Vehicle. C582 arrived and reported no entrapment. Turns out the vehicle rolled away and the owner tried running after it when he fell causing a pelvis injury. Units O/S: E582, Nuremberg EMS, Medic 26, PSP,

11-30-09     1003    Dispatched for an MVA with traffic control requested at Green Mountain Road and Red Ridge Road. Units O/S: Fire Police, Sheppton utility 9-60, Nuremberg BLS x 2, Shenandoah ALS

December 09

12-03-09     0534     Dispatched 459 Hazle Street for Trees and Power Lines Down. Units O/S: E582, Fire Police

12-03-09     0558     Dispatched to 800 Weston Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E582

12-03-09     0628     Dispatched to 1398 Tomhicken Road for Trees Down. Units O/S: E582

12-06-09     0801     Dispatched to 600 Cove Mountain Drive for a Pole Down. Units O/S: C581

12-07-09     1006     Dispatched to 490 CedarHead Road for a Possible Co Investigation with a female down. L581 arrived and made entry into the residence with Zero Readings on the Meter. Resident was found to be a Class 5. Scene was turned over to PSP. Units O/S: L581, Nuremberg EMS, Medic 26

12-07-09     2044     Dispatched to 19 Stratton Drive in East Union Twp for a HOUSE FIRE. All units were held except for district 9 and Nuremberg. District 9 command then placed the box inservice Stating problem with a stove. Units O/S or Cancelled: L581, E582, T585, T587, E9-10, Squirt 9-20, Tanker 9-30, District 30, Hazle Twp Tower and Tanker, West Hazleton RIT, Nuremberg EMS

12-13-09     0549     Dispatched to 1404 Tomhicken Road for a Vehicle Fire. E582 arrived to find most of the fire knocked down by bystanders. Booster line was pulled for mop up. Units O/S: E582, T587, Nuremberg BLS

12-16-09     1633     Dispatched to Glenn Eagles Drive in Eagle Rock, Hazle Twp for a CO Investigation. L581 was cancelled enroute.

12-16-09     1815     Dispatched to 310 Mahanoy Street for the Smoke in a Bussiness as a result of an oil Burner Malfunction. L581 handled the incident with the Engine and tankers crewed in quarters.

12-20-09     0108     Dispatched to 1800 Tomhicken Road for a Tree Down. Units O/S: E582

12-27-09     1035     Dispatched to 441 Millers Road for a Medical Assit. Units O/S: C582, C581 & Manpower