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The National Society of Pershing Rifles was established in 1894 at the University of Nebraska. It is the oldest college military society in the U.S.  The oragnization was founded by the illustrious General of the Armies, John Joseph Pershing.  The Pershing Rifles are based around devotion to duty and country, a bold and true heart, readiness to meet any situation, leadership, militar proficiency, and scholarship.  Pershing Rifleman span across the country and have gone on to become very influential in the civilian and military community. One of the most influential Pershing Rifleman is the first African American Chief of Staff and Secretary of State, General Colin L. Powell.  

Company Kilo, Fourth Regiment at then South Carolina State College was chartered by Clemson University on December 14, 1966.  We the members of Company K-4 represent the college, community, state and the nation through the use of fancy drill.We the members of Company K-4 are focusing our efforts in obtaining and producing the leaders of tomorrow.

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" I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thoughts of eternal loneliness....Should I fail. I have seen the face of terror; felt the sweet taste of a moments love. I have cried, pained, and hoped... but most of all I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least someday I will be able to say that I was proud of what I was...... A soldier ! "

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