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Union Leader Attacks Pastor

Posted on June 4, 2010 at 7:28 AM

Mindy Anderson writes in the BCCT "Larry Pastor does not have real facts and real figures".


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PASTOR COMMENTS: Larry Pastor doesn't produce the facts, the board does! That is where I get them, I am not in the practice of making things up. Neshaminy Contract Site .

All of my facts and figures are very real and drawn from school district business office information publically available.

Ms. Anderson has now put her members in a precarious position. The Board has a $7.6M deficit caused in large part by excessive union worker healthcare cost. The NESPA union president should not try to blame other people like me, a private citizen, it is all on her and the NESPA. Period!


As part of the proposal, FIRST STUDENT will take all the buses......Additionally, more than 90 percent of Neshaminy's existing staff would be retained at their same pay rate - about $21 an hour for bus drivers.

Privatizing allows the District to control cost better with a vendor vs in-house; they can put it out for lowest bid if the vendor raises cost unacceptably.

It should be noted that each Pritchard Industries, Inc. employee (custodial) would be required to pass an FBI finger printing test, PA State Police check for criminal record and the PA child abuse check before being permitted to work in the District. They have a 98% client retention rate

The board, in vendor negotiations can dictate that a certain % of FT employees keep their jobs under private control.

No need to negotiate employee benefits with the union any longer and this actually saves legal and negotiator fees.

This is all about NESPA losing dues and members. The Bus Drivers can join a new Union - The Teamsters and Custodial a Service Union (Mindy doesn't tell you this).

One last Fact: NSD does not have the MONEY MINDY!!! NESPA should have accepted the board's offer and made the needed concessions for the sake of the district and it's members.



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