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Truth Squad analysis of Boyd's Sunday Guest opinion

Posted on November 29, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Neshaminytaxpayers.com Truth Squad analysis of Boyd's Sunday Guest opinion.

BOYD=NFT Union Leader

TRUTH= truth squad comments


BOYD "Just like our critics, we live here and our families have not been exempt from the financial plight visited on our community by the great recession."


TRUTH Of course you and your teachers, unlike the vast majority of NSD residents, have been completely exempt from financial pain forever not just in this recession. Your teachers have sacrificed nothing and have complete protection from the impacts and downside of the recession all of us have felt. How dare you insult this community yet again with this condescension to all taxpayers. This comment proves again you are out of touch and still do not get the issues facing the community. Frankly this was startling and truly insensitive. (see shared sacrifice below).


BOYD "Rather than talk about the facts, the newspaper's editorial pages have repeatedly chosen to stir up anger and resentment against Neshaminy teachers."


TRUTH Remember folks this is coming from the person that called Guy Petroziello "rude and an angry man". All that because he wanted to understand on behalf of the community just what was the NFT position on the most important thing to his readers, Health care contributions and other economic issues. Further recall, Boyd and her PR man set up the meeting with the BCCT editorial board with the express intention of "answering" questions so we thought. It was in her NFT office like the FOX interview where she held court and apparently lectured the paper's reporters and editors on "how the board is not negotiating fairly" and we need to talk about education before economic issues". When the paper's Opinion page editor asked for real answers she refuse to continue taking his questions. Finally, recall this was the new and improved union leader not the old one running to her car....hmmm Note to PR agent: you might want to counsel said client to stop attacking the media in the media ;-).


BOYD "The suggestion that teachers should accept the district's position on health care before we know the costs of other provisions of a new contract is putting the cart before the horse."


TRUTH The rest of district employees have all accepted the board's Health Care option so it is no mystery. In any event no matter the plan, like all Americans they need to pay their portion of at lest 15%. If I were them I would ask for a 3 tier priced options from Cadillac to very high deducible so like us they can choose what their 15% amounts to. You can't have it all anymore Louise.


BOYD "On behalf of the students we teach, we prefer to get back to serious, substantive negotiations that address the entire contract package and how we provide students with the great education they deserve."


TRUTH Louise the board presented an entire package altering the existing CBA dramatically for affordability just like the NESPA contract. It covered virtually every aspect of finance and education. The only ones ever talking about a package is the board, as YOU and the gang of 6 have never talked package in 3 years. You chose to totally ignore the board's package and instead offer a counter very limited in scope and not really addressing anything economically substantive (to use the word you seem to like) because (folks this is a very important truth here) the NFT is still demanding taxpayers give your teachers the existing 2002 CBA that has bankrupted us plus even more in the new CBA. They want the whole existing package not to negotiate a package the board gave them a long time ago. Again you can't make up stuff Louise and expect people to believe you after 3 years of your obfuscations. Folks this one is the nut of the NFT strategy, it is all about protecting 30 years of union power in controlling our the school district and union control over district finances by demanding the existing base 2002 CBA is preserved at all costs. Remember misdirection #8.


BOYD "That process will identify the costs of the district's educational goals and will inform discussions on how resources are allocated."


TRUTH You say you are "equal partners" with Administration. If that is true and it apparently has been for years we can only ask, do you not understand the goals of the district by now? If you don't than that would speak to NFT's leadership competence, would it not? Dr. Meunker made it clear recently that the goals were all agreed upon with the certified staff but he was happy to review it again for you. That sound to me like you know what the goals are and already had "equal" input. Which is it Louise, do you know and are just trying to stall negotiations again with a common union tactic or are you just not knowledgeable of what your job as leader of NFT teachers requires? In that case perhaps you need the remedial discussion Meunker offered vs taking up valuable negotiation session where you can address the only issues on the table for taxpayers "substantive economic concessions".


Part II 


BOYD "Resources are tight - we know that. And teachers have acknowledged that shared sacrifices will be required. However, before either side commits to particular sacrifices, both teachers and the school board must have a better unde...rstanding of how various compromises might fit together to make an agreement."


TRUTH First who wrote this for you? Can you point us to even one sentence of phrase or comment at a board meeting where teachers have "acknowledged that shared sacrifice will be required." I am serious can you provide taxpayers proof of this statement. I will wager a paycheck you cannot find anything predating this op-ed that indicates teachers understand sacrifice and certainly your counter offer PROVES the NFT does not. The NSB=Taxpayer and students. The NSB are our representatives. They represent suffering residents who have all sacrificed for years. They represent students who have sacrificed educational and structural investments for years. Louise your teachers are affluent members of the communities you live in because you have not sacrificed anything.... ever. Can you and your teachers just imagine how well off taxpayers might be if they also had free Roll Royce health care while working and in retirement; had free guaranteed retirements with bonuses; were getting guaranteed annual raises and increases for getting credits but no degree. But know they do not have this stuff because of years of sacrifice to keep jobs they are still losing and try to keep their heads above water in a shrinking economy and pay high taxes so public servants like you and the NFT can live better than all of them. Louise don't insult our intelligence again, the school board, taxpayers and students need no lessons from you on sacrifice, look in the mirror and try to see the truth about what is driving you and you will not see education goals, frankly if honest you will see what we see, greed.


BOYD "Teachers took a positive step last week to move the process when we ended our work-to-contract action. This is not the time for attacks on our members or dismissive slaps at sincere and important actions aimed at moving our talks toward settlement."


TRUTH Now this is the ultimate in insolence! Stopping the action you perpetrated on us, that was hurting kids and thwarting our educational system's progress is seen by you and members as "a positive step". I do not even know what to say about that. In so many ways it sums up what is wrong with teachers' union control of our American Public education system. Where else in the broad array of American public institutions and private business can a small special interest group be permitted use 9000 innocent children to legally extort money from completely helpless and victimized parents and taxpayers, and then expect to be thanked and applauded when you stop it and claim victory for your side???? I thought I had heard it all from the NFT but I was dumbfounded reading that line.


NFT Rebuttals welcome but would only be expected on the Phillyburbs anonymously.

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