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Truth Squad analysis of Boyd's Sunday Guest opinion

Posted on November 29, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Neshaminytaxpayers.com Truth Squad analysis of Boyd's Sunday Guest opinion.

BOYD=NFT Union Leader

TRUTH= truth squad comments


BOYD "Just like our critics, we live here and our families have not been exempt from the financial plight visited on our community by the great recession."


TRUTH Of course you and your teachers, unlike the vast majority of NSD residents, have been completely exempt from financial pain forever not just in this recession. Your teachers have sacrificed nothing and have complete protection from the impacts and downside of the recession all of us have felt. How dare you insult this community yet again with this condescension to all taxpayers. This comment proves again you are out of touch and still do not get the issues facing the community. Frankly this was startling and truly insensitive. (see shared sacrifice below).


BOYD "Rather than talk about the facts, the newspaper's editorial pages have repeatedly chosen to stir up anger and resentment against Neshaminy teachers."


TRUTH Remember folks this is coming from the person that called Guy Petroziello "rude and an angry man". All that because he wanted to understand on behalf of the community just what was the NFT position on the most important thing to his readers, Health care contributions and other economic issues. Further recall, Boyd and her PR man set up the meeting with the BCCT editorial board with the express intention of "answering" questions so we thought. It was in her NFT office like the FOX interview where she held court and apparently lectured the paper's reporters and editors on "how the board is not negotiating fairly" and we need to talk about education before economic issues". When the paper's Opinion page editor asked for real answers she refuse to continue taking his questions. Finally, recall this was the new and improved union leader not the old one running to her car....hmmm Note to PR agent: you might want to counsel said client to stop attacking the media in the media ;-).


BOYD "The suggestion that teachers should accept the district's position on health care before we know the costs of other provisions of a new contract is putting the cart before the horse."


TRUTH The rest of district employees have all accepted the board's Health Care option so it is no mystery. In any event no matter the plan, like all Americans they need to pay their portion of at lest 15%. If I were them I would ask for a 3 tier priced options from Cadillac to very high deducible so like us they can choose what their 15% amounts to. You can't have it all anymore Louise.


BOYD "On behalf of the students we teach, we prefer to get back to serious, substantive negotiations that address the entire contract package and how we provide students with the great education they deserve."


TRUTH Louise the board presented an entire package altering the existing CBA dramatically for affordability just like the NESPA contract. It covered virtually every aspect of finance and education. The only ones ever talking about a package is the board, as YOU and the gang of 6 have never talked package in 3 years. You chose to totally ignore the board's package and instead offer a counter very limited in scope and not really addressing anything economically substantive (to use the word you seem to like) because (folks this is a very important truth here) the NFT is still demanding taxpayers give your teachers the existing 2002 CBA that has bankrupted us plus even more in the new CBA. They want the whole existing package not to negotiate a package the board gave them a long time ago. Again you can't make up stuff Louise and expect people to believe you after 3 years of your obfuscations. Folks this one is the nut of the NFT strategy, it is all about protecting 30 years of union power in controlling our the school district and union control over district finances by demanding the existing base 2002 CBA is preserved at all costs. Remember misdirection #8.


BOYD "That process will identify the costs of the district's educational goals and will inform discussions on how resources are allocated."


TRUTH You say you are "equal partners" with Administration. If that is true and it apparently has been for years we can only ask, do you not understand the goals of the district by now? If you don't than that would speak to NFT's leadership competence, would it not? Dr. Meunker made it clear recently that the goals were all agreed upon with the certified staff but he was happy to review it again for you. That sound to me like you know what the goals are and already had "equal" input. Which is it Louise, do you know and are just trying to stall negotiations again with a common union tactic or are you just not knowledgeable of what your job as leader of NFT teachers requires? In that case perhaps you need the remedial discussion Meunker offered vs taking up valuable negotiation session where you can address the only issues on the table for taxpayers "substantive economic concessions".


Part II 


BOYD "Resources are tight - we know that. And teachers have acknowledged that shared sacrifices will be required. However, before either side commits to particular sacrifices, both teachers and the school board must have a better unde...rstanding of how various compromises might fit together to make an agreement."


TRUTH First who wrote this for you? Can you point us to even one sentence of phrase or comment at a board meeting where teachers have "acknowledged that shared sacrifice will be required." I am serious can you provide taxpayers proof of this statement. I will wager a paycheck you cannot find anything predating this op-ed that indicates teachers understand sacrifice and certainly your counter offer PROVES the NFT does not. The NSB=Taxpayer and students. The NSB are our representatives. They represent suffering residents who have all sacrificed for years. They represent students who have sacrificed educational and structural investments for years. Louise your teachers are affluent members of the communities you live in because you have not sacrificed anything.... ever. Can you and your teachers just imagine how well off taxpayers might be if they also had free Roll Royce health care while working and in retirement; had free guaranteed retirements with bonuses; were getting guaranteed annual raises and increases for getting credits but no degree. But know they do not have this stuff because of years of sacrifice to keep jobs they are still losing and try to keep their heads above water in a shrinking economy and pay high taxes so public servants like you and the NFT can live better than all of them. Louise don't insult our intelligence again, the school board, taxpayers and students need no lessons from you on sacrifice, look in the mirror and try to see the truth about what is driving you and you will not see education goals, frankly if honest you will see what we see, greed.


BOYD "Teachers took a positive step last week to move the process when we ended our work-to-contract action. This is not the time for attacks on our members or dismissive slaps at sincere and important actions aimed at moving our talks toward settlement."


TRUTH Now this is the ultimate in insolence! Stopping the action you perpetrated on us, that was hurting kids and thwarting our educational system's progress is seen by you and members as "a positive step". I do not even know what to say about that. In so many ways it sums up what is wrong with teachers' union control of our American Public education system. Where else in the broad array of American public institutions and private business can a small special interest group be permitted use 9000 innocent children to legally extort money from completely helpless and victimized parents and taxpayers, and then expect to be thanked and applauded when you stop it and claim victory for your side???? I thought I had heard it all from the NFT but I was dumbfounded reading that line.


NFT Rebuttals welcome but would only be expected on the Phillyburbs anonymously.

Pastor March OP-ED

Posted on October 21, 2010 at 9:45 PM

Is it just me or have politicians become almost indistinguishable.


Recently State Rep. Frank Farry-R142 spoke to this paper, addressing constituent concerns about the Neshaminy School District’s budget, union contract negotiations and increasing taxes. His perplexing comments gave us more insight into Farry than the issues.



What stood out was the revelation that he discussed contract terms with Support Staff union leaders. It is troubling that Farry did this without the knowledge of the board president and lead negotiator, who is also a Republican. In a misuse of his influential position, is Farry lobbying for union support while at the same time potentially jeopardizing taxpayer savings associated with privatizing services?


Ignoring facts and presenting only negatives, Farry dismisses outsourcing school support services. He favors a union agreement saving only $4M over 5 years with minimal impact on deficits. The fact is, privatizing busing, custodial and other services saves $31.5M over 5 years. In addition, district employees KEEP their jobs! One final pesky fact is our $22M deficit over the last two years. Farry thinks we should not pursue $31.5M savings so his union cronies keep district benefits while taxpayers, not to mention educational programs, suffer. How many additional tax dollars does Farry want to give away to other union friends? Instead of pandering to union voters,

Farry should butt out and start standing up for taxpayer’s and student’s needs.


Fary also offers little on desperately needed Public School Employee Retirement (PSERS) reform. Instead of focusing on alleviating tax burdens, his ill-advised suggestion is to use short term stimulus subsidies for education, shifting local taxes to long term funding of massive pension shortfalls created in Harrisburg.


Farry himself states “Harrisburg is a disorganized mess”. However, the “mess”, was created by both party’s representatives, who like him, refuse to stand up against public worker unions and higher taxes. Farry, who proudly takes union money says he will “sign on” to bills and leaves legislative leadership to Democrats.


Remarkably, he has NOT “signed on” to important legislation banning teacher’s strikes, as 37 states already have passed. I expect this from his likely opponent, Democrat John Toth, whose party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Teachers’ union, not Farry.


Toth, a former Democrat Committeeman, recently spoke at Neshaminy’s school board’s meeting only weeks before announcing his candidacy. Displaying a blatant disregard for resident’s concerns, he admitted rarely attending board meetings. He shamelessly manipulated this forum for press coverage along with weeks of TV exposure on NSDTV as he planned his campaign.


In a prepared pro-Democrat speech he attacked me personally, however his diatribe was really thinly veiled sour grapes about his incumbent SB candidate and buddy, big spender and pro-teacher union Bill Spitz, unexpectedly losing his seat last November. He’s obviously quite perturbed about our Taxpayers for a Fair Neshaminy Budget’s “NFT Union-Enough is enough” truth advertisement in the voter’s guide, that helped educate taxpayers who subsequently rejected Spitz. As an aside, in an awkward case of acute “sore loseritis”, Spitz recently wrote here exhibiting his inability to gracefully accept defeat by also desperately lashing out at me with baseless and false accusations intended to silence my voice. Consequently, the paper had to publish corrections to his fabricated assertions.


Toth, a partisan, attacks those who challenge the status quo of the age-old Democrat Party-Teacher Union’s education monopoly. Democrats are financed by teacher union funded PACs(all public unions), and benefit greatly from this incestuous relationship. They do the teacher’s bidding by thwarting education reform, opposing accountability through teacher performance merit pay and preventing innovative vouchers and charter school expansion. Generous teacher entitlements and lifetime tenure are vigorously defended as Democrats ignore broken public schools that produce inferior results.


While Pennsylvania hemorrhages money, public unions operate unabated with dues expended to elect lawmakers. They relentlessly lobby, to preserve the status quo that also benefits compliant legislators who succumb to insatiable appetites for lobbyist money. Around us services crumble and no one represents bleeding taxpayers.


We need and deserve honest committed leaders with courage and most of all, independence, that will take a stand and work for all the people not just a “special” few.


Anyone who believes change and leadership will come with either of these two in office, well they must still believe in the TothFarry!!

Great good bye to the NFT FB page authors Proud and LTT by Tina B.

Posted on October 7, 2010 at 2:28 PM

Tina Benvenuto: This is going to be quite a long post, quite possibly my

last post because I'm sure to be booted after this and this post may even

get deleted because they don't like anyone disagreeing with them. But if

interested, please continue to read thru to the end. I just feel the need to

put some things out there so everyone can form their own opinions. I feel

as though this page is being run by dictators and not teachers..."do as I

say, not as I do". They're upset over perceived "snide" comments, but as I

read most of the threads here, the teachers themselves have been quite

"snide" with several of their responses. But once again, they wield the

power to delete us. So, LTT, bench me...the other team, the winning team

has already drafted me. And, if you all have so much to say, then maybe

you should have attented BTS nite so that you could be seen as well as

heard. That being said, I have read most of all the posts on this page, but

all I see is the teachers saying the same things over and over, defending

themselves and their leadership.....they haven't agreed with anything that

the parents seem to be saying, and most of the questions get skirted over

with replies, that quite frankly, should insult every parent's intelligence

And lately, some of the questions have been answered with much anger

on their part. This is when you begin to see their true colors. They are

angry with the public for not appreciating them and all the work they do.

Which one of us has ever publicly stated that we don't appreciate what

teachers do?? What we don't appreciate is they way they refuse to work

with us in this economy and understand what we, as taxpayers, are going

thru. They're not used to opposition, but with most of us struggling to

make ends meet and them still wanting their cadillac contract, what else

could they expect. We're decent people and want what's best for

everyone, so I for one, am insulted that they choose to blame us for their

lack of compassion towards us.


The teachers have voiced concern that parents aren't supporting them at

the meetings....well, you have a choice to be there as well....why blame us

when you don't show up to defend yourselves? Also, can you explain why

the teachers stood up and walked out of the one meeting once the

parents chose to speak? Can you also tell us how many meetings you

attended during the Support Staff contract negotiations? So, let me see if

understand you correctly, we should support you while you pretty much

thumb your noses at all of us, including the Support Staff. Do you think

that maybe this was the beginning of your union and yourselves angering

the parents?


And then you want to complain because the board has made the

negotiations public....why shouldn't they? We, the public, pay your salary,

which means you work for us, so, we therefore, have every right to be

made aware of the negotiations and your proposals....what employer is

ever left out of contract negotiations when it comes to spending more of

their dollars??? None that I know of. You see, maybe you're angered

because you just didn't want us to be as informed as we are.....those days

are gone...we're informed now and it's going to stay that way!


Then you state that the WTC was necessary to force the board to

negotiate, and that it wasn't your union who forced the WTC, it was

actually the teachers who got together and decided to implement it. Now

I have two issues with this.....first of all, in order to implement the WTC

and force the board to negotiate, you, the teachers who proclaim to care

deeply for our children, literally threw the kids under the bus just to get

the board to negotiate....how caring of you! And you wonder why the

parents are upset....you used our kids like pawns in a chess match just so

you could get what you wanted. As the professional adults that you claim

to be, could you not have come up with a better plan that didn't involve

hurting the kids???? And as parents, when we see somebody intentionally

hurting and using our kids for self-gain, we have no choice but to take a

stand.....did you expect that you could do this to our kids and not have

anger towards you


The second point I'd like to make about this is that now that you have

told us that it was actually the teachers who chose to do this WTC and not

the union, I AM MORTIFIED! How disheartening to know that this was of

your own choosing, to intentionally use our kids for your own

gain....somehow it would have been easier to swallow thinking the union

forced you into it.....Shame on all of you!


Now about the healthcare issue that seems to get skirted....yes, you have

agreed to pay a higher co-pay, but this is not a contribution to your

healthcare. And yes, I do consider it free when the only cost to you is

your co-pay.....here's my situation, I also have to pay co-pays when I go

to the dr.,the hosp, or a specialist.....but, and this is where it may get a

little dicey for you teachers, I ALSO HAVE TO PAY A MONTHLY PREMIUM!

And my premium for my family is over $1200 every month. So, please

don't patronize us with your answers about co-pays

And don't pretend that the word "strike" hasn't been discussed between

union and their members....again, you insult our intelligence. Please stop

the insane way you are trying to spin what we already know....it's not

working. You say that you don't want to be referred to as the "rank and

file", as that term depicts you as mindless troops being led by a dictator.

Well then, please don't refer to us as being (mis)led by the board, LP, or

whoever else you would like to blame. We are NESHAMINY FINEST

PARENTS and we are intelligent enough to read the facts, research the

facts, understand the facts, and form our own opinions based on the



By the way, I'm sure most of you read all of the editorials in Friday's

paper.....not much support there either. I challenge any one of you to

rebut any of those articles. You see, you're not only losing support from

the parents, but you're losing it in the court of public opinion. After this,

I'm sure to be banned, but at least I will have had my say.Proud.. (sorry,

but I just had to do it!)


Remember Parents....WE ARE NESHAMINY'S FINEST PARENTS, and don't let these

teachers make you feel bad about them not getting what they want

In my comments last school board meeting...

Posted on September 30, 2010 at 3:56 PM

In my comments last school board meeting, I used a figure of speech that is frequently used in the business world. It is commonly understood to not be taken literally. However, I do understand the recent sensitivity we all have to such expressions, especially in a school setting. Therefore, I would like to apologize to all those who my have been concerned by this phrase.

Louise Boyd declares War on Neshaminy School District

Posted on September 24, 2010 at 11:24 AM Comments comments (0)

Pastor Comments: NO TEACHERS SHOW FOR BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT. Louise Boyd, THE NFT PRESIDENT, makes a major step tonight to destroy NSD education for her own selfish goals. Who is this person that we allow her to ruin our district? When do we stop this person from leading an attack on our schools? I think tonight we learned that the battle is engaged. This misguided leader means business and she means to destroy our district to get her irrational and unaffordable contract demands. Parents you need to take this assault personally, as if your child is being attacked by this union. Ms. Boyd has her hands around your kid's education and is strangling it everyday. Time to fight back.



NFT Leader Boyd resorts to making a comment directly to Larry Pastor after his remarks at the NSB meeting on Sept 14.


PASTOR COMMENTS: Tonight's Neshaminy SB meeting update: I need to share this with all of you. I spoke tonight right after Ms. Boyd spoke (about nothing) and it must of really gotten to her when I commented on her weak and embarrassing statement. She then confronted me in the foyer and said directly to me "you are a really angry man, aren't you?"

All speakers were great tonight but it is now time to double down and win against this union. You saw tonight the board is 9-0 with us. The union leader is obviously in trouble if she is resorting to making comments to her one of her many opponents.

Mark Shubin's outstanding speech at the Sept 14th School Board meeting.

Posted on September 20, 2010 at 4:15 PM

Ladies and gentleman of the board it has been a long summer of facebook and blogging. Thanks to social networking and the transparency of this board citizens are more informed than ever. There is no better example of democracy in action then to see fair debate on our most pressing community issues. There is hope for this great experiment we call democracy if more people get involved whether on facebook or by standing in front our elected officials with a viewpoint and a fair position. First and foremost this past week I was able to see my eldest daughter enter Peal Buck as a Kindergartener and to say that my wife and was choked up about the event is an understatement. I am now officially a proud Neshaminy School father and I am excited for my daughter’s future at this great school district.


I would like to address two important topics that I believe the community deeply cares about. The first topic I want to address is the WTC and the second is a reasonable suggestion that we can rally behind to try and solve our current family squabble. The profession of teaching is one of the most noble and honorable jobs a person can strive to be. The impact on people lives including myself is immeasurable. To a certain extent some teachers, not all, made me the person I am today. They impacted my life, taught me history, taught me the secrets of science, exercised my young mind and most of all provided me with a person to whom I could turn to when I needed help or advice. You see I was impaired in my early education with a visual perception problem and during the early 70’s most educators were not aware of this challenge and how to resolve it. Students during these times were placed in special schools due to behavior related issues resulting from the impairment. My mother along with a few brave teachers in their early careers fond the help I needed and quickly developed a plan of action that over a couple of years enabled me to catch up with my class in reading and math. The extra time after class and the dedication of these teachers enabled me to move on and graduate from college. I owe much of what I am today to those teachers oh and my mom as well. I bring up this important story because I fundamentally believe that the job of a teacher is a profession that cannot be controlled by a contract and that wtc is an affront to the very profession that you decided to enter. When you made the decision to become a teacher you realized a couple of key things. 1. You were not going into the job for the pay. 2. The reward is the students and the impact you have on their lives forever and 3. If you are a hard working creative teacher that strives to be the best you can be then the service you are doing to society and the general wellbeing is unmatched. WTC is an affront to that and it is not an acceptable professional practice. It is morally and ethically wrong and I call on the members of the NFT to tell your leadership that it is not the proper thing to do at this time. Don’t bring this negotiation into the classroom. Look at those innocent kids that you have in your hands for the upcoming year and ask yourself if you are doing the right thing by not doing above and beyond the call of duty inside and outside the classroom. Ask yourself if this is why you got into teaching in the first place.

For those teachers that have been working to the contract prior to this action it is time for you to step up and realize the importance of your profession and its impact to society. Do not take the job you due lightly because we the parents in the community sure don’t. WE need you to share with our kids your knowledge and experience so that they can become active members of the community and one day possibly go to the white house or better yet become a teacher like you. Leave this WTC action at the door of your school and get back to the job of teaching and educating and doing all that you do that make Neshaminy a great school district. Please do not allow a union to cause unnecessary friction between yourself and parents we need to work together to educate our kids and this militant union tactic does not serve your profession well and for it to possibly impact the life of one child is an abomination.


Second. I have been calling for an open and public debate on the issues of the teacher contract for a long time. Why does the union believe that having these negotiations in private without the community’s involvement is a good thing? For year’s teachers unions have cut backroom deals with intimidated school boards while the tax paying community was left in the dark until after the agreement had been made. How do you think the current contract was done? It has served the Teachers Union well in this state over the years and rich contracts have been the result. This is a new day and with technological advances in communications the community and the tax paying citizens of this school. District are here and we are involved and we are listening and reading will not let this board cut a back room deal that does not allow us to invest in education beyond labor cost. It has enabled this board to properly provide the community with all the information around this negotiation from their perspective. That is all we have as parents and taxpayers, the board’s perspective because the union does not want to publically have a dialog with the people that pay their pay. Why??? Why can’t the NFT come to the taxpayers and provide us with an open and frank view of why you and your members believe the way you do. We are ready to hear your side at any point at any location on any web site. This community calls upon the NFT to come to the public in any manner they seek and provide us with a good and reasonable viewpoint as to the terms of the agreement. We want to know the NFT’s position on Healthcare and the reasons behind it? It cannot be that this is what we have and that is how it has always been therefore we want it again? That argument does not hold water in these times. Provide us with your viewpoints on the other key components of the agreement and provide us with a summary of the Union’s position and let’s have a fair and honest debate. I have an open mind and I am sure most if not all of the parents who entrust their children’s lives to you for the year would also. I want to know where you stand beyond healthcare and I want to have that debate in the open and without personal slander. To date the board has published everything they have and know about this family debate and now it is time for you to come into to the house and sit down and explain your positions. Without it we, the community, are left with only one side of the discussion and that is the side that most people know and without debate will side on.


In conclusion I am and I hope that I can speak for a lot of parents, taxpayers and kids, Stop WTC now come to the community with your positions and let’s get this contract settled so we can move on to more important issues.

NFT Counter Proposal released by NSB

Posted on September 20, 2010 at 9:40 AM

NFT Counter Proposal released by NSB


PASTOR COMMENTS: Boyd's NFT counter offer is DOA.

Any new offer the NFT makes, unless explicitly changed in that new offer, contains by default, the entire previous 2002 CBA terms and conditions. So therefore we have no health care contribution by teachers STILL (NO CONTRIBUTION STILL-can you believe this?) and a demand for 2 years of full retro pay (based on the 2002 CBA raise schedule-can you believe that???) including step increases. STEPS ARE NOT IN THE 2.75% to 3.5% in 2008-2013 schedule they show in the counter offer, so raises are like 6-10% annually per teacher when steps are added in.

Also only very nominal increases in CO-Pays were offered. This is very minor and really meaningless to taxpayers who carry the whole cost of their own health care and 100% of the teachers Rolls Royce health care while they work and in retirement (oh they concede dependents care in retirement-Big deal!). The teachers are insisting on keeping their Rolls Royce plan still (can you believe that??).

Also the Self-Insurance Rx change is not a concession by Boyd, only a change to the 2002 CBA coverage source. Teachers are not impacted at all by self insurance and are not giving up any coverage at all. BOYD IS NOW TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR OUR BOARD'S PLAN FOR SELF INSURANCE...GOOD TRY LOUISE BUT WE ARE ON TO YOU. They should have agreed to this 2 months ago to show good faith now it looks like they are just trying to pull one over on taxpayers..which they are of course.

This offer is not even a starting point for negotiations it is a complete insult to taxpayers and the board. I hesitated to say Dead On Arrival, but for taxpayers and students I sure hope the board rejects this completely. It is a completely laughable counter offer and very sad indeed. This is the 2002 CBA on steroids folks!! We will go broke before the first 6 months of the calamity were the board to agree. We cannot allow this to happen again.

Can you believe we waited for 2 years for this slap in the face from Boyd and the NFT. After we have endured a WTC for 2 school years? Actually I can since this is what teachers' unions do to extort money from innocent taxpayers time after time.

The retro raises they demand in Section 2A do not show the step increase, only reference to the 2002 CBA. Gee what a surprise as they try to scam us again.

As with all raises going forward to year 5 this is completely insane! So the NFT is just assuming all 11 steps will be in there on top of these absurd raises and in retro pay. Pretty sneaky isn’t it?? Folks, that means you are really, STILL AFTER MORE THAN 2 YEARS of waiting, talking about 6% -7% + annual average raises for teachers going forward and for full retro of raises plus steps for last 2 years. By the way 11 steps are 2-3 less steps than any other bucks teachers gets.

Folks, by our calculations RETRO pay alone could cost taxpayers between $7-10 M in the first year alone including raises and retro steps. Where would this come from since Act 1 would allow for only about $1.8M in tax increase?

Finally, the NFT front people have touted for 3 weeks that this NFT offer verbal or written will save millions for district, i.e. more than the board’s plan. What a complete joke that was since retro alone sinks the counter offer not to mention no health care plan contribution and no concessions on retiree bonuses and healthcare. There is zero credibility left for NFT and their union leader.

A show of good faith to Taxpayers, Parents and Students would be for the board to give a joint statement tonight or tomorrow to the media, including FOX 29, rejecting this garbage offer from Boyd and telling teachers to get serious or you will retract your current offer immediately. We urge the School Board to reject this as soon as possible. This union is completely out of control and militant. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We now also urge the rank and file to throw the union leader over the side tonight. She continues to ruin your reputation and your bank account day by day.


Thumbs up to the BCCT for their Thumbs down to Boyd and the NFT

Posted on September 20, 2010 at 9:38 AM Comments comments (0)

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

PASTOR COMMENTS: Taxpayers are delighted that the NFT followed through and gave the SB a written copy of their previous verbal proposal but remember the SB has already told us the verbal offer included no NFT contributions to health care. This is required no matter the cost of the available plans. We support a menu of plans but a minimum of 15% contribution is required especiallywith the ME TO clause in the NESPA contract. Everyone including all other district teachers pay for health care so they will need to get off the Roll Royce Plan if they want lower yearly payments for their health care. Until we see the NFT has provided the right counter offer for taxpayers will will continue to count the days. Remember we are looking for 3% salary increases including steps, NO RETRO PAY for past 2 years, no health care in retirement, no longevity bonus, no $27,500 retirement bonus, more working time and more steps to top pay, and no Masters equivalency for step increases. If taxpayers get all that then a 4 year contract is acceptable otherwise 3 years only.

Stay tuned to see what this offer looks like when the SB posts it in the next few days or week. We will blast it out with analysis as soon as it is available.

Recently published in the BCCT

Posted on September 15, 2010 at 11:41 AM Comments comments (0)


PASTOR COMMENTS: Boyd spends her time flinging accusations instead of explaining the NFT's position. Come on Louise, do you really think you and teachers have an ounce of credibility left with the board and community? Remember this about verbal offers, "the only time a Union Leader lies is when their mouth is moving". Spend more time planning the concessions your rank and file will need to make and less time spouting off in the press and hurting kids in the classroom.



BCCT Thumbs up to Dr. Meunker? Really? Why?

In a letter, Muenker told teachers they are contractually obligated to decorate classroom bulletin boards and to write college recommendation letters for students. Teachers have been shirking both responsibilities as part of a so-called work-to-contract order from the union, which has failed to reach an agreement with the school board on a new contract.

Muenker also pointed out that section 10-41 of the contract says the union should encourage teachers to "participate in programs designed to + help and counsel children." Refusing to write letters of recommendation clearly does not help children and the childish refusal to write the letters should end immediately. In fact, all work slowdowns should be discontinued. It's not the kids' fault that the union hasn't reached agreement with the school board. Stop picking on them.


PASTOR COMMENT: Well this certainly is nice of him to act like a real superintendent but does anyone really believe Dr. Muenker wrote this letter on his own? Of course he didn't. He and his staff have not yet lifted a finger to stop the WTC. This smells like the board forced this letter for sure. Oh and by the way I understand that as of today teachers are not in compliance with his toothless order. The NFT continues to thumb its nose at him and the rest of us. I wonder if we will ever hear of even one of our 663 teachers being reprimanded, let alone fired.

Thumbs up to Dr. Meunker (Really the School Board)


Posted on August 31, 2010 at 3:07 PM


PASTOR COMMENTS: After all this time and tremendous public outcry demanding concessions we apparently get very little. If there was any good news and progress for taxpayers here I doubt seriously the board would have told the media anything about the lack of health care concessions last night. We will wait to review the numbers when posted however we do know already that without teachers paying at least 15% for health care no matter what plan it is, the numbers will not work for taxpayers and for educational improvements for the district. In addition, you have to remember if the NFT refuses to contribute 15% that means, if approved, the board would in turn have to honor the "ME TO" clauses in the NESPA and Administrator's contracts for health care, bankrupting our great district. In the past I have been accused of putting a negative spin on negotiation efforts however last night's meeting has apparently shown us what the true intentions of the NFT are. As nice as it is to keep a positive outlook we are wasting time in not recognizing what the NFT is all about. After 2 years taxpayers get no concession on the most costly part of our budget-health care. And on top of that parents and kids will have to endure more abuse as the work to contract action continues regardless of ongoing negotiations. What does that tell us about who these people are? They have to be completely lacking in any understanding of the economic realities of our district and its taxpayers. Due to their own self interest they will not give back what is needed to maintain a viable district educational system. There was never any desire to concede and settle this. The more time we waste not recognizing their bad intentions the longer this will go on. We need to all come together and rally to stand against what is now out in the open. A union hell bent on getting everything they demand no matter what the consequences and at the expense of students, parents, fixed income residents, struggling young families, elderly citizens, our unemployed, our under employed and all of our taxpayers who have given back in the last few years without any choice in the matter. This mess in our once great district is very sad but the fault is squarely on the people many look to as model citizens and role models for our children-NSD teachers. Some role models!