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Watermelon Seed


“Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible,

by the word of God,  which liveth and abideth forever.”  I Peter 1:23

In the past couple of months the Lord has revealed some awesome insights to us and we would like to share them with you. Picture a watermelon seed in the palm of your hand. That seed is not much good in our hand, it really profits nothing, but even in our hand, if we see the potential of that seed, its ability goes beyond measure. The meat of the watermelon is in the seed. The rind is there and a heart…a Heart that does not have one seed in it, just the pure meat of the watermelon. You can't see it, but this seed is also pregnant with a thousand other seeds that could keep on producing watermelons to the last day of creation. There is a vine, leaves and roots that could produce one to ten watermelons out of this one seed that you hold in your hand. In those watermelons there are thousands of seeds that can do the same. Wow! All that contained in that one little seed. Now, that seed cannot produce anything else. No matter how much we water it or fertilize it, no matter how good the weather or soil, it can only produce a watermelon. The reason being, because God spoke it so in Genesis 1:11-12. In this mature seed of the watermelon, it is just a seed - until it is germinated. That includes soil, water and heat. The seed becomes germinated and it becomes a new creation. It IS no longer a seed. It IS now a life-producing plant that can feed, produce and replenish itself, with the help of creation. Due to design, this can't happen - without the soil for the seed to enter. This is the way or the door to its germination. The truth comes when the water is added to the soil. This brings forth a breaking down of the seed and an awakening of the DNA inside that comes alive. It begins to break out of its captivity of thinking it’s just a seed. When the old nature of the seed is broken because of the sun-heated ground, life comes forth and the seed seems to just disappear. So it is with the natural seed. Selah. (pause and think about it.)

Now as we lay down our watermelon seed, let's look at man and his seed. Isn't it amazing that man was made from the dust of the earth. The very ground that the seed of man needed - to be germinated - was his forming from the beginning. So God created a man in His own image and formed him out of the dust. Now we have a created man formed out of the dust, full of seed, but no ground to reproduce in. So God took a part out of the man and made another man called woman, so man could have a garden spot to reproduce his seed. What a glorious future this man had... created in the image of God, formed into a man and made into a woman that could reproduce this created image. As this couple stood in the wayside, the enemy came and contaminated the soil. Once the contamination took place, no matter how hard man tried, he could not produce a seed in the likeness of His Creator. Did the Creator of all things, the Great "l Am," the Alpha and Omega of creation make a mistake? No, not in any wise. He had a plan from the beginning. He's the creator of darkness and light and the separation thereof. He created the garden, the man and woman, the trees, the serpent and the devil that entered in. He also placed a seed inside of the man He formed out of the dust. He placed inside every man a measure of faith and He likens it unto a mustard seed.

Thousands of years into creation God looked on the face of the deep and there was no life and no light in all mankind. There was only death and darkness. God sent His angel, Gabriel, who by the spoken word, sparked the seed of faith in a virgin girl named, Mary. By faith and the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, Mary conceived the divine presence of the living God. She had never known a natural man at all and was impregnated with light and life. The child that came forth from her womb was called the Son of God. He, Jesus, was a different kind of seed, the first one of His kind. He was a seed that was in the image and likeness of the living God, but God still used the dirt of man to plant His seed and germinate it in. The seed was born in the earthly state, but it was a seed from the heavenlies. A created seed from above that had the nature and character of its Creator. It was not tainted by flesh even though it was birthed out of a flesh realm. It was a heavenly seed, an incorruptible seed, and had the mind-set of its Creator and could not be affected by fleshly desires.

Jesus was like a mustard seed planted into the soil of this earth. He was the very essence of faith. He was faith in its reality. At birth, this mustard seed already had the ability to remove the mountain of sin and guilt off of man kind. Even in the manger where He was laid He was the Bread of Life for all creation and the light out of darkness to all that would receive this door into reconciliation back to the Father. He wasn't going to be the Son of God, He was. He was God in the flesh at birth, Emmanuel, God with us.

At age thirty, the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep as Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized. As He came up out of the water, as a full-grown mustard tree, the Holy Spirit came and rested upon Him. Jesus was now full of the Holy Spirit and was led into the wilderness to be tested to a greater degree than ever before. He had defeated everything in the serpent realm. The Holy Spirit came and opened the heavenly qualities and giftings, the insight into God's nature and character inside of Christ and gave Him the ability to become fruitful. 

Christ defeated the devil in the wilderness by the spoken word that lived inside of Him. That word that was now empowered and full of life because of the in-filling of the Spirit of God. Hearing came, in-sight, power and authority, wisdom, understanding knowledge, love, peace, joy, long suffering, meekness, kindness, etc., all came because of the in- filling of the Spirit of God. Jesus began to display a different kind of tree that has never been seen before upon earth. There have been glimpses here and there in the prophets, the Joseph's and David's, but nothing like the nature and character Christ had. As He became a life giving fruit tree, He started to plant seed into the soil of man. Man yearned to be like this Christ, but just kept coming short. Oh, but one day Jesus became the resurrection that men could find what they had yearned for all their lives. The seed, that mustard seed of faith, is germinated by the belief that He was that in- corruptible seed. Because of that belief, the incorruptible is birthed inside of us. It is planted in our earthly soil and as the word begins to germinate the seed, the Holy Spirit begins to bring it to fruition. It empowers us so that the nature and character of God can become in us. The Holy Spirit brings us to a place of maturity that others can see the fruit that is not earth bound and taste and see its Creator is good and one to be desired





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