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The Creator of all things who was, who is and who is going to be Creator of all things. Listen to the words of sound wisdom My son. In thee is My fullness. In thee is My completeness. It is within. It is not something that is coming, it is in you. Development is the word to describe the process you are going through. You are developing into the fullness and the completeness that is within you. Yea, like a young man becoming a Dad. Everything is already in place from his birth, but the developing process from baby to Dad takes awhile. Yes, you are complete in Me. My fullness is full within you and is developing into maturity. You can only be what you are at your stage of development. You can't rush it, it is a process. Others can't push you forward or pray you into maturity, it is a process. Each son is different. Some are more mature, but only because they have walked longer in Sonship than others. I have each son exactly where I need him to be for the developing of My body.

Each stage has its feeders, teachers, and preachers, to feed the ones in each realm. The body is starting to come together more and more. Each part has its truths that the other parts need to advance. Like a puzzle, as each piece is placed into it's position, the picture becomes more and more clear. Each piece, when it is put in place gains and connects up with all the pieces around it. The piece when put into place sees clearer than ever before. He also has a greater understanding, because of this connection. The pieces that he joins up with benefit too, because now they see and experience more of the puzzle than they have ever seen before. Most puzzles start with the outside borders, for their pieces are the most distinct and easiest to find. My puzzle is not any different, it starts at the head and works or develops to the feet. When the last toe nail is placed on the littlest toe of the left: foot then My Body will be complete and whole. My Body will have no enemies left and will stand in total function and operation as one man without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. Every enemy in every realm will be in total defeat. There will be no sickness, no disease, no serpent, no devil, no Satan inside the boundaries of My flesh.

Stand and believe, all stages of development are up to Me. Each piece that is added not only makes the picture clearer for all involved, but each piece brings something new to the Body. It might be correction, or humility, strength, vision, boldness, love, etc. Each piece is added at the right stage of development to give the Body exactly what it needs for that hour. Also, the piece that is added also receives all that the Body has to give at this point. You have heard that the time is short, so Sons go through a quicker fire then before. This is true, but actually what is taking place is more and more pieces are being added to the Body. When a new piece is joined into his rightful place in the Body there is more to receive now than there was before. He receives in a very short time what each and every piece has to other. What used to be like 110 volts, is now like 4000 volts, and the voltage continues to grow as each new piece is added to the Body.

My Body, says the Lord, is beginning to function and operate. its not by might, its not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord. It’s My Spirit in them, in tuned with theirs and theirs in tuned to mine. Operating as one in total unity. Its by My Spirit, says the Lord. My Body is experiencing many things right now in many different areas. New power and new authority have just been added into the Body's functions. All will experience this surge of power and authority. The Body, as a whole, will have to learn quickly how to control and operate in this new experience before it gets out of hand. This power and authority must be handled maturely. This is a new stage of development for My Body. My mature ones are now speaking as a governing force and the universe awaits to hear and obey their degrees as they speak in oneness with my Spirit. Speak and it happens, be led by My Spirit.

When a child is being born the head is usually the first thing to crown. It goes through a tremendous process coming through the birth canal. The head is being pushed and shoved by the mother and the body of the mother by contractions. Once the head is delivered the shoulders are next. The head is free, but is still part of the body. It feels and knows everything the shoulders are going through because he has been through that same birth canal. He waits patiently as the shoulders come through. It's a process and things have to develop for them, (the shoulders) to be fully delivered. Once the shoulders come forth from their struggle in the birth canal there is a relief both to the head and the shoulders of the body. The rest of the body has not felt that release yet, its still feels the pushing, shoving and the contractions. Now the head and shoulders can pull for the rest of the body to come through the birthing process. So is My Body and its process. My Spirit brings one out of the womb of Egypt, through the water and blood of the wilderness, which is the birth canal into the Kingdom of God. Where one becomes one Spirit with His, the Father one with our soul, and His word becomes our flesh… Spirit, soul, and body in likeness to Him.

Christ Jesus was the first one to break forth from the womb of the world and wears the crown. The shoulders were next and the government of the Body is upon their shoulders. The lungs and heart are developing in the birth canal now. Soon My Body will have My heart and its love will be unconditional with no limitations. This heart will love all it meets the same no respecter of persons will be found. The lungs that are also developing are to keep this love purified at all times.






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