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The Little Light


Once upon a time there lived a little light. He was sort of shy and didn't have many friends. The little light's biggest joy was to go to a special building on a special day of the week. In this special building, one day of the week all the bright lights of the community would gather. All the bright Lights would let their lights shine as bright as they could. The little light loved to be in their presence. He always got such a warm feeling being there. The little Light would always let his light shine as bright as he could.

The little light lived on the dim side of town. The friends he had were Dirty and Nasty. When the little light was around them, his light would grow dim. On the special day, when he left the special building he would wear a shade over his head. He would do this so his friends would not make fun of his light.

The little Light kept doing this until one day when he went to the special building his little light would not shine, no matter how hard he tried his little light stayed dim. The little Light ducked his head and slowly walked out of the special building with tears streaming down his little face. For days the little Light walked around feeling sad and blue. His dirty dim friends kept trying to get him to go with them, but he just wanted to be alone.

One night as the little Light sat alone on the dark side on town, he looked up and saw the Most Bright light he had ever seen coming his way. The little light didn't know what to do, run or stay. The little light tried to make his little light bright but he just couldn't. The Most Bright light walked up to the little light and said, "We've missed seeing your little light at the special building." The little light hung his head and cried. The Most Bright Light said, "How would you like to let your little light shine again." The little light looked up and nodded his head. The Most Bright Light said, "Come with me."

When they got to the special building the Most Bright Light opened the door. light beamed out of the building in every direction. The little light had almost forgot how good the warmth of the lights felt. As they entered the special building the little light was so ashamed as all the bright lights turned and looked at him. He felt so dirty and nasty, so unclean as the Most Bright light lead him to the front of the building.

The Most Bright light looked down at the little light. He said, "Would you like to be clean again?" The little light looked up with tears streaming down his little face and nodded his head. Again the Most Bright light asked, "Would you like to be rid of all that dirt and nastiness?" The little Light said, "Yes!" The Most Bright Light said, "You know you can't go back to the dim lights anymore." The little Light said with a trembling voice, "I know Sir, I've learned my lesson." At that point all the dirt, all the nastiness and the feeling of being unclean left the little light, and his light began to shine. Oh, how it shined brighter than ever before. He was so happy! All the bright lights came and hugged the little light, he was so pleased to be home.





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