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New Realms in the Spirit


Once I thought as a sparrow. One of the least thought of birds in the bird realm. I lived in the lower realms, inside roofs, holes in walls, inside of signs, any where I could find to make a nest. I always seemed to be rejected by most folks. They would put out feeders, but they weren't for me. They wanted a more beautiful bird, one that could sing a beautiful song. Life wasn't easy and in the lower realms you always had to keep an eye on the cat. I always wanted to be a beautiful song bird.

One day, I felt a change taking place inside of me. I began to sing the most beautiful melody. My beak began to grow. My wings began to expand. My chest became larger and yellow feathers began to appear. I had suddenly become a field lark. My new domain was not the same. There used to be so many of us sparrows and we all acted the same. I never knew there was a life beyond that. All I had was a desire to be a beautiful song bird. Now it seems that I stay out in the wilderness. I have such a beautiful melody of songs that I sing, but there are very few out here to hear them. I keep singing all day long and I know someone had to have given me this song. I always get such a warm feeling inside as I sing watching the morning sun rise. It's as if it is in me. I always see the other birds. Some have such beauty and peace. I wonder if that ability is inside of me.

As I thought this, such a warm feeling began to grow in me. Hey, I was no longer I, something had changed in me. I had now become a beautiful mourning dove. Oh, I had such peace. Nothing seemed to bother me. I was starting to be accepted, inside and out. No matter where I go people are happy to see me. It's like they feel the peace inside of me. There are still so many trials in this realm, like certain times a year there are hunters all around and it's really hard to find sacred ground.

I wondered what it would be like to fly in the heavens above and to know the fullness of the winds. As I opened my eyes I was flying directly into the sun and was not blinded by the brightness of the light. I had never felt such power and authority in my members before. My wings could hold in the mightiest of gales and my strength to soar seemed to never fail. I had gained wisdom, understanding and knowledge that went beyond my ability to comprehend. My beak had grown until it looked like a sharp two-edged sword. My beak was also now the color of gold and I felt like it had been tried by fire. My head was white and my body was golden brown. I felt so pure and full of humility. My feet had grown and had become so strong, but I knew it was to be able to hang onto the food to feed the young so they could be as strong. I used to be concerned about the snake, but now he is concerned about me.

I used to think I could fly. I used to think I could sing. I used to think I was the one that brought the peace and oh, how I could soar, but now I know its not I, but the Christ within that has let me experience all these things. I have learned because He was crucified, now I can fly through Him. You see it was never my ability to change. It was His. It was not my ability to sing, but Him singing through me. It was not I bringing peace, but it was His peace from within. It was not my ability to soar, but it was He that opened the door and He who invited me up to feel the currents of His love.

Years ago I thought I had arrived. A year ago I knew I had arrived. Today as I awoke, I knew I hadn't arrived at all, but Christ had risen in me.





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