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New Creation being released

BY:  DAVID L. WALKER - APRIL 4, 2001 AT 7:48AM.


As I arise this day and seek those things that are above, I stretch towards higher realms to experience more of my Father than I obtained yesterday. I feel the birth pains of my metamorphosis starting to take place. I feel the cocoon of the flesh begin to loosen. This thing that has held me down and kept me back from soaring in the heavenlies is now loosening its control. As I stretch and move in my new birth, I feel the new creation starting to kick in and take its rightful place.

The Eve nature of the soul has not wanted to relinquish her control. She has been the director for so long it is not easy for her to step down, but the spirit man has been regenerated, born again. He is anointed, called to overcome and will not be denied. As he rises to his rightful position, the Eve nature of the soul sees the image of the pattern Son and begins to submit. The spirit man cried out from his captivity and sought deliverance.

The Spirit of the Lord came and explained about the one who was able to set the captive free. He explained how it was already a done deed one just had to believe. The words brought life and a new creation was birthed. Light began to shine where only darkness used to be. As the spirit begins to stand in the strength of the word he has been taught, life begins to grow and light begins to over flow. As he rises to his rightful place as head of his household, the soul submits to the man that was formed because he now looks and acts as the Created One. The soul relinquishes her control, enters into her rightful place and this house becomes one with the Father no longer a house divided.

As the spirit man communions with the Father the fire becomes hotter and hotter. The fire melts the flesh into the image of Christ and now it becomes a vessel that can contain every word that proceeds from the Father. No longer a porous vessel of dust, but now one that has been kindled by the Father's fire, which is seven times hotter. Adoption takes place, a position is given, authority is shown forth from a King who steps into His rightful place. Now when this new King speaks creation hears the truth of the Spirit, the wisdom of the Father and they behold the Flesh of the risen Son.




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