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Letter to a Brother


Dear Brother,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was, who is and is always going to be God in you. As an eagle inside an egg is an eagle before he is ever hatched, the same is in you. An eagle in a nest that has never felt the currents of the winds, or caught a fish in his talons does not mean he is not an eagle. He is just an eagle that has never left the nest.

From inside an egg to the heavenlies, from the beginning to the end, no matter what happens in his life he is an eagle. There is something in that eagle that makes him different from all other birds. There is something in him that knows he is as a king in the bird realm. There is a power and authority that is inside of him that won't be denied. No matter how hard men have tried to tame this bird, it doesn't work.

I read a story about a man that took a young eagle from a nest. He kept the eagle in a coup full of chickens. When the eagle's wings would start to grow he would clip them so the eagle couldn't flyaway. After years of having this eagle in the chicken coup, he forgot to clip his wings. At the end of one summer the eagle stretched his mighty wings and flew to the corner pole of the coup. There was something in him that said he was not a chicken and he knew he should not be earth bound. There was something inside him that said there is more to life than this. Everyday there was fighting and pecking in the coup. The roosters kept trying to put him in his place. They had different feet and could move so much quicker than him. No matter how hard he tried he just didn't fit in. Everyday was a fight. A fight to eat, a fight to find a place to sleep and it seemed like nothing ever changed. Everyday was the same. Everyday it seemed he knew what was going to happen and what to expect. No matter how hard he tried the chickens just would not let him fit into their world.

Perched on the corner pole, he spread his wings and something started to happen inside that mighty eagle. As he felt the currents of the winds in the feathers of his wings, he started to realize he wasn't a chicken. He was an eagle. The authority and power that was inside him began to kick in. For years he had seen the hawks flying over head and he always wondered if that ability was in him. The currents of the winds began to lift him up and he knew in his heart that began to beat strong as if it was the first time in his life he had really felt the heart of an eagle.

He shook off all the battles he had to face in the chicken coup. He shook off the hurts, pains, failures, unbelief, doubt and the thoughts that nothing would ever change. The fear, anger, frustration, confusion, stress, tension and strife seemed to fall off him as he realized he was an eagle, a king of the bird realm. As he started to lift, the farmer ran towards him to try to keep him confined. All the chickens were telling him he would never make it, he would never fit in, he was a loser and a failure.

His mighty wings took a gale and he lifted off. Oh, what joy filled his soul as he felt the currents of the winds for the first time in his life! He soared to the heavens feeling he was alive. He could now see afar off as his eyes adjusted to the new bird he had become. He could fly directly towards the sun and was not blinded by the light. He discovered for the first time he had pectons to protect his eyes. He could out fly and out dive any bird in the sky. He loved to fly over the chicken coup and watch the chickens run and hide. The eagle now knew its not where you are at that makes you a chicken, its what's in your heart. He didn't have the heart of a chicken, he had a heart of a King. His Father was a King of Kings and that heart was in him and would not be denied.

Brother, the currents of the Father's love is always blowing. We just have to get to the corner pole, the rest is up to Him. The chicken coup will never change, it will always be the same, but in us beats the heart of a King. Our wings have been clipped and sometimes we feel there is no way out, but inside of us beats the heart of a King. We feel we have failed time and time again, depression weighs us down and anger has become a friend, but inside of us beats the heart of a King. The eagle says, "You don't know the things I've done and said, you just don't know what has gone on in the back of the chicken coup," but inside of us beats the heart of a King. The heart of a King says, "My Father loved me when I was a sinner, does He love me any less now?" The heart says, "He died for me at Calvary." The heart says, "When the prodigal son came home after sinning and spending all his inheritance on sinful things his Father ran to meet him. Put a robe on his back and a ring on his finger and said, 'Kill the fatted calf for my son has come home.'"

Jesus, said to leave the 99 and go find the one that went astray. The Father's love for us is unconditional, it doesn't change because of our circumstance. His forgiveness doesn't count how many times I've sinned and come short or say, "Okay, that's too many, shut the door to that eagle." His forgiveness is always there for everyone that will fly to the corner pole of the chicken coup.

Brother, the cleansing currents of His winds await you at the pole. He is able to do more than we can hope or imagine and we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. The heart of a King beats inside of you. The currents of His love awaits you. His healing power is sufficient to heal, deliver and set you free as you arise to the corner pole of the chicken coup.

Brother, just wanted to say, "Hi" and we miss you. We are going to see you soon. We look forward to that day. May the currents of His love be an irresistible force under your eagle wings.

Connected by His love,

Your Brother in Christ

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