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Letter from a son to His Father


"Father, I pick my pen up as a sword of the word from my heart. How long do I cry out from the flames that consume my flesh. I know they are necessary and I see the dust that remains from my oId nature coming to the surface." Things that need to die, to be mortified and overcome in my continuance to be your son. My spirit man stands firm on the foundation of Christ and says, "Lord, thy will be done not mine. Father, don't take this cup from me."

My fleshly mind set at this point still sees the flames of tribulation and knows its death is close. The heat and the pressures of metamorphosis from death to life is beyond physical explanation. "Lord, be thou my strength. Father, in my weakness be thou my strength. Lord, I know the tears of Job. I've been so battered by my friends. As I stand as hard as I can, their words come as clubs to my dying flesh. Help them, Lord, to see You in me. Lord, let them know we are not the enemy. Lord, as I pick up my cross daily, they bombard me with their thoughts and accusations. Lord, only in You can I carry this load. Without You, Lord, I know it would be impossible."

"Lord, I know the concern of Elisha's servant (2 Kings 6:15-17), when the enemy was camped all around. Open my eyes Lord, so I may see Your angels of war. Father, I know how David must have felt hiding ouT in caves and woods wondering why he was being pursued. Oh, Lord, even when the king of his pursuers was delivered into his hands, he chose to show forth the traits of Your Son, mercy and love."

"Oh, Lord, I've seen so many mighty things in You; visions, dreams beyond compare. Healing in legs, feet, stomachs, tendons, backs, veins, hearts, eyes, ears, a 50% disabled body to perfect health. I've faced the devil face to face on three occasions and saw him walk off in defeat because of the Christ within me. Lord, my God, You transfigured in me and illuminated a mountainside. I've walked through a gang at midnight and knew no fear, because I knew You were on the throne of my mind. Father, so many mighty things have You shown and done through thy servant. Lord, help me when Jezebel sends her messenger that I don't run and try to find a place to hide."

"Lord, my shield is full of the fiery darts of the enemy. The gates of my mind have been battered by the constant onslaught of the ones that used to call me Brother and Pastor. Father, unto You I run. Cover me with thy wing oh, God. My back is scourged by their words of gossip and slander. Oh, Lord, be my rear guard. Lord, the stoning of their words has taken a toll. Lord, lay it not to their charge. They know not what they do. My God, open their eyes so they can see that when they are stoning me, they are stoning You."

"Lord, my God, thanks for hearing my heart. I feel I have entered the eye of the storm. I feel the strength returning to my eagle wings. Oh, Lord, the currents of Your love come as a refreshing rain. I feel the strength arising to lift me above. Surely I can do all things in You. Father, thanks for not taking me out of the fire, but giving me the grace to remain."

Love, Your son




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