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Letter from a Father to a son or daughter


Dear Son,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus, who was, who is and who is going to be Christ in you. The Father who made all creation, hears your name every single day as I lift you up in prayer. The forces of darkness that want to take you to hell are being held back by prayer. A Judge awaits your final day to judge you for everything you knew was wrong and did it any way. It has been written in the book of remembrance under the name of _________.

Oh, thank God, that all things that condemn us to hell can be taken off the books when we make Jesus our Lord and Savior. We no longer look a Judge in the eyes, but a Savior, who just sees His blood covering all our sins. Its amazing why some test fate a long time before they make that decision. We never know when His hand of mercy no longer reaches out.

I preached to a group of people in Iowa one day, Son, a similar message, all but one came to the alter and got right with God. The sermon that was preached I felt in my heart was for that one man. I did everything, but beg him to get right with God. He was a close friend and an alcoholic. That day he walked out of the church without getting right with God. The very next day about 1:OO pm in the afternoon, he fell over dead with a heart attack. I miss that man still to this day. What's sad is he could have stood before the Savior, but he will inevitably face the Judge.

Itís hard to act like an eagle when you live in a chicken coup.

Even though you are an eagle, you begin to act, smell and look like a chicken, cluck, cluck. (Ha ha) I'm not saying anything about anybody, but if you live and act like a chicken you might be a chicken. Come out of the world and be ye a separate people. When God comes, He is going to look for eagles. He's not going to stop and look in the chicken coup. We are what we do, no matter what we claim.

My love for you makes me cry out to you, my Son. So long have I held back my feelings and my tears. I constantly cry out to my God to help you overcome. I love you beyond your ability to understand, my Son. I would gladly lay my life down for you if need be. I long to fellowship with you. God has so much more for you than what you have now. He has a plan and purpose for you. All that you do now is of self. God's purpose and direction will be totally different. You know, Son, I can say these things because I have been where you are at. Not exactly everything the same, but in a similar place. I thank God that a man in Snyder, TX got in my face and told me that I needed to know God. That day, my Son, my life was changed forever. Thank God, for a man that was bold enough to tell me the truth. I can now stand in front of a Judge and see my Savior standing there on my behalf.

All the flesh is as the grass, it profits nothing. No matter what you do or how great it is, all flesh is burned up at Christ's comIng.

Oh, I love you so much and miss you beyond words. Look forward to the next time we speak. Please hear the heart of a Dad who loves his son and wants the best, yes, the very best for him.

With much love,




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