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He and He alone is the' proof of the resurrection from the dead. His resurrection is so awesome, even beyond the physical to comprehend. In that resurrection came the Will, the truth, the life and the ability to follow in His example.

That resurrection from the dead is now made available to those that have the faith to enter in. It is a way to show forth the truth of the life of Christ resurrected in His sons, that the world may know that He is victorious over every realm of the flesh and every power of darkness which had the power to hold men in an uncreated state. Praise God! We are the proof of the resurrection. We are no longer held back by death. He lives and is greater than any manifestation of darkness. He was not only victorious in His life, but He is now victorious in our lives.

He and He alone is the Word. Even as in the beginning the spoken Word brought forth things that were not seen into things that are seen. The Word was spoken to a virgin named Mary and created life inside of her. The spoken Word of God through an angel, created life inside of her. The Created One was born from the flesh by the spoken Word. That Word became the light and life to all men. That Word that became flesh had the ability to speak and lay hands on creation and to form and make a new man out (the dust of the earth. He molded and formed as a potter the clay of old into a new man. A new man in His image and likeness. A man that was teachable, moldable, directable and able to receive the changing Word of the Gospel.

Jesus was resurrected and His word to us was, "I will not leave you comfortless." (.John 14: 18 KJV) He said that He would send His Spirit back to us to counsel and guide us unto a truth so life can come forth. That Word when received brings forth the resurrection from the dead. From flesh to spirit in a twinkling of an eye. From death to life. From Adam to Christ - His anointed ones in a human body showing forth His resurrection from the dead.

The Word is where the power of creation lies. When we receive the spoken Word then life begins in us. If we continue, our flesh will produce a manchild in the image and likeness of the Creator of all things. He will call their name Christ, the anointed ones, Hi begotten, engrafted sons. Their purpose is to show forth the difference between life and death. To make the choice easy to the world.

Jesus, the spoken Word, came not to be as the world, but to make the people of the world to be like Him. The Word in us has to become spiritual.

The Word has to create and form in us. It can't just remain a word; it has to become life in us. It has to be conceived, then the Word brings forth the way into the truth and life. The truth of the Word brings forth the reality of the life. The life brings forth resurrection to the flesh which is now no longer us, but us in Christ. We are the crucified ones raised from the dead and now filled with life eternal.

We have been washed white by tribulation and are now walking in the heavenlies, no longer operating out of an earthly mind set, but now looking on the things that are above. We are given a white stone that says, we are acquitted and a signet ring from our Father that says we are adopted sons and when we speak all creation now hears the words of the Father coming out of us. The darkness sees a sharp two-edged sword in our mouth as we in Him bind and cast them out. When the delivered one feels the power of the Creator, as the words of deliverance come forth, then another resurrection takes place in that new earth.

It is no longer our flesh, but it is the Word that has become flesh. It is His blood that fills, covers and gives us the ability to stand in His consuming presence.

His Word, yes, His awesome Word has brought the resurrection forth in us. His Word has truly become flesh and as ministers of fire we stand ablaze before all creation as the proof of His ascension to the throne, totally victorious over all things and a knowing that He is Lord God over all.


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