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Is your counsel from God?



What a glorious time our God has chosen us to walk in. Never before in all the creation has there been a time like this. A time that He is revealing Himself in us more than ever before. A time that we are looking and becoming more and more the creation He made in the beginning. The image of the perfect man that He created. One that no longer listens to the ungodly counsel of self.

In the Garden of Eden, where man was separated from God, Eve heard the words of Satan and counseled with herself if she should partake of the forbidden fruit. When she decided to partake, she was separated from God. Eve represented the soul of man. Adam represented the spirit. If Adam hadn't partaken of the fruit, mankind would have never had a chance to be reconciled back to God. There would have always been a division between soul and spirit.

Our God made man in His image. He brought the female out of man, so God had to have been both male and female. We have a spirit, soul and body, so our God has to have a spirit, soul and body. The spirit is the Holy Spirit, the soul is the Father and the body/flesh is Jesus. All God in one body. We are in His likeness as long as He is our counsel. We become our own god when we counsel ourselves. In the Garden of Eden, the first thing God said to fallen Adam was, "Who told you that you were naked?" The devil had not told them this. The counsel they had received was of self. The soul, the female part of man had decided to take the role of god. Her counsel brought forth the nature of sin with no hope to be reconciled back to God.

Our God had a plan and He sent forth His flesh, Jesus, the word of God, who was not made of the earth, but of the heaven lies. He was born of a woman, a virgin, who was undefiled by man. It took the Spirit uniting with the woman, soul, to bring forth this man-child, Christ. Mary was impregnated with the word of God that had been spoken to her. The Holy Ghost came and brought life to that seed or word she had received. She was impregnated with life and brought forth a man-child. This is a mystery, but it is actually what happens in our lives also. Someone anointed of God speaks a word from God to us. If we receive that word and are willing to hold on to it, the Holy Spirit comes and impregnates us with life. If we continue, we will bring forth that man-child, Christ, in us. If we stop, that life starts to die and in a lot of cases is aborted. When we continue, our soul is united back to our spirit man. Our Gentile nature now becomes a Jewish nature. The middle wall of partition is removed and now we are one new man in Jesus. At this point our flesh comes out of rebellion, disobedience and control and the mature man, Christ, shines forth in our flesh. Now our counsel is no longer self, but the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace and once again becomes our all.

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