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Heavenly Son shine in me



As I woke this morning, the rays of a new day dawning burst forth in the room where I had been sleeping. I noticed the darkness that I had been sleeping in had to flee. It didn't have a choice. The higher and brighter the sun rose, the illuminating light grew stronger and stronger. The light, as I watched, had the power. Darkness didn't have a choice. Everywhere the light was able to reach, darkness was exposed and started to leave instantly.

As I watched the sun climb to its highest, noonday. I stood amazed. The only darkness that was remaining was underneath the trees. It was like it was under their feet. As the light illuminated their branches they seemed to be in control of the darkness. I noticed that the evergreens seemed to have the most control on the darkness.

As I watched the afternoon sun starting to descend, I saw darkness starting to appear again. I noticed that in the morning sun, as it appeared on the scene, the shadows grew smaller. Darkness seemed to dissipate. Even shadows of trees that overshadowed others seemed to grow smaller. It is like the higher the sun rises, the overshadowing of others has to leave. But as I watched the sun going down it was the opposite. Darkness started appearing as if the trees were looking back to yesterday. The lower the sun got, the more the darkness seemed to go the other way. It seemed as though only the trees on the hills could keep the darkness at bay.

As I pondered this, I was so amazed. I compared this to the day Jesus Christ came into my heart. The very day the Son broke forth in my heart, darkness had to start fleeing. As the Son began to rise in my heart, He began to illuminate my whole being. As the Son's Word began to rise higher and higher in my heart, darkness grew smaller and smaller. As the Son reached the fullness in my heart, I knew He had given me the dominion over this darkness that used to rule over me. But now because of Him inside of me, we have put darkness under my feet.

As I keep my focus on Him in reverent fear, not wanting ever to be haughty or proud or lifting up myself, I look around and see others letting the darkness back in. As the Son waits His coming, I see so many going back to darkness. So many that had darkness under their feet, now have thorns and thistles surrounding them. I see their darkness overshadowing others. Oh Lord, my God, illuminate the Word in me. Father, keep me as the noonday, so darkness is always at bay. Father, I realize when your sun sets each day, it's the risen Son in me that keeps the darkness at bay. Oh Righteous Father, thank you for the noonday Son that has risen inside of me. Oh Father, let the risen Son always be at the highest in me. Never let me look back and give darkness a hold on me. Father, let me walk on, in Thy presence, letting your light and life beam out of me, that I may always keep darkness at bay. HEAVENLY SON SHINE IN ME.


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