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First Resurrection - Part 3

Please tell me!

By David Weber

3rd February 2007

To those of you who may be struggling with what I've been sharing lately; those of you who don't like all this talk about "death" ... let me just say this:
My most recent writing has not been about losing everything ... it has been about GAINING ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING IN CHRIST! This has not been about "death," dear friend ... this has been about "attaining to" the fullness of RESURRECTION LIFE IN HIM! This has not been about mourning over the things that we might have to leave behind so that we can climb God's mountain ... this has been about BECOMING ONE WITH GOD ON THE MOUNTAIN TOP!!! Let me say that again ... THIS IS ABOUT BECOMING ONE WITH GOD HIMSELF!!!
Did you hear that?
Did you know that becoming ONE with God is something that is being made available to absolutely everyone, but it is something that must be "attained" to? Yes. To become one with God is something that we must go after with absolutely everything that we've got -- and is something that just might cost us absolutely everything that we have... even our very lives.
Tell me, Christian, just what could possibly be more precious to any of us than becoming ONE with God? Please tell me?

Any way you slice it

4th February 2007
[A note by D.W to someone]

In short ... In Adam all die (this work is threefold - spirit, soul, and body), but in Christ all shall be made alive (this work is also threefold). Death and resurrection must be fully wrought out in all three of these areas in order to bring forth the whole man. Most of Christendom can embrace the first two of these three steps, but has chosen to embrace doctrines which lead them to believe that they can "bypass" the last step, and this to their own detriment. No matter how eloquent and seemingly super-spiritual the "bypass" teachings, they are just not true. Many "Sonship" folks (by their teaching) have merely repackaged "the rapture" doctrine and labeled it as "babylogna" instead of "babyloney" ... but it's all phony baloney any way you slice it. 

 I do believe, ???, that once one has gotten free from all sin and corruption that he or she can live in perfect health. This could very well be the case for that "Tabernacle of David" people that I have mentioned. Perfect health is not immortality though. People in perfect health can still die. Enoch might have gone on living for many, many years, but God saw fit, at the divinely appointed time - to take him.

Love and peace to you, friend.


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