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The First Resurrection Part 2

Understanding Kingdom Age Resurrection

By David Weber

3rd February 2007

I share these things for your edification. It's not easy to find the words to express the marvelous things that the Father is now revealing about the Kingdom Age. May your understanding of these things far exceed my ability to express them in words.

Having shared a few things recently on the Tabernacle of David and the First Resurrection, let me try to elaborate on these things just a little bit further.
It should be understood that the raising up of David's Tabernacle; though an unprecedented and awesome manifestation of the glory of God in human vessels, is not what most people consider to be the manifestation of the Sons of God. Though this company will be, in a sense, manifesting as mature Sons, these will not be manifesting as Sons in fully redeemed (immortal) bodies, but rather, they will be as Jesus (the Pattern Son) was BEFORE His crucifixion.
Beloved, even as Jesus (the first full expression of David's Tabernacle) could die (and so He did), so these (of the once again "raised" Tabernacle of David) will also be able to die (and so they will). They have to.
The Tabernacle of David was a tent made up of animal skins and set up in Zion to house the Ark of the Covenant during a portion of David's reign. This tent is symbolic of the glory of God that will be made manifest in flesh and blood bodies during the Davidic order; the earthly Kingdom expression during the Age of Tabernacles. David's Tabernacle was only a temporary dwelling place set up to house the Ark. It does not depict the immortal fully redeemed body of man. It is Solomon's Temple that more accurately portrays for us the immortal state of a fully risen Son of God. David's Tabernacle, on the other hand, depicts for us the saints who will experience the resurrection of their souls (no longer ANY self-life left), who are then given the Spirit without measure, but who are not yet made immortal.
Dear friends in Christ, there is a time soon coming when God will express in a corporate body (of flesh and blood people) the fully redeemed spirits and souls of men. This will be the raising of David's Tabernacle. There is also a time coming though, when God will express the fully redeemed spirits, souls, AND bodies of men. This will be the manifestation of immortal Sons of God. When the time for the First Resurrection fully comes, then those who have attained to that resurrection (and have passed on in death) will be raised unto their full inheritance of immortality. There are also some who will not sleep "the sleep of death," but rather, though they die, they will escape the corruption of physical death to be raised on "the third day" even as their Lord. This resurrection unto immortality, and the Tabernacle of David, are two distinctly different expressions of Kingdom progression. Can you see that?   
Sometime at the dawn of this coming age, the Tabernacle of David will be erected, and an expression of Christ will be seen in the earth as it has never been seen before. This will then lead to the gathering of the first wave of the first-fruits unto the Father in the First Resurrection (the bodies, souls, and spirits of men - fully redeemed). I say, "the first wave of the first-fruits," as it appears that after those initial first-fruits are gathered unto God the Father (through physical death), then all who die out fully to self from that time forward (throughout the age of Tabernacles) will also "attain" to that same first-fruit inheritance ("Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on."). In other words; the Father will be harvesting His ripe fruit all throughout the kingdom Age -- each one picked after they come to full maturity in Christ; the resurrection of their soul. This harvest will continue on to the end of the age, with fully redeemed souls laying down physical bodies (at the Father's appointed time for that) to then come into the full inheritance given in the First Resurrection. Others yet, will come into the salvation of their souls at this time and then take their place in the Tabernacle of David. It seems that all throughout the Kingdom age there will be an expression of the Tabernacle of David, as that is God's preferred tool for gathering the nations of men unto Himself throughout that age. I can't go into great detail on this here, but the fully redeemed Sons of God minister to believers during this age, even those in the Tabernacle of David, while those in David's Tabernacle minister to the people in the world. The whole body thus functions together for the same divine purpose  (drawing all men to the Father), but from different stages of Kingdom progression.
Beloved, there is nothing for you to wait for in regard to the full salvation of your soul. That salvation is not time dependant, but it is something that must be worked out before God with much fear and trembling. In regard to the salvation of your body; the time for that is directly linked to the salvation of your soul. Your soul must be redeemed before your body can be redeemed. That's just the way it is. And though many of you may not want to hear this, even though your soul may be redeemed, your corruptible body cannot be fully redeemed until it is "sown in death." That's just the way it is, folks. ALL of the saints who have gone before us have sown their bodies in death, and so will you. Some of you though, even though you sow your body in death, you will not see corruption, for that is the promise to a "blessed and holy company" who will attain to the First Resurrection at the dawn of this new age. May you press for that mark.

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