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Faith is just a word until it has substance. Faith means, I'm believing for something. I'm trusting and have confidence it is going to happen. I'm hoping for something that I cannot see, but I have hope it is going to appear. We know "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God," (Romans 10:17 KJV) but what brings forth the substance of faith. Faith comes by hearing. I have to be listening to hear. There is natural hearing and there is spiritual hearing. There is natural faith and there is spiritual faith.

Natural hearing always hears with the fleshly ear. So as the flesh hears, everything would come from a fleshly point of view. It would produce a natural faith. Such as, faith to believe you could win the Lotto - faith to win in cards or faith to believe that your team could win in sports. This faith requires no substance. It is hit or miss. Spiritual faith is different. It is heard with a spiritual ear. It comes by hearing the word of God. Because you heard the word coming out of someone who had faith in what they said, you asked Christ into your life. They believed by faith that Jesus was the Son of God, who died for their sins. They asked Him into their lives and now they have substance to their faith and are now ministering from that faith.

So hearing the word of God out of the stand point of faith, now brings forth the seed of faith within you. The seed or measure of faith we were born with is now germinated and starts to grow, but so does our spiritual hearing. By faith the Holy Spirit is asked in to unveil the word so greater faith and deeper hearing is heard.

Substance just doesn't come because we heard the word of God. Substance comes when our faith is tried by fire. The more trials we go through, the greater faith we have. Faith is just a word until we step into it or towards it, then it has substance. Faith goes beyond my abilities to do it. 1£ it is in my strength or my abilities to do something does it require faith? No!

Sometimes hearing is the easy part.

Substance is standing in faith and believing the word you received was from God. The fiery trial to test your faith to bring forth substance is sometimes hard to stand in.


We have been placed by God over a small church building in a small town. We know our Father has placed us here with­out a doubt. The first two months, all our needs were met. The third month nothing came in except the bills. Then the bills became past due. We began pray­ing the scriptures over and over again. We asked the angels to bring in the money. We stood and we believed and we stood and we believed.


We started asking, "Father, have we sinned, have we done something wrong?" His answer was always the same, "No, you have done nothing wrong. I said I would meet your needs so stand and believe." The bills continued, one after another to become past due.


Then the ones you love the most call and tell you that you have missed God and need to get a job. They say that God wouldn't tell you not to work a secular job. They say that the word says He that won't support his family is an infidel. This would be true if we were not already work­ing for Him twenty-four seven.


The battle rages between the flesh and the spirit on what to do. We have been here so many times before and our faith now has substance as we stand in His rest. God has to take us beyond the battle to secure perfect faith. So that no matter what the natural says, our faith stands firm on what we have heard from our Father. We cannot be moved by circumstances or concern. We know what we have heard and we stand firm.


The woman who had the blood issue for twelve years, who had spent all her money trying to get well, went against the law to touch the hem of Jesus' garment. By faith she was made whole. (Matt. 9:20-23)


The ruler whose daughter was dying, came to Jesus in faith believing that He could do something for his child. By faith he went beyond what his friends thought as they laughed at Jesus when he came after she had died. It was faith that brought the young maid from the dead. Substance came to this father's faith. (Matt. 9:18-19, 23-25)


The Centurion came to Jesus to ask that He heal his servant who was sick with the palsy and in grievious torment. He had the faith to believe that all Jesus had to do was speak the word and his servant would be healed. According to his' faith substance came. (Matt. 8:5-13)


Bartimaeus, who was a blind beggar went against the crowd. As Jesus taught, the crowd tried to keep him quiet, but by faith he would not be denied. He continued to yell, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me." Jesus heard the call, the words of faith and said bring him. Substance came to Bartimaeus' faith as he received his new eyes and beheld the flesh of God face to face. (Mark 10:46-52)


All these people fought off the forces of unbelief and stepped into faith. They saw substance come. They went against the law, their friends, the crowds of people, their own thoughts and believed by faith that He was able.


Our God is able and He tries our faith to take us beyond our flesh, beyond doubt and unbelief. At that point our faith has substance and it cannot be shaken or hindered in any way. It is faith that truly has come from hearing and that hearing comes from the word we have heard from God.



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