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Posted on this site 11the April 2007

God Can Even Use a Water Baptism to Accomplish His Purposes

By Jim Meletiou

Some years ago, our pastor, Steve Fatow, was invited to speak in a Lutheran Church in Germany. He went. Brother Steve said that on his way, the Lord spoke to him and told him to speak on water baptism. He did. At the meeting, he saw nothing happen. Questions arose in his mind if he had missed the mind of the Lord, or misunderstood what the Lord was speaking to him. This he thought while flying in an airplane all the way home.

Over the next few years, every time he thought about that church, the same question arose in his mind, and he finally concluded that, yes, perhaps he had missed the mind of the Lord.

A few weeks ago, I met a couple who had done some missionary work in Germany. They told me the rest of the story:

After Brother Steve left Germany, the people to whom he had preached discussed his message. In the Lutheran Church, they had been "baptized" by sprinkling. They were not immersed in water. Brother Steve told them that real baptism meant immersion in water. After they discussed it, they decided that they should be re-baptized by immersion. The Lutheran pastor refused to baptism them, telling them that the sprinkling baptism was valid. They looked around for another church that would baptism them by immersion, but they did not find any, so they decided to baptize each other. They did.

Finally the priest of the Lutheran Church found out what they had done, and he kicked all of them out of his church. Now they were without a church, so they looked around for another church to join, but did not find one. Finally they decided to start their own, and they did.

The missionary couple that told me this story said that that church was one of the fastest-growing churches in Germany, and is now one of the largest, strongest churches in Germany.

Wow! God used Brother Steve Fatow’s message on baptism by immersion to start a good, strong, vibrant church. Who can fathom God’s ways! How many times we have done things and asked, "Lord, did I do the right thing? Did I miss your mind?"

The above written by Jim Meletiou

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