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[Posted online 28th February 2007]

The Eternal Family of God

By David Weber

It is no secret that the titles and names for God have been disguised, supplanted, and removed from the Old Testament portion of almost all English Bibles. This gross mistake lies with the translators who through ignorance or by design substituted “God” for the titles of “El,” “Eloah,” and “Elohim,” and also substituted “LORD” for the name of YHWH. A similar thing has happened with the New Testament when the specific names for God were carried over into the less specific Greek words “Kyrios” and “Theos” and then carried over again to become “God” or “Lord” in our English Texts. Because of these translation practices, many hidden meanings contained within these names and titles for God have been lost to most Bible readers, and because of this, many profound truths which pertain to the Kingdom of God have also been lost to them.

Translators have made numerous excuses for removing the Hebrew titles "El" and "Elohim from the text of Scripture. Some have claimed that the terms “El” and “Elohim” should not be used in reference to the Heavenly Majesty because some pagan tribes also referred to their god as “El.” But beloved saints, that tactic has been used by the devil for eons and is still being used by him today; that is the practice of giving false religions a portion of the truth so that that portion of truth will then be discarded by others who are searching for truth. That is that proverbial “baby” that gets thrown out with the bathwater. Many mysteries which pertain to the Kingdom of God have also been lost to the saints in this way. 

The use of “El” as referring to “The One and only God and Father,” has not been completely removed from our English texts, although it is still somewhat held in obscurity. “El” can be found in the names of Godly men and even in that of angelic messengers... names like; Elijah, Elisha, Eliezer, Israel, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Michael, Gabriel, and many more. If “El” is a pagan term, then why is it found in the names of these and many other righteous men and even in the name of the great archangel Michael? “El” is not as commonly used as “Elohim” is in the Hebrew text (“El” is used 238 times, Elohim – 2600 times) and “El” always seems to refer to The One God and Father; The Almighty One from Whom all others derive their strength ... even Elohim. 

“Eloah” and “Elohim” are singular and plural forms of the same word and are derived from El. “Eloah” is feminine in grammatical gender and means “one who is completely in subjection to El.” “Elohim” is a plural compound of that same word in which a male suffix “im” has been added. “Elohim” therefore refers to a “company or group” that is in complete subjection to the Father (El) also. The reason that I mention the grammatical gender of these titles or names is because there are mysteries regarding the Godhead hidden within them. I will give you one clue into a divine mystery: The mixed gender of the word Elohim is directly related to the verse that says; “Let Us (Elohim) make man in Our image... male and female.” Perhaps I can elaborate more on that at another time.

“Elohim” can have another meaning other than “a group in subjection to El.” The key to understanding its meaning is found in the context in which it is used. When “Elohim” is used in a plural form, it usually refers to pagan “gods or deities,” as in; “You shall have no other gods (Elohim) before me” (Deuteronomy 5:7). But when it is used in its singular form it always refers to the One True and Living God. i.e., “In the beginning, God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). But remember, this is the plural form of “Eloah” and it refers to “a company of subjected ones” who are united “as one” (undivided, and unfragmented in will and purpose) with “El,” but it never directly refers to El alone. 

Because the term “Elohim” has been translated as “God,” and because the term clearly refers to some kind of plurality, Trinitarians have tried to use it to support their theory that the Godhead is made up of three persons, constituting a trinity of equal Gods.  But that cannot be so. For the very definition of the word “Elohim” suggests a group that is in subjection to “El,” and apart from the “Trinity” theory, there is no reason to suggest that the plural noun “Elohim” should involve only “three” any more than it should involve three hundred, or three million, or even three billion. This is another mystery.

Beloved, what I am trying to suggest to you here is that “Elohim” somehow represents an Eternal Family, a Divine Family, of which all of the heavenly host are in complete and total submission to the Father in Christ, and thus are an expression of the Father’s perfect will and purposes though Him. Christ is the Express Image of the invisible God (El) and the Express Voice of the inaudible God (El). Thus Elohim is an expression of Christ even as He is an expression of the Father (El), and that expression can come in many different forms. This is why “Elohim” so often speaks in the first person singular expression of El Himself, for “they” are His voice.

It is important that we get a vision of this if we are to better understand our destiny in Christ. When all self-rule and adamic rebellion is brought to naught in us and we become fully subjected ones in Christ, then we also become part of that heavenly Elohim of God. In reality, we already are part of the Elohim of God (seated with Christ in heavenly places) but because of doubt and unbelief and stubborn vestiges of our carnal nature, that is not yet our experience. Is that saying that we will be God? No, not in the sense that we can ever become “El,” for God the Father is the origin and source of all, but in Christ we can become the expression or channel of His absolute godness even as Christ is. In a sense, this is saying that we shall ultimately be birthed into the eternal realm where there is nothing but God alone ... God – All in All. When He Who is the fullness of the Deity (Christ) fills us with the fullness of Himself, then who and what shall we be? Part of the Elohim of God, the Eternal Divine Family of God that’s who! Beloved, the only things that are eternal are that which are divine. To live for eternity ... you must eventually become part of the Divine Family of God which is the Elohim Company ... and according to the Scriptures, that will be the ultimate outcome for every human being.

The message of the Gospel is the teaching that tells us the steps by which God the Father and Christ will bring us all into that Divine Family of Elohim ... which we in English call "God."

Beloved brothers and sisters, I know that some of the things that I share with you might seem new and unusual ... and they are.  For we live in an hour of a great unveiling ...The Revelation of Jesus Christ. So let us be delivered from the cowardice that shrinks away from new truth, and let us also be delivered from the laziness that is content with half-truths. And may we also be delivered from the arrogance that leads us to believe that we know all of the truth.... and may we just wait on the Truth Himself.

Glory to God

 The Deity - Elohim

What I’m going to share with you is wondrous and awesome and entirely otherworldly. So for you to get a hold of what I am going to say here, you must be able to let go of all conventional doctrinal presupposition, and recklessly abandon yourself to the Spirit of Truth entirely.

The Father has been revealing many things lately about the Trinity Doctrine that are just not so, and at this same time He has been revealing very much about the Divine Family as It really is ... the Deity called Elohim. Through some rather intense times of study and meditation upon the Hebrew titles for “God," much has been revealed about this. I will try my best to share some of these things with you.

There is a Scripture verse in Romans that says:

"For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead..." (Romans 1:20)

Paul was essentially saying here that mysteries (invisible things) even things about the Divine Family (Godhead) Itself can be clearly seen and understood by looking at the things that are made (created things). In other words, the things that we see in the natural temporal realm are a reflection of eternal and heavenly realities.

Let us take a look at another passage of Scripture:

Then Elohim said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” ...[So] Elohim created man in His own image, in the image of Elohim He created him, male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:26-27)

I know that we’re all very familiar with these verses, but what does the Spirit desire to show us about the mysteries of the Divine Heavenly Family (the Godhead) through them?

Some brief study into the title of “Elohim” will show that it is a very unusual word, for the root of the word is the Hebrew “Eloah,” which is a distinctly feminine title for God (like El Shaddai), but then attached to it is a plural masculine suffix that is normally only used on grammatically masculine nouns. This makes Elohim a word of unusual mixed-gender. What does this reveal to us? What could God possibly be saying to us by using such an unusual word as a title for Himself? I believe that this is a clue into the nature of the all sufficient and gender-complete Elohim, Who within Himself contains all of the characteristics of a masculine Father and feminine Mother. This is the reason for the mixed gendered word that also implies plurality. When Elohim created man in His own image, that image was one of gender-completeness, “He created him, male and female He created them...” Adam, created in the image of Elohim, was also gender-complete (contained within him were the full attributes of both femininity and masculinity) until the point where Eve was taken from His side. Within this process of gender separation is revealed God’s plan for human reproduction through families upon the earth, and also great mysteries regarding Elohim’s plan for the formation of the Family of God and the spiritual reproduction of Himself.

In the Genesis account of creation, we can see that Adam was made complete in the image and likeness of Elohim ... but Elohim chose to separate the female side of Adam from the male side of Adam. This was done for the purpose of bringing them back together again as "one" in conjugal union for the purpose of procreating. In this way "they" (who became distinct personages brought forth from the gender-complete Adam) could become a family... They could “be fruitful and multiply” and their offspring could become very great upon the earth.

Saints, this account of the creation of the human family is a reflection of a very profound spiritual reality. In the eternal moment, gender-complete Elohim brought forth from within Himself distinct personages of El (masculine) and Eloah (feminine) for the purpose of bringing them together again in a conjugal union; one that is way beyond our understanding, and this for the very purpose of bringing forth a Son. He (the Son) would then eventually bring every human being into the Family of God as sons in the Son (new creations in Christ). Because all of this was in the eternal moment and not on a timeline; the Son is eternal, as is El, as is Eloah, and is the spiritual progeny brought forth through the Son.

Beloved, what I am sharing with you is just a brief glimpse into the process and purpose of God creating for Himself a Divine Family, a Family that we also belong to because the Only Begotten Son of the Father has made us holy and blameless as new creations in Christ through His blood. What has been presented to us as a “Trinity” is not entirely accurate, but there is certainly “triunity” that can be seen in the relationship between El, Eloah, and the Son. But in order to see God correctly we must view Him as a Family which the title of “Elohim” clearly implies ... A God Family in subjection to El (The Father).

If we take a look at this Family, we will see that there is a hierarchical structure within It even as there is supposed to be in earthly families. Within this structure we can find Father, Mother, Son, and the Bride-Elect. The structure as I see it is that “EL,” the Father, is the “Almighty God” to Whom all others are in complete and total subjection. This makes sense as “El” can be defined as “The Subjector” and “Eloah” can be defined as “one who is in subjection to El.” This would then mean that the plural form of Eloah, “Elohim,” would now refer to a “Family” in Whom all are in subjection to El and also inclusive of El Himself. Beloved ... this is God.

Brethren, are you able to grasp what is being said here? Can you see that even the creation of man is a picture type of Elohim's plan to bring forth His Own spiritual progeny through a Family? Can you see how all sufficient and fully complete Elohim chose to become distinct personages for the purpose of reproducing Himself through a Family? Earthly families are a reflection of the Eternal Heavenly Family! The invisible things of Him, even the mysteries of the Divine Family (the Godhead) are clearly seen in the created things of this world, even the creation of man himself. Beloved, God is a FAMILY composed of Father, Mother, Firstborn Son, and all of the Beloved Son’s brethren who are also His Bride (elect)! All of these are collectively Elohim – God. I know that this teaching is very unorthodox is ... it certainly is.

I have had the opportunity recently to engage in a very intense dialogue on this subject with a dear brother for whom I have great respect and admiration. At the end of our last conversation He summarized the Divine Family “Elohim” in this way:

“Elohim seems to be that which wraps itself descriptively around the entirety of the Family of God, but quite particularly of the eternal procreative love-union which is the Family's Primal Origin. The description of God saying, "Let Us," in Genesis, seems to first refer to the Mother/Father union first, but also extending to all that comes of their union. It's all mind-blowing, isn't it?”

All that I can say to that is; “It certainly is!”

Beloved saints, there are a couple of Scripture verses that I feel the need to comment on before bringing this article to a close, and that is a statement made by Jesus about the resurrection. Jesus said in Matthew 22:30-31;

"You are mistaken, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of Yahweh. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are like Yahweh’s angels in heaven."

This statement by Jesus Himself leads me to believe that after the resurrection, we also will be gender-complete even as Adam was gender-complete when he was created, and therefore there will be no need for marriage as we know it. If this is so, I would imagine that Father, Mother, and Son are and have always been gender-complete in Themselves, for each one of Them is the full expression of God in every way, yet still They each perform Their specific roles within the Divine Family - Elohim.

If any of you thinks that this article might imply that the Holy Spirit could possibly occupy the position of Eloah (Mother) in the Divine Family, there are some reasons to believe that that could possibly be so. Whether or not the Holy Spirit is masculine or feminine seems really insignificant, for I imagine that the Holy Spirit can manifest the full attributes of either one at any time. But, if the Spirit is revealing Him or Herself as one or the other, it is important for us to recognize that, for we must see God as God manifests to us, and not as we want to perceive God to be. Certainly the Holy Spirit is to be recognized as intrinsic to the God-Family, and must not be understood as merely a divine force, but as divine Personhood in internal interaction within that Family. Paul seemed to suggest this by including "the communion of the Holy Spirit" along with "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ" and "the love of God..." in his benediction.

May the Spirit of Truth minister to you through this word.

Grace and peace to you all, in Christ Jesus.