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Behold Zion and the Bride


No longer does the day dawn.  LIGHT has broken forth and the enemy can no longer see.  He used to have the insight, but darkness cannot see in the light.  He had the power for it was His world in which we tried to see.  He was the director of things before the LIGHT came on the scene.  LIGHT empowered the life of Christ by the word that resurrected.  Germination overpowered death and a new creation sprung forth in the earth.  The seed, the soil of old had received could not be stopped or tainted by flesh or darkness.  It is incorruptible and can produce nothing but life.  As long as it stays in the presence of its Creator it will produce a crop of the new world.  This world cries out for its crop to be manifested.  This world or Kingdom has as its ruler the Creator of all things, the author and finisher, the Father of Creation.

Behold, as darkness snuffs out every false light and every tainted light that left the presence of the Creator, there are those that have overcome… These lively stones that have been so beautifully designed by the Father.  The polished work and the shining of His presence within each stone is beyond compare.  There is no stone in the world left below, no matter the weight or carat, that can hold a light to what God has done in the presence of darkness.  All creation stands in awe as each stone is manifested by its Creator.  What beauty, what elegance, not a spot, wrinkle, or blemish can be found in any of the stones He unveils.

Oh, there is the Bride, look as she comes through the veil.  The bread and wine are complete.  The wheat is pure without a tare.  There is no leaven to make her flair.  Every grain was taken and they all look the same.  Still the Father took her further and fine powder she became.  The powder is kneaded and as she is poured out to meet the needs, a Body she becomes and there was left none to complain.

She was filled with new wine that only the Father can make.  He is the vine which has many branches.  As He prunes and cuts off, all become one in Him.  The crop of the finest grapes ever known to man, He has produced.  Through rain and storms, through sun and drought, pest and birds, He brought those who desired Him above all things through.  Oh, what a beautiful crop of luscious grapes, so full of color and all look the same.  Father was still not happy.  He said, “Wash them and put them in the fire.”  Each grape was washed and into a pot they went.  The fire was hotter than the fires they had faced before.  One by one, each grape lost control and gave up the flesh that made them, them.  Then as the fire become hotter and hotter, the seeds of the past, the old nature, were all released.  The Father removed the pot from the fire and poured what remained into a colander.  The flesh and the seeds were removed and all that remained was the essence of the new life the grapes had become.

The Bride is now complete in His image and likeness.  He said, “If you do not eat My flesh and drink My blood you cannot enter in.”  His flesh has become His bread of life and His blood has come through the wine press and is ready to be drank by His creation.

Behold, the stones of Zion!  Behold His Bride!



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