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What is a Doula ?

The word ‘Doula’ (pronounced ‘doola’) is a Greek word meaning ‘woman servant or caregiver’.

  • A Doula is a trained, non-medical person who assists women emotionally and physically during her labour and birth.Thereby allowing  the parents to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth. 
  • A doula supports a woman and her partner during pregnancy, birth, and the early weeks of parenting, with reassurance, practical assistance, and information.
  • A Doula is also known as a "birth attendant". 
  • A Doula "Mother's the Mother"
  • A Doula can help your partner to find ways to support you.
  • A Doula can help you with positioning, massage and alternative measures for comfort.
  • A Doula can help you to communicate with your medical caregivers .
  • A Doula is a great listener, she is supportive and and respectful.
  • A Doula is there for YOU and your baby. 



If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.  

John H. Kennell, MD

What does a Doula not do ?

A Doula is not a nurse or a midwife (generally). She is not trained to do  examinations or clinical care. She is not trained to listen to your babies heartbeat . 

A Doula is not there to make decisions for you. Nor does she speak for you

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Doula

  • You want to give birth normally, without the use of medication or unnecessary interventions.
  • You want someone who is experienced and trained to help manage your labour pain.
  • You've heard about the research on doulas and want the benefit of having one present.
  • You want someone knowledgeable present at all times to ask questions and explain your options.(The midwives and Doctors will be in and out the room.)
  • You want someone to act as an advocate for you and your partner's wishes.
  • You've experience a traumatic or negative birth with prior children.
  • You're a single mother or your partner is out of town (for example the millitary service)
  • You're trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean.)
  • You want someone present who can provide physical or emotional support, if the father cannot be present for religious reasons.
  • You want someone to help your partner participate more fully in the birth, to take pictures or video, and to deal with family and friends.

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