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The Pink Kit - by Wintergreen, founder of Common Knowledge Trust.            

'The Birth' Is Right Around The Corner

There is always a sense of urgency during pregnancy about 'The Birth'. If you're 24 weeks pregnant than you have only 16 weeks before you give birth. If you're 36 weeks into your pregnancy you have only 8 weeks left ... give or take.

The sense of urgency, anticipation, anxiety and excitement grow with each week your pregnant belly expands.

In your heart of hearts DO you absolutely know you have the best birth and coaching skills for your birth?

You've Come To The Right Place

Pregnancy is the time to learn birth and coaching skills. You'll have one of four types of birth:

  • You'll labour and have a vaginal birth
  • You'll labour and have an emergency cesarean birth
  • You won't labour and have a cesarean birth
  • You're planning a VBAC or vaginal birth after a cesarean delivery and will have one of the three births above

Regardless of the birth you WILL have, you are pregnant now and now is the time to learn birth and coaching skills for the birth you do have.

Pregnancy transitions into birth one way or the other.

Because you are pregnant ...

  • Enjoy learning birth skills for whatever birth you have. If you have a cesarean delivery use your skills during surgery and in postpartum recovery.
  • Enjoy learning together in the privacy of your own home.
  • Know that you'll help make the birth of your baby safer.Know that you can have a positive birth experience.

You don't want your pregnancy to be clouded by anxiety about the coming 'Birth'. As a pregnant woman you want to feel confident. As a father-to-be you want to absolutely know you can help and be useful.

The Pink Kit  Package Is Unique

  • This resource fills pregnancy with the skills, skills and more skills you need for 'The Birth'.
  • You'll won't find these childbirth skills in any other book, class or method.
  • All other childbirth systems focus on increasing natural birth. Your Pink Kit Package skills suit every single type of birth and are 100% successful in achieving a positive birth experience. Planning a 'natural birth'? You're infinitely more likely to achieve that because of your Pink Kit skills.
  • No other childbirth method is designed to learn in the privacy of your own home and compliments whatever else you're doing to prepare for 'The Birth'

Childbirth is ...

An event  … ‘an occurrence, especially one that is particularly significant, interesting, exciting, or unusual’ (Encarta Dictionary®) … without doubt one of Life’s biggest events.

An experience … ‘something that happens to somebody, or an event that somebody is involved in’ (Encarta Dictionary®) … one hundred percent of pregnant women will give birth one way or another. You don’t miss it.

A process ... ‘a series of natural occurrences that produce change or development’ (Encarta Dictionary®) … it has a beginning, middle and end that takes place over a finite period of time.

An ACTIVITY that has to be done. … ‘something that somebody takes part in or does; energetic physical movement or exercise; work, movement, or whatever somebody is doing’ (Encarta Dictionary®).

To do an activity well you need skills or said another way, any activity is done much better with skills. We all like to feel skilled. Skills are first learned, then practiced repeatedly until they become easy to use.

The Pink Kit Package

Your Pink Kit Package is a multi media resource.

This resource is designed for absolutely ALL expectant parents as a skills-based tool to prepare for childbirth. You will learn how to:

Prepare a pregnant body for childbirth

Gain skills together for your two important roles: birthing and coaching.

Use your skills in any birth you have … including elective caesarean delivery The benefits of being a skilled mother or father-to-be are immeasurable.

Know … absolutely … how to work with your baby’s endeavours to come out of your pregnant body into your parenting arms.

Feel empowered by your abilities

Reduce any doubt you have about ‘how to birth or coach’

Have wonderful birth memories for Life and a great birth story you are proud of.

Add to your baby’s wellbeing

Your Pink Kit Package includes:

One visual resource:

  1. The Pink Kit DVD or VHS … Prepare your pregnant body in 8 simple to use segments.
  2. 4 amazing books in PDF form ready for you to read or print:
  3. New Focus: Breath, Language and Touch … all the skills you both need about these three human behaviours as applies to childbirth.
  4. You Companion Guide … some written instructions to go along with The Pink Kit DVD.
  5. The Pink Kit Guide Book … guiding you through every detail, benefit and facet of how to use pregnancy as the time to gain birth and coaching skills. Includes wonderful Pink Kit birth stories that will inspire you as both mother and father-to-be.
  6. Managing Skills … specific, clear instructions in how to use your birth and coaching skills throughout the last days of pregnancy on into birth.

Two phenomenal audio resources:

The Internal Work … learn the skill that prevents birth trauma to your birth canal.
Birth Journey ... listen to and learn from hearing positive breathing patterns through the 5 Phases of each contraction. And hear the stressful breathing too often present with unskilled birthing women. As a pregnant woman … Practice from this audio resource frequently during the last few weeks of pregnancy. As a coaching dad … listen to breath changes and learn exactly how to help your partner use her breath effectively in labour.

The Pink Kit Package is the only comprehensive childbirth preparation resource that focuses entirely on BIRTH SKILLS for both you as a mother-to-be and the father-to-be (friend or relative).

Just for ....series

CD talks for special groups of expectant families.

The Just for ... series are added value resources of The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better® child birth education, child birth preparation resources. All of these are childbirth preparation talks given by Wintergreen, founder of Common Knowledge Trust.

The purpose of these talks is to inspire individuals in these groups to invest their precious time, energy and money into The Pink Kit Package.

Childbirth is a precious experience. Give yourself or others you know the most positive birth experience or heal from a traumatic birth.

  • Just for ... first time mothers
  • Just for ... first time fathers
  • Just for ... mothers planning vbac
  • Just for ... fathers supporting a vbac
  • Just for ... women who have had a traumatic birth experience
  • Just for ... fathers who have been present at a traumatic birth
  • Just for ... staff CNMs, Nurse midwives or obstetrical nurses 

Just for... first time mothers:

All first time mums-to-be want to feel confident going into childbirth but often believe there is little they can do during pregnancy.

As a first time mother do you find yourself saying: 'Childbirth is so unknown'.

Yes, birth is always unknown even for women who are pregnant with their 10th baby. In fact, 5 minutes from now are unknown. We never know what is going to happen.

Your Pink Kit skills are about how to cope with childbirth as it unfolds AND you'll learn from the best ... thousands of other women who have given birth.

Our job in Common Knowledge Trust is to inspire you to teach yourself the best childbirth skills you will ever have and can be used in whatever birth you have.

Going into the unknown with your birth skills will mean you will respond to birth with skills. Go for it. You need The Pink Kit Package.

Just for... first time fathers:

As a first time dad-to-be, are you wondering what exactly you need to do  in birth?

Are you thinking to yourself 'Women have always given birth so my partner will know what to do?' Or are you thinking 'Our obstetrician or midwife will tell her what to do?'

Well, here's the bad news first. Just because women have always had babies, as pregnant women we actually know we don't just know what to do and that makes us nervous. The second bit of bad news is that our obstetrician or midwife isn't pregnant and won't be in labour ... we will so we have to have great birth skills.

 And pregnant women wanted their husbands or partners to be in the birth to help us.

 The GOOD news. Women and men have the same body. Do you blink? So you can learn the same set of birth skills but from the role of being a birth coach. This isn't rocket science. The skills are simple to learn and work every time.

Just like a first time mother, first time fathers can learn The Pink Kit Package skills and become great birth coaches.

This talk is to explain that all to you so you feel confident in your role as birth coach even if you are a first time dad.

Just for... mothers wanting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC):

A sucessful vaginal birth after a caesarean delivery is one of the most empowering experience a woman can have. For whatever reason you had a previous cesarean is not the issue really ... it's the birth skills you take into your vbac that will make the difference.

If you really, really, really are serious about achieving a vaginal birth after a caesarean delivery then you absolutely, without a doubt need The Pink Kit Package.

Without these essential birth skills, you might want, plan or hope for a vbac but your chances will be much less than if you are a skilled birthing woman. This talk is for you.

Just for... fathers supporting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC):

If your pregnant partner is planning a vbac, then she wants you to help her achieve this remarkable accomplishment. Childbirth is painful and requires willpower, determination and an ability to work with labour and let a large object out of the birthing body.

YOU have a vitally important role. You can learn to immediately see and hear whether your partner is becoming overwhelmed with the naturally occurring pain of contractions. If you've taught yourself The Pink Kit Package skills then you will have the skills to instantaneusly help her regain her birthing skills.

This talk is for fathers (friend or relative) who will be the important birth coach.

Just for... women who experienced trauma from giving birth (TABS):

It's this simple. If you've been traumatized by a previous birth then you need skills to help you heal and cope with your next birth.

The Pink Kit Package can do both, even if you'll never have another baby and just want to heal.

If you are going to have another birth then you want to heal before hand and skill your way through your next birth. This talk is for you.


Just for... men who were present at traumatic births (TABS)

Men are just as traumatize by childbirth as women ... sometimes more because they couldn't help.

Without birth coaching skills how could you help? This talk is for you and get yourself The Pink Kit Package and learn your essential birth coaching skills. You can heal and help your pregnant partner heal as well both the birth and issues that might have arisen between the two of you.


Just for... staff midwives or obstetrical nurses:

This talk is to inspire you to grow a skilled birthing population NOT by doing The Pink Kit skills on families but coming on board and getting The Pink Kit Package to expectant families before birth.

Get Your Pink Kit Here!!

 Norwest Doula Services is now an affliate of The Pink Kit !!

Order your Pink Kit directly through my site. Simply click on any of the images on this page and you will be taken directly to The Pink Kit site, where you can purchase your set.


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