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For my husband and I, Trish’s doula services were extremely valuable during my pregnancy and my birth.  It meant we had peace of mind throughout the whole process.

 Peace of mind, in that:

  • All our questions were discussed in detail; 
  • Trish gave us a huge amount of resources to read, watch and listen to (this is fantastic!);
  • We could make our own decisions and Trish would support us with whatever those were; and
  • Importantly, if things changed in the hospital and weren’t going to plan, Trish was there to discuss all of our options with us so that we could then make an informed decision.

For us, this was just what we wanted.

With Trish’s help we were able to educate ourselves on the pregnancy and the birth and put together a birth plan that outlined the birth I wanted to have and was looking forward to having.

The resource’s Trish provides, I believe, is a must for all expecting mums.  The hospital and medical staff only tell you a very small amount of this information, when really there is just so much more available to women that they should all know about. 

Lastly, another great thing about the birth was, Trish was also there to take photos (during and after the birth), this was great, because we wouldn’t have these if it weren’t for her.

 We thank you for everything Trish!

Kylie, Deeb & Beau – August 2009


I was privileged enough to have Trish as my doula for the pregnancy and birth of our 2nd child.

Throughout the pregnancy Trish was very supportive and very informative. She always had an answer to my questions and was always there to ease any worries I had. With my first child I ended up with an epidural, but this time I was determined to have a drug free birth. Trish was aware of this and was a great help in getting me to think positive. She gave me calm birthing CD’s and DVD’s to listen to and watch and always reminded me that I would be able to do it. This helped me keep a positive view on the upcoming birth.

My birth was short and I progressed very quickly. Due to this Trish arrived as I started the pushing stage. I found this stage very hard and draining but each time I felt I couldn’t do it anymore Trish would whisper into my ear that I was doing a fantastic job and that I can do it. This gave me extra strength and motivation to keep going. After all there was no turning back! When talking to my husband about the birth experience he told me that he was very relieved when Trish entered the labour room. She took the pressure off from my husband which he said made him feel a lot more relaxed and gave him the opportunity to recharge, therefore enjoying the experience a lot more. He even managed to video the birth.

Trish is kind, loving, professional, compassionate, informative, funny and loyal amongst many more attributes and I couldn’t recommend her Doula Services highly enough. I am very grateful to of had Trish as my doula because I believe she was a big part in helping me achieve the birth I wanted.

 Thank you so much Trish!

- Nadine, August 2009

After feeling very unsupported in hospital after the birth of our twins in 2004, I felt that a Doula was a great option for me to feel more 'empowered' with this birth. Trish was great - we met & clicked. She was very helpful with lots of reading material & very supportive of our birth choices. We worked out a great birth plan (which included what we wanted if an emergency c/s was needed) & felt confident about trying for a VBAC. My husband, I must say, was a bit sceptical about using a Doula but he told me after the birth that he was glad Trish was there to support both of us when I had to have an emergency c-section. Trish was great - she helped me enormously during the labour before the c-section & was there during the procedure. She took some fabulous photos which allowed my husband to participate more during the birth. Having Trish there also helped in that I had an advocate to speak out about our birth plan (I was a little preoccupied!) & even though I had a c/s we got the delayed cord clamping that we wanted.

I am happy to say that, even with an emergency c/s, the birth was a positive experience & I know that having Trish with us this time round made all the difference for me. I definitely feel that hiring a Doula and working with her to research options for this birth has helped me deal with the trauma of my first birth & I feel that I now have 'closure' about that whole birth experience :)  

We would totally recommend Trish - she is very open to what you need and fully supports the birth you want. She put up with me & my 4 nights of pre-labour before the main event & for that she deserves a medal!

 - Colleen & Darin, June 2009


When my wife Ruth first told me that she wanted a Doula I thought the idea was a bit over the top. I said to her that it seems like a big waste of money and I was a bit unsure about it all as we had plenty of books on pregnancy.

But our Doula Trish Cook turned out to be very helpful and supportive with her vast knowledge and experience. She made us feel comfortable. It appeared to me that Trish was really passionate about being a Doula; the way she acted showed that she loved what she was doing. I felt a trust
in her.

Our son James was posterior (facing the wrong way) during the pre labour and birth. Ruth and I had been awake for three days straight during that time. I was so tired.
Trish was very reassuring and positive keeping Ruth upbeat through her painful experience.

Trish was there to support us as soon as we needed her (during those long tiring nights and days).She is a person that gives more!

If you're pregnant and considering a Doula I highly recommend that you get Trish Cook, her service is invaluable; she is professional, committed, passionate about her role, and she is also funny and friendly.

The moments and emotion that Trish captured with her camera were also really great, something we can keep forever.

Along with the consulations during the pregnancy and attending the birth Trish also provided follow up advice with the episiotomy and massage during the birth.

After the experience of the birth and the support Trish provided, I am now very greatful and happy that my wife suggested getting a Doula.

Thanks Trish

Best Regards

- Jonathan, October 2008

I had a fairly long and traumatic induced birth with my first child. With this pregnancy, I decided that I wanted to have more support and definitely a different, more positive birth experience. A doula fit that job description for us. Trish and I met late in my pregnancy, and we got along well straight away. Trisha could not have done a better job in giving me and my husband the suppport, information and knowledge we needed to bring our little man into the world the way we wanted.
After a fairly long pre-labour, with many words of encouragment and support from Trish, I went into labour and did it all naturally, just as I had wanted. Of course with the wonderful support and encouragment of Trish, and my hubby, it all went exactly as I had planned and our little man was born in no time! My second birth was exactly what I wanted and it was all with Trish by my side.
My heartfelt thanks go out to her.
- Kellie, August 2008

Being a male, we tend to not ask for help as often as we should. To my wife's credit, she seeked out a Doula, and found Trish.
At first I was somewhat blase about the whole Doula thing. But seeing my wife happy and how interacting with Trish made her happy, and Trish's kind and friendly nature changed all that.
Trish made my time in the labour ward for the second time a much more enjoyable experience. Trish loo
ked after my wants and needs, which enabled myself to really enjoy the whole birth experience. Trish was someone to talk to when my wife chose not to during labour.
Her support and knowledge was by far beneficial and I would insist on all guys to support their partners in choosing Trish as their Doula.
- Damien, August  2008

After traumatic births with my first two boys, and having a gap of 8 years since my last pregnancy, giving birth was a very scary thought for both my husband and I.
I wasn't really sure if having someone else in with me for this birth was something I was going to be comfortable with or if my husband would feel like he was being replaced.  But he was fine with it and I think a little relieved, and the more I thought about it the more it made sense to have the support of someone who wasn't emotionally involved but would support my choices.
Well a BIG THANKS to Trisha Cook at Norwest Doula Services because the birth of our third boy Jesse, was amazing, just to have someone there giving me encouragement when I needed it, letting my husband know when I needed his hand to "hold" and making sure all my wishes were carried out, made this birth the beautiful experience I had hoped for, and the photos she took are something we will treasure forever.
-Donna, June 2008

Many thanks to Trisha Cook at Norwest Doula Services, she did a fantastic job in carrying out my birthing plan to ensure I had the birth I had wished for.  Trisha made sure I was well looked after, keeping up my fluid intake and making sure I was breathing through  my contractions as well as many other things.

My partner and I both feel she was a great asset  to have  at the birth of  our son Logan and will be making sure she is at  the next one.


- Simone, March 2007

I was really amazed at how much Trish knew, she supported Simone through out her labour and she knew all the right things to do at all the right moments. She was very calm and professional and she helped us to feel more relaxed, I would recommend Trish to anyone else, she was great.

- Martin, March 2007

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