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Warhammer 40K QRS

Most of the troops involved with this campaign are Games Workshop 40K figures that I have acquired off ebay. Using the 5150 Book 1 and the various add-ons books, I have created some QRS pdfs for the main troops.

The bulk of the main troops are Games Workshop Imperial Guard.
5150 IG QRS.pdf

Native lifeforms will use Games Workshop Kroot figures.
5150 KROOT QRS.pdf

Enemy (depending on viewpoint) will be provided by Games Workshop Tau figures.
5150 TAU QRS.pdf

Machine Warriors (Necrons).

The weapons for the above have been taken from 5150 Book 1.

Space Marines

I had a request for a Games Workshop Space Marine QRS.

Here's my attempt.


Weapons are based on stats found at the excellent 4D kay project -

The limited playtesting I have done with this QRS, shows that weapons are brutal - maybe a bit too brutal!!!

Feel free to contact me to suggest amendments.

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