The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

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Episode 2 - Tractor beam trauma!

Here's episode 2 of our campaign.

The story so far...
A couple of rebel droids have managed to download some important Imperial data. After being successfully rescued by a rebel commando team, the droids are being taken to a rebel base.
However, the Empire has managed to track the droids across space. The data on the droids needs to be returned to the Imperial archives. A boarding action will take place...

Rebel Objectives
1) Make sure the droids are not captured by the Empire.
2) Make sure General Solo is not captured by the Empire.

Empire Objectives
1) Capture the droids.
2) Capture the rebel ship.


An entertaining game that could have swung either way. After randomly picking a boarding point, the game settled down to a war of attrition in the middle of the ship. Due to some poor dice rolling, the rebels kept ducking back and the Imperials kept being knocked down. Han Solo was inspirational, rarely missing a shot.

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